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  1. On Royal Caribbean, the Radiance of the Seas was to tender at Bali, but they arrived and no one was allowed ashore. This was most likely on Friday, local time.
  2. We got the message from Viking, too, for our TA in March on the Sea. However, it is not as inclusive as other cruise lines by omitting Hong Kong and Macau from restrictions. Also, some lines are using 30 days for cruisers from China as well. I guess we will see healthcare questionnaire when we try to board. David
  3. We have a Transatlantic cruise on Viking scheduled for mid-March. Below is a message from Royal Caribbean on dealing with the Corona virus. Does anyone know if Viking is taking a proactive stance toward travelers and crew members boarding their ships similar to Royal Caribbean? Royal's Message Wuhan Coronavirus Travel Restrictions: UPDATED ON FEBRUARY 3, 2020 After consultation with medical experts and public health authorities, regardless of nat
  4. Now on Royal's US Web Site. Wuhan Coronavirus Travel Restrictions: UPDATED ON FEBRUARY 2, 2020 After consultation with medical experts and public health authorities, regardless of nationality, any guest or crewmember traveling from, to, or through mainland China or Hong Kong less than 15 days prior to their sailing will be unable to board any of our ships. Additionally, we’ve tightened our secondary health screening re
  5. Viking responded that it was OK to end the cruise early. However, their air program would not be available for the trip from Spain back to the US. Additionally, there would be no reduction in the cruise fare. I know there is still an immigration issue in leaving the ship early. I know that Cadiz has immigration officials. I am not sure about Valencia. So, clearly we could jump ship in Cadiz. David
  6. Thanks. I have a request in to Viking to see the procedure for Viking Ocean. I will report back when and if I get a response. David
  7. We are considering our first cruise with Viking Ocean on a TransAtlantic cruise from San Juan to Barcelona in March. In the past, on another cruise line, we have left the cruise in Cadiz, Spain prior to final destination in Barcelona. Does Viking Ocean allow early disembarkation and if so what is the procedure?
  8. When I query RoyalUP for bookings through Costco (they opt out of RoyalUp) I get the same message when I am within 30 days of a cruise. I suspect that in your case that your agency also has opted out. It appears that for agencies that "opt out" will not have bookings forwarded to the contractor for the RoyalUp program. Hence, the message.
  9. What I was referring to is that Royal should state that some agencies opt out of RoyalUp. Clearly, Royal should not mention specific travel agencies. Also, Costco (and likely other agencies) should identify that they do not participate in Royal's RoyalUp program. David
  10. You are absolutely correct. Here is an FAQ from Costco Travel. "Does Costco Travel participate in any cruise line bid-to-upgrade programs? No. Costco Travel does not participate in any bid-to-upgrade programs, such as: RoyalUp with Royal Caribbean® or MoveUp with Celebrity Cruises. " I would guess there is a cost to travel agents for working with RoyalUp. Seems that Royal and Celebrity should note that exclusion in their advertising the RoyalUp program. David
  11. We are currently booked on a TP from Honolulu to Sydney. Aussies are posting that they are receiving bids for RoyalUP. But, of course we are not. I checked the RoyalUp qualification page and I get the dreaded "Please ensure your sailing is within the next 30 days Please ensure there are no errors in the information you entered." Clearly, we are within 30 days and I submitted our correct booking number. It appears that RoyalUp is selectively omitting some cruisers or focusing on one nationality. BTW, I booked the cruise through Costco. I sent an E-mail to Royal for clari
  12. Interesting topic. We just got off the Ovation in Seattle on Friday and used Luggage Valet. We took American Airlines to the East coast. The whole process worked flawlessly. The big surprise was that there was no fee. 😀 We were anticipating a modest fee for the service. Additionally, there was no luggage valet in Seattle three years ago when we arrived on the Explorer TP. The "red eye" flight left SEATAC, so unloading our bags the night before gave us the option for sightseeing in Seattle on Friday after departing the ship. without dragging our bags. Guest services was su
  13. Bob, I called Crown and Anchor and the response was "did I get an E-mail saying the RoyalUp program was working with that particular cruise." The agent even checked with IT. The response made no sense as the purpose of my inquiree on the web site was to inquire whether that sailing was offering RoyalUp upgrades. I suggested that Royal change the web site to be clearer. David
  14. Thanks for the prompt response. Also, both the 8/2/19 and 8/9/19 Ovation cruises no longer show on booking web sites. That could be good (fully booked) or bad (a charter or drydock pending). I will call Crown and Anchor this afternoon. Thanks again. David
  15. Bob, I tried this for a cruise in mid-August, 25 days away. I keep getting a message that either my name is incorrect or cruise is outside of 30 days. Final payment was made and Set Sail pass is complete for Ovation on 8/9/19. Any ideas why I am getting these messages? Is it possible that they are not offering any "royal up" on this cruise. David
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