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  1. I emailed cruise critic about two weeks prior to our sailing date and asked them to remove our names. We decided we were not sure we would attend and did not want to just be a no show. They emailed back that we had been removed.
  2. This is true unless you also toss in your cell phone as I did on the Star in April. Then of course you have the expense of a new phone when you get home! I guess therapy worked as I am finally able to tell the tale! In the moment, VERY stressful!
  3. We did this excursion last month. There were 2 Krka excursions to choose from: Krka/Zadar and Krka/Falconry Center. We were in DV and both were available when we booked but I believe initially both did sell out. I watched (for future reference) to see if additional excursions would be added and they were. I can't remember if both or just the Krka/Zadar. I did do a little research for private tours and don't remember finding much but you should check it out. I think I did find one but it did not fit the time frame, and we decided to just stay with Viking. It is a long day that gets you back to the ship with not much time to spare. We did the Krka/Falconry as I thought my husband would enjoy the Falconry center which he did. I thought it was interesting but took up too much time which I would have rather spent at Krka. Don't know if the Krka/Zadar (walking tour) would have given us more time in Krka. If I remember right we barely had an hour not allowing us to do all we wanted without trying to beat the clock. Krka is spectacular and well worth the effort. If we were to do it over I would have prefered to find an excursion that just went to Krka.
  4. yes, after I sent the above I realized that I was mixing up the two. Well, the printed ones with cabin # etc. Viking sends are nice also, better than some we have had to print out ourselves with other lines.
  5. We just got back from our Empires of the Med a few weeks ago, Athens to Venice. We spent 4 days in Athens pre and 4 in Ljubljana post, flying out of Venice to return home. Each direction 3 flights, 4 airports. We flew out of Venice at 6am. For us, the killer part was too many flights, too many airports. I would definitely go for the itinerary with the least layovers. We have flown to Europe many times so speak from experience. I think all European airports can be a challenge, especially when tired. I would definitely go for A, even with the early flight.
  6. We are on the Star. I felt by SaraggosPirates timeline that we are on same ship. Maybe not. None the less, after reading her initial post yesterday morning I have noticed a change in the WC. Also have been getting printouts and verbal notices regarding some virus cases on the Star and hand washing on entering the WC is mandatory. Also, no longer self serve. We are in port with the Juniper today. Wish I had asked a few of their passengers if this is an issue for them. Will tomorrow as we will be with them again.
  7. Placemats gone this morning. Glasses and cups were brought after we sat down. I watched a few rotations and seemed that servers were not the ones cleaning the tables from what I observed. We sat near the corner last night and kept hearing the word “sanitation” from the staff in the bar area. There was also an officer roaming around watching.
  8. We are on the Star right now, Empires of the Med. We did the Athens Classic Extention arriving last Sunday, March 31. Weather was coolish but sunny so perfect for touring. Left Athens last night for Santorini. The seas became very rough over night with high winds and really bad conditions by the time we arrived this morning so had to sail right by and turn back towards the west for a day at sea. Next couple of days look unsettled also but at least not tender ports. Our cabin attendant told us same itinerary last week had great weather the whole trip. We spent mid March to mid April in Italy a few years ago and it was hot the whole time with no rain. We’ve been to Europe in May and had a real mix of wet/cold to hot. So bottom line, like many parts of the world, spring can be unpredictable but I would still pick it over summer with unbearable heat and crowds.
  9. I have all the ports weather on my iphone and have been checking just about 2-3am each night. to us mid 60's to low 70's are good and we are getting there. Ljubljana/Lake Bled definitely cooler but we all still have about 3 weeks to go. Just to stay on topic for the OP, I would definitely not miss going up to the Acropolis but have heard the museum is worth a visit. Both are included in our excursion with the Athens extention luckily so don't have to choose.
  10. Funny Robin, guess we were both responding to this post at the same time. We both must be in planning countdown!
  11. You should carefully and completely read the description for each excursion. The first one actually goes up to the Acropolis while the second goes to the museum. If you want to actually get up close to the ruin sites you should do the first. If you're more interested in a museum, then the second. Or ideally, find an private excursion that includes both, or do on your own.
  12. So to follow up on the original question, can we assume one can leave out a pod and just get hot water??? That way teabags, hot cocoa mixes can be picked up in the Cafe and used in the cabin? We had a pod type machine for awhile and that is what we did as I drink coffee and DH drinks tea. Just need to maybe do one rinse cycle after coffee and before hot water for tea.
  13. Wow, well I guess Alaska is just getting busier with each season. We were there mid May last year with just one other ship in 2 of the ports. I guess Memorial Day Week it picks up. Maybe because this is Vikings first season there the other ships get first dibs on the piers? Well, I'm sure it will all work out and you will have a great time! And sorry, I guess I wasn't much help!
  14. We have been to Alaska 3 times on a cruise and only tendered once, and that was Sitka in 1991. I have read that cruise ships now dock north of town and I think that must be true because we drove north of town 2 years ago and saw where the ferries come in, so they probably can accommodate cruise ships there. BUT, while there we also saw a cruise ship anchored in the bay one day and watched tenders come into town, so who knows. We did not arrive by cruise ship, but flew up for a week. Our last Alaska cruise was May of last year Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway can all accommodate more than one cruise ship at their piers. We also docked at Icy Strait Point but can't say if they could accommodate a second, or third ship. We were the only one there. Have no experience with Valdez. I would check the port schedules of each of your ports to see if other ships will be there on the same day as you. In May the ports aren't usually as busy as they will be in July or August. It is a great time to go and the weather in general is better in May that the later summer months.
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