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  1. I have all the ports weather on my iphone and have been checking just about 2-3am each night. to us mid 60's to low 70's are good and we are getting there. Ljubljana/Lake Bled definitely cooler but we all still have about 3 weeks to go. Just to stay on topic for the OP, I would definitely not miss going up to the Acropolis but have heard the museum is worth a visit. Both are included in our excursion with the Athens extention luckily so don't have to choose.
  2. Funny Robin, guess we were both responding to this post at the same time. We both must be in planning countdown!
  3. You should carefully and completely read the description for each excursion. The first one actually goes up to the Acropolis while the second goes to the museum. If you want to actually get up close to the ruin sites you should do the first. If you're more interested in a museum, then the second. Or ideally, find an private excursion that includes both, or do on your own.
  4. So to follow up on the original question, can we assume one can leave out a pod and just get hot water??? That way teabags, hot cocoa mixes can be picked up in the Cafe and used in the cabin? We had a pod type machine for awhile and that is what we did as I drink coffee and DH drinks tea. Just need to maybe do one rinse cycle after coffee and before hot water for tea.
  5. Wow, well I guess Alaska is just getting busier with each season. We were there mid May last year with just one other ship in 2 of the ports. I guess Memorial Day Week it picks up. Maybe because this is Vikings first season there the other ships get first dibs on the piers? Well, I'm sure it will all work out and you will have a great time! And sorry, I guess I wasn't much help!
  6. We have been to Alaska 3 times on a cruise and only tendered once, and that was Sitka in 1991. I have read that cruise ships now dock north of town and I think that must be true because we drove north of town 2 years ago and saw where the ferries come in, so they probably can accommodate cruise ships there. BUT, while there we also saw a cruise ship anchored in the bay one day and watched tenders come into town, so who knows. We did not arrive by cruise ship, but flew up for a week. Our last Alaska cruise was May of last year Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway can all accommodate more than one cruise ship at their piers. We also docked at Icy Strait Point but can't say if they could accommodate a second, or third ship. We were the only one there. Have no experience with Valdez. I would check the port schedules of each of your ports to see if other ships will be there on the same day as you. In May the ports aren't usually as busy as they will be in July or August. It is a great time to go and the weather in general is better in May that the later summer months.
  7. My friend's family owned a cabin on the west side. I would guess that many of those old cabins are gone.
  8. As I just mentioned on another posting we have been 3 times, 2018 being our last. Two of our trips have been in May and I think that may be the secret to avoiding crowds as some of the lines don't start until June. We didn't experience any of the mega ships last year either. Guess we got lucky. I'm sure if it starts being a problem the ports will start putting restrictions on number of ships/visitors per day like they are doing in Europe. I used to visit Lake Winnipesaukee with friends back in the early 60's. I am hoping to do one more fall road trip to NE in the next year or two and would like to see the lake again. I am guessing I will find it really changed also.
  9. You will have a wonderful time even if you didn't make it there "back when." We have done Inside passage cruises 3 times-1991, 2003 and 2018. Each were different experiences but enjoyable none the less. Keep in mind that cruising the Inside Passage and sailing into the glaciers are the highlights and you won't be fighting any crowds on those days. Not all the ships stop in some of the ports you will be visiting like Sitka, Icy Strait Point and Valdez so probably not a worry either. We loved Sitka so much from our first cruise we flew there for a week several years ago. Icy Strait is a fairly new stop and not much there so you may want to plan an excursion, but if you have time be sure and have fish and chips at the Cookhouse restaurant. Lastly, Vancouver is a wonderful sail away port. Be sure you are out to take it all in, if you are going that direction. If not-be up early!
  10. Yes they do, and by the time we are back home we can't stop saying/singing "washy-washy". On our last NCL the Washy-Washy girls were the closing act of the last evenings show in the theater when they bring most of the staff on stage. Really cute! On our last Princess, last May there were sinks on both sides of the buffet entrance and everyone had to stop and wash before entering.
  11. Well, this is exactly the point(s). These smaller ships are being scraped but replaced by mega ships, so maybe not anymore ships but certainly more passengers. At our ages (mine and DHs, not yours) we don't want to cruise just to be on the ship playing on the water slides, LOL!! On the up side(??) our cruising days will be coming to an end in the next 5-6 years. If this trend makes the next generations happy, good for them as it will be their market. We will happily spend more time in our RV during the rest of our "rusty years" enjoying our Western States and Canada, and with our dog! This isn't meant to be negative, just realistic.
  12. This has been our strategy for a few years now, and also try not to book during school holidays/vacations. Our last mistake was doing the Baltic cruise in June (we thought better than July or August) and on a newer Princess ship with 3600 passengers. Most of the ports were packed, especially St. P. where there were probably 6 other ships both days we were there. Unfortunately this cruise has a short window of sailings, as do other itineraries. So yes, strategy is important. Off season, not around school breaks and certainly smaller ships to try to minimize the overcrowded ports. We are doing Empires of the Med the first of April. Weather may be a bit off but better than swarms of people and excessive heat. We are the only ship in Santorini and one of three in Dubrovnik but with a total of less than 4K (one of the other ships is the Jupiter). We are hoping our strategy pays off.
  13. We will be sailing in early April with a Starboard cabin. We are not planning on going to Lady of the Rock but would at least like to see it on the way in. I realize I will need to be out and about and on port side, but just wondering, so we get close enough to get a decent picture?
  14. I agree that this is becoming a major problem and why many port cities are starting to put restrictions on the number of ships/passengers who can dock on any one day. There have been protests against cruise ships in ports like Venice by the local residents. What bothers me even more than the number of ships is the size. So many of these ships are starting to look like "big box" stores. They don't even look like ships, inside or out. We took our first cruise in the mid 80's and can't believe what has happened over the last 30+ years. I think this is why Viking is so appealing as they are going back to cruising as it used to be. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem of being in port with ships carrying 4-6K people. I was appalled to see several lines add these big boxes to their Alaska itineraries over the last couple of years. These wonderful inside passage ports just can't deal with so many people on any one day, and have it be an enjoyable experience.
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