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  1. When I query RoyalUP for bookings through Costco (they opt out of RoyalUp) I get the same message when I am within 30 days of a cruise. I suspect that in your case that your agency also has opted out. It appears that for agencies that "opt out" will not have bookings forwarded to the contractor for the RoyalUp program. Hence, the message.
  2. What I was referring to is that Royal should state that some agencies opt out of RoyalUp. Clearly, Royal should not mention specific travel agencies. Also, Costco (and likely other agencies) should identify that they do not participate in Royal's RoyalUp program. David
  3. You are absolutely correct. Here is an FAQ from Costco Travel. "Does Costco Travel participate in any cruise line bid-to-upgrade programs? No. Costco Travel does not participate in any bid-to-upgrade programs, such as: RoyalUp with Royal Caribbean® or MoveUp with Celebrity Cruises. " I would guess there is a cost to travel agents for working with RoyalUp. Seems that Royal and Celebrity should note that exclusion in their advertising the RoyalUp program. David
  4. We are currently booked on a TP from Honolulu to Sydney. Aussies are posting that they are receiving bids for RoyalUP. But, of course we are not. I checked the RoyalUp qualification page and I get the dreaded "Please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 days Please ensure there are no errors in the information you entered." Clearly, we are within 30 days and I submitted our correct booking number. It appears that RoyalUp is selectively omitting some cruisers or focusing on one nationality. BTW, I booked the cruise through Costco. I sent an E-mail to Royal for clarification. If the problem is that the TA needs to opt into the program, Royal and RoyalUp needs to clarify that. Any advise? David
  5. Interesting topic. We just got off the Ovation in Seattle on Friday and used Luggage Valet. We took American Airlines to the East coast. The whole process worked flawlessly. The big surprise was that there was no fee. 😀 We were anticipating a modest fee for the service. Additionally, there was no luggage valet in Seattle three years ago when we arrived on the Explorer TP. The "red eye" flight left SEATAC, so unloading our bags the night before gave us the option for sightseeing in Seattle on Friday after departing the ship. without dragging our bags. Guest services was surprised when our departure showed the following day (17 minutes after mid-night) and but it was approved. So, our bags left our hallway Thursday night and we retrieved them on Saturday morning. Additionally, we did not have to check-in either on-line or at the airport. The luggage valet did the check-in even with our flight more than 24 hours after placing our bags in the hallway. I hope to see this service expanded, particularly if there is no fee. David
  6. Bob, I called Crown and Anchor and the response was "did I get an E-mail saying the RoyalUp program was working with that particular cruise." The agent even checked with IT. The response made no sense as the purpose of my inquiree on the web site was to inquire whether that sailing was offering RoyalUp upgrades. I suggested that Royal change the web site to be clearer. David
  7. Thanks for the prompt response. Also, both the 8/2/19 and 8/9/19 Ovation cruises no longer show on booking web sites. That could be good (fully booked) or bad (a charter or drydock pending). I will call Crown and Anchor this afternoon. Thanks again. David
  8. Bob, I tried this for a cruise in mid-August, 25 days away. I keep getting a message that either my name is incorrect or cruise is outside of 30 days. Final payment was made and Set Sail pass is complete for Ovation on 8/9/19. Any ideas why I am getting these messages? Is it possible that they are not offering any "royal up" on this cruise. David
  9. I just took the bus to Maho to watch the airplanes two weeks ago. Fare was $2. Clarea, must have been awhile since you were there. Took about 30 minutes as traffic was slow and the bus stopped a lot. Well worth the experience. David
  10. We have had two upgrades in the last few years. Both times, the prior occupants were still listed in our cabin. I am sure that the folks in our old cabin enjoyed our three bottles of wine. So, Royal was not nimble. For most of both cruises Royal thought there were five people in the JS. That would have been cozy. Short answer they were not nimble in the hotel staff. David
  11. We had the luxury of eating in CK while we were D+ and that gave us the incentive to work toward Pinnacle. We also ate dinner in CK while in Junior Suites prior to becoming Pinnacle early last year. CK is a great incentive to continue cruising with Royal. Since becoming Pinnacle, we prefer to cruise on ships with CK. We also continue to book Junior Suites. I have some additional thoughts on the monster. 1) Royal gives outrageous suggested cabin numbers for all cabins including suites. This can add to the crowding in CK and the SL, and sometimes results in enormous tables in CK, 2) We have seen suite cruisers not observing the dress code, while dining in CK. The staff does not suggest following the dress code for the evenings. So, many suites cruisers are in jeans and T-shirts while in the CK and SL. They should be eating in the Windjammer, 3) For some reason the Concierge Lounges on Freedom, Voyager, and Radiance ships are small and generally grungy. Additionally, these ships do not have a CK, and 4) As noted some cruises have large number of Pinnacles on board, such as the Symphony TA. We originally booked that cruise, but after hearing the experience of the Harmony TA, we opted to fly to Australia and cruise on the Ovation. Some of the Oasis cruises out of Port Canaveral have excessive Pinnacles. Royal needs to address the overcrowding issues for Suites, Pinnacles, D+, and D. The solution is not to trash either the Suite Program or the Pinnacle Program. But, spread out the Suites and Pinnacle cruisers on the Freedom, Voyager, and Radiance ships with equal perks as the Oasis and Quantum ships. From my perspective, having the Suite Lounge and CK makes the cruise much more enjoyable. As stated above, the combination of the SL and CK, makes cruising on the Oasis and Quantum ships more pleasurable. So, I suspect many of the Pinnacles gravitate toward those ships as well. That contributes to the crowding problem. David
  12. I have trying to get into their site and it only allows me to sign in if I have a current booking. Great, how will I get notice early like other LCV members? We are Discoverer+. David
  13. I got that one too in a text message after I went to sleep on Wednesday morning while asleep. DW is a light sleeper and the vibrating phone woke her up. She was not a happy camper. Seems the automated messages should end when you cancel a flight. David
  14. Is there anyone on the Radiance now that can give us an update on the fix. We are B2B with the April 6 and the April 17 TP and sure do not want to reschedule flying to Sydney from the US and then find out the April 17 cruise is also cancelled. David
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