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  1. I have Premium Economy seats booked for May 2, 2021 through EZ Air on British Airways from Heathrow to Calgary and was able to pick the seats at the time of booking.
  2. General information that you might find useful on port restrictions around the globe updated 3 times a day. https://www.wilhelmsen.com/ships-agency/campaigns/coronavirus/coronavirus-map/
  3. Couldn't agree more... We can take or leave cruise ships in favour of our RV any day. In the RV we're on our schedule which being retired it's often no schedule. If we like a place we'll stay for a while. Being herded around like sheep to see something for few hours and then rushed back to the ship is not my idea of sightseeing. We prefer relaxing sea days over excursions any day. We just got home from a 6 month 16,000 km loop around North America starting in western Canada with a stopover in Florida for the winter. I would love to put on the bucket list a
  4. I'm not Warren Buffett by any means so..... my guess is the stockmarket is in a dead cat bounce. It's done its small rebound in the last week so be prepared it's going to fall further. <<<<< only my guess>>>>
  5. I'm trying to stay positive but.... These dates being put out are arbitrary where they're going to continue to kick the can down the road a month at a time until more certainty is known. With the attention Cruise ships are getting, at the very least an effective vaccine will need to be available which the experts say could be/is a year away. Another point is travel insurance... It's going to take more than just numbers dropping before any country will lift the cruise ship travel advisories already in place especially when the ships are known petri dishes. The company I use for trav
  6. How so? According to their terms & conditions the PBP can be purchased onboard on embarkation day but NOT after embarkation day.
  7. Depends which one or both that was being negligent. if you're (figuratively) not paying attention to your surroundings and turn around into the path of the scooter where he couldn't avoid running over your foot.... then I would say you are the one that was negligent. If he was carelessly booting along on his scooter where your foot was in his path but instead of avoiding your foot he runs it over... then obviously he would be the negligent one. Could be a combination of both being responsible... Both of you have equal rights to be there. Make s
  8. You were duped... 4. CREW MEMBERS SOMETIMES MESS WITH PASSENGERS. Life at sea can get a bit monotonous. “It got mundane really fast,” writes one former worker on Reddit. “It was basically the same comedy of errors each day of the week, with a different ‘cast’ of passengers each week.” Some crew members shake things up by getting a rise out of passengers in the form of good old practical jokes. According to another former crew member, “a favorite was while in a passenger area say to another crew member, loud enough to be heard by passengers, ‘Meet you in the bowling alley t
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