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  1. The Captain from the Edge on Sunday was showing video of some of their crew disembarking in Port Everglades to head home so as of yesterday crew members were still leaving. I knew someone on Silhouette and they were sent home when it came into Port Everglades on 4/1. At first they thought they were going to have to stay on but at the last minute got new orders and flight info and they were on their way home. I saw the Silhouette was in Miami (I think) over the weekend, so was surprised to see it back in port so quickly but I'm only guessing they may have released some more crew when they c
  2. It's very surreal to watch a Princess ship come into the Port of Miami. Hoping for a smooth disembarkation for everyone.
  3. After I saw them in port this morning I looked at the port schedule and it looks like various ships are going to be coming in and out of port now for the foreseeable future. As previously stated they need to get supplies and I've been following a Royal Caribbean crew member who is doing a daily vlog and he is stating that they are starting to send some of the crew home so they will need to dock somewhere to do that. I think Adventure of the Seas which has been anchored right off Fort Lauderdale Beach is coming in tomorrow.
  4. We got off the Silhouette in February as this was just starting to escalate and we met so many nice crew. I've been thinking of them ever since. We also keep in touch with many people we have met on Celebrity, Princess and Azamara through the years and I've been spending a lot of time in the last week reaching out to make sure they are ok. To everyone, please stay safe and I'm really happy to see the cruise lines finally temporarily shutting down. They really need to. I've stopped reading most of the other threads at this point because I'm tired of the petty complaining and yelling going
  5. We experienced Craft Social recently on the Silhouette and loved it. Think of it as a sports pub vibe with a lot of good beer options. We loved it and it seemed very popular, especially when there were some Premier League football games on the flat screens. They also showed hockey and basketball. Most beers were included in the premium package level and quite a few in the classic level, but some were pricier. The also have some pub bites you can order and pay for. We tried the fish and chips one day to just try something different and we really didn't think it was worth the price. Bu
  6. We disembarked the Silhouette on Sunday too and wow, what a mess. This was not the first time we were in port with 8 ships but it certainly was the worst. It started out with what seemed like half the ship doing self walk off and they were lining up in the lobby at 6:30 to get off first. Waiting in public areas on the ship became uncomfortable because people just weren't going anywhere. The taxi line was crazy long and I do agree with your point that I don't think taxi drivers want to face the mess of driving all the way over to Terminals 21 and 25 because there were times we would go 10-1
  7. We just disembarked Silhouette on Sunday 2/23 and Edge was in port the same day. The Edge was at Terminal 25 and we were at Terminal 21.
  8. Good suggestion regarding the tour desk and I just wandered by the excursion desk and asked. The guy told me they do sell snorkel gear on the Equinox but not on Silhouette. Seemed odd to me they would sell on one ship in the Caribbean and not others but the guy next to him agreed and said the same thing.
  9. Production shows were Life, Cosmopolitan and Euphoria. The American Ballet Theater was also on this cruise. All shows were great (in my opinion). There were also a few comedians and a group called Uptown who did soul and Motown. Not being frequent Celebrity cruisers the production shows were all new to us and we were blown away by the aerialists and acrobats. The ABT was also so unique for a cruise and a must see if you have not seen them before.
  10. I asked someone in the shop today and it appears that they do not.
  11. This is our first cruise on one of the S-Class ships so we’ve had as much fun exploring the ship as we have had in port. We’re heading back from the ABC Islands today toward Grand Cayman so we’re just vegging out in one of the rockers in the Sky Lounge watching the world go by. I can’t say enough good things about the ship, love that there are so many nice places to hide out in and spread out. Service has been great and the crew seems very happy to be over with the 40+ day dry dock and delighted to be sailing with customers again. To me it seems like there is a very happy vibe around th
  12. I don’t recall seeing anything in the gift shops but I’ll ask.
  13. We’re on Silhouette now and there is a lot of great music. House/Party band is Nu Image, dance band is Starlighters, the ship orchestra plays most evenings before and between dinners for dancing, there is also a string duo and Lydia Cash duo singing acoustic music. Oh and Thiago on guitar. Lots of music! Having a great time and the ship out of dry dock is beautiful.
  14. We were on the inaugural Alaska cruise on the Quest (5/25) and as macmax stated from the Journey, I think we had MSNBC, Fox, BBC and Sky. I could be wrong because we rarely turned the TV on. I will state that about half way through our cruise, they started having satellite issues and we didn't have any news channels through the remainder of the cruise. Didn't bother me but I heard some people complaining.
  15. I had the same feeling when we were there. I enjoyed all the ports and don't mind the bigger cities and the shopping but if you really want to learn the history of the region and meet locals that are thrilled to talk to you about their past, get off the ship in Haines, Hoonah, Sitka, etc. The bigger ships don't go to these places often whereas everyone goes to Ketchikan/Juneau/Skagway; that I like to refer to as the triumvirate of cruise ship stops in Alaska. We were sitting on a bench back in Icy Strait Point getting ready to head back to the ship and we struck up a conversation with a l
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