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  1. My son enjoyed the NCL kids club on the Escape last year. He was just about to turn 4 at the time. They had lots of activities for the kids alone as well as family group activities. We went to the kids area first thing, before even going to our cabin so we could see the facility and introduce our son to the caregivers before other children were around. He was more comfy, I was more comfy and the staff had some 1:1 time to get to know him. I'd recommend that for all parents.
  2. - Walk as much as possible - Gym every other day just like at home - Choose active excursions - Vow to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so I can choose whatever I feel like eating for dinner - Drink water like it's my job - Avoid alcohol - I will have a glass or 2 of wine at dinner, and maybe a mojito around the pool a couple of days
  3. 3 days left and I am runnin around like a headless chicken
  4. I love your review. Your photos are great and I enjoy living thru your cruise! You have a beautiful family! Can't wait to get on the Escape. 6 days and counting....
  5. Has anyone taken their child under age 3 to the baby program on Escape? We're taking our 2 and 3 year old on her next week and I've read reviews sharing about the splash program for kids 3 and up which sounds amazing.... just haven't seen anything yet on the baby program... Thanks in advance for any info. (I've devoured all I can on NCL's site already)
  6. Whew! Great, that's what I'm used to on royal. With the 2 babies this time I'm sure it's going to be crazy. Glad to know I have one less thing to worry about.
  7. Just curious if it's mandatory to put your luggage out the night before on the NCL Escape. We usually just carry our own luggage of on RCCL ... is that possible here too? Just wondering if I should be strategic in my packing for our 2 toddlers for our sailing on the 7th. Thanks.
  8. OK this is nice to hear in advance! We've traveled internationally and haven't yet had a trip we didn't find a way to enjoy even when it seemed everything was going against us. Glad to have the heads up!
  9. I love that MSC offers the loyalty matching! We're only platinum on Royal but hopefully that equates to something good on MSC. We're sailing with the line for the first time in May.
  10. @tomvet your kids are the CUTEST!!! Thanks for the thorough review and great info on the kids club. I am glad we're trying MSC now!
  11. Oh thank you both!!! Since posting this, we decided to just go ahead on the Divina sailing. We're so used to Royal so this will be nice to try. @skyking i didn't know about that $50 deal. That's incredible. @tomvet i'm going to check out your post now. Thanks again!!! We're so excited.....ok I'm so excited...my husband will be on board with the idea shortly haha
  12. We are seriously considering a sailing on Divina with our 3 and 2 year old. Does anyone have reviews of the children and baby program. We probably will only use the sitting service for an hour or two a day so we can enjoy a meal together.
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