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  1. Thanks for the info. It’s not a port day we leave at 5:30 from Dublin.
  2. Do they let you board earlier? If not what is the best time to get there?
  3. Is it complimentary or do you have to pay for it? Do you bring your own water bottle for excursion ? Do you use lanyards? Thanks I am a newbie to Seabourn and on a 25 day cruise.
  4. I’m not sure how much clothing to bring day time weather varies from 60 to 80 in different regions. For instance how many dress pants for my husband. How many dresses? Newby to Seabourn and over a 10 day cruise.
  5. All the tours state small groups, how many people are typically on the tour? Do you like the tours through Seabourn? Thanks for your help. Jackie
  6. Hi I’m doing this cruise at the end of September, did you book your own excursions o Seabourn.
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