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    Bad experience on Paul Gauguin

    Our purpose of the initial post was to inform others of our poor experience. For the record we booked the cruise 10 months ahead of time. When we were offered the upgrade, 6 months had elapsed and, in the interim, we had cruised on a larger ship (family cruise) in which we had a veranda that was amazing (the cost 1/5 of PG). The upgraded cabin 767 wasn't on the PG website because it previously didn't exist. We were skeptical because of this and asked our T.A. She said Reagent assured her it was a great cabin. We chose a smaller ship because we wanted peace and quiet to enjoy our special time together. A vacation should be a choice should it not? We chose to get to bed early because we woke up early for Scuba and other activities. To be prevented from a good nights sleep was very upsetting! Reagent had been known for incredible service. In retrospect, we should have made more of a "fuss" on the cruise but we tried to be tactful so as not to ruin the peaceful nature we were trying to absorb - A BIG MISTAKE! I believe they only moved us the last night because several people left the ship on the 6th night - therefore they had a vacancy. As for the poor response while back on land suggests they do not want repeat customers!
  2. After months of trying to get a response from Regent Seven Seas Cruises, we have decided to publicise our disappointing experience so that others can save their money by staying away from this ship! Copy of our 2nd letter to RSSC (which was also not answered) follows--- Mr. Mark Conroy President Regent Seven Seas Cruises 1000 Corporate Drive, Suite 500 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 Re: Sailing date 9/28/07, original cabin E425, upgraded C767 I am writing again to explain how dissatisfied my husband and I were with our Tahitian Gauguin cruise experience. We were asked if we wanted to “upgrade to a veranda cabin”. The two thousand dollars seemed like a lot, but because we were celebrating our 25th Anniversary we decided to splurge, even more, as we assumed we would make good use of our accommodations. When our travel agent informed me of the option, I asked if it could be held to discuss this with my husband. We checked on the Internet to see the location of the room but it wasn’t on the diagram. The agent said it was a better cabin with a veranda on the back of the ship and she said Reagent assured her it was a cabin upgrade. The cabin did give us a veranda but this upgraded cabin was underneath the Night Club. Every night at 11 the music would start. The few nights we were asleep at that time we were awakened and if we were trying to fall asleep it was impossible – between the movement of the furniture and the loud music. We called several times only to be told we’ll make it quieter. The second to last night Virginie Bouysson said I’ll get back with you soon, as I don’t want to leave you hanging. She ended up leaving us a message the next day, which we could not access because there was no card in the room explaining how to activate voice messaging (The cabin we moved to the last night had this card). We again went to the help desk and were told we could move later that evening, the last night to another cabin. Another problem with our upgraded cabin was the inability to regulate the temperature without it being excessively cold or hot about 80% of the time. (Not a problem in the cabin we spent the last evening) Also, a putrid odor came from the sink or vents in the bathroom in the cabin. The steward came on several occasions to “cover up” the disgusting odor with an orange scented spray. One night the spray was so powerful we needed to redress and leave the cabin to permit the scent to disperse. Virgine Bouysson told us to talk to Mr. O’Neill upon our return. We wrote to him and three weeks later received an unsatisfactory response. I called him and after much difficulty got a bunch of mumbo jumbo saying there was nothing wrong with your cabin and I am finished with you. I told him I wanted to speak to someone else in charge and he claimed to give me Mr. Watson’s Extension – it was not. He told me Mr. Watson would be out until the following Tuesday. I replied fine, but please ask him to call me. When another week passed I attempted to call Mr. Watson and was told I had the wrong extension and that he would be out of the office for another ten days. In closing, a vacation that we expected to be of the “highest standard of cruising excellence” did not leave us with “all the fond memories and fresh perspectives” we had anticipated as our upgraded cabin was substandard. We expect at the very least our upgrade be refunded.