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  1. OrlandoD

    Labadee Question

    Well I'm glad I asked - we are definitely OUT from under the pier!:halo::halo::halo:
  2. Someone told us there was a section of beach for Diamond cruisers - myth? Last time were there, we were directed to the area for suite guests. (obviously no entry for us.) Certainly large enough beach area to find some quiet space if you really look for it, but was hoping we'd save ourselves some time this trip. Thanks!
  3. Did anyone who has sailed Oasis lately find there was a deal for specialty dining packages once aboard? We have an OBC and I'd like to use that but obviously can't use it until we're on the ship. 3N - to 5N range from $85 - $115pp on the web site - wondering if its the same on the ship?.
  4. Been many years since we've been on a Celebrity ship. We have a lovely OBC and I'm wondering what sort of deals do they offer for multiple nights dining in the specialty restaurants once you're actually on board? On line I saw 4 nights for $137pp. Pre Cruise is pre pay and I'd rather use our nice on-board credit! thanks in advance!
  5. OrlandoD

    Decorated for Holidays?

    Do they still decorate the ship for the holidays and would you know when? Thanksgiving week??
  6. OrlandoD

    Internet on Regal?

    Can someone tell me if Regal has decent internet speed? Able to access in your stateroom? Any chance I could use MagicJack? TYIA!
  7. OrlandoD

    Coco Cay Question

    It was offered on another social media site that there is an area beyond the water slides that is D and above - BUT I saw no signs there this past weekend. We walked and explored a lot of this beautiful little island and yes, there are lots & lots of loungers - we were wondering about this section for future trips when we were on one of the mega ships when that first area is sure to fill up. Answers have ranged from: yes there is and there is a special tram that take you there but only for D+, pinnacle and suite guests all the way to flat out No never heard of it. The myth lives on. ...And BTW some of the answers we got were from staff who worked on the island!
  8. One of the staff on the ship told us there was an area designated for Diamond and above on Coco Cay. We tromped all over yesterday and saw a lot of this gorgeous little island but no special area. Answers would vary depending on who we ask - go to the right - go to the left - go straight you can't miss it. LOL were we being punked?? It didn't matter since we were coming off Enchantment but with larger ships those chairs fill fast...... BTW wonderful vista if you go right off the tender, through the straw market and basically straight to Coco Willie's go past slides and hammocks!
  9. OrlandoD

    Coco Cay

    In typical tropical style we had a squall yesterday that POURED - sounded like a stampede of rain on the water. Then it cleared for an absolutely awesome day. Saw an iguana behind the hut you sign in for wave runners. Had pina colada, floated in the warm clear water. The truth is you really don't know even if they says it's gonna rain (predicted 80% chance for us) it may clear so fast you forgot it even rained......then there's the other times when the wind whips up and the waves are just too rough for the tenders to safely operate. Go with an optimistic open mind - you will have a great time!!
  10. Loved your review - you have a delightful way of describing it all! Was Chops the only specialty restaurant? Haven't been on that ship in over a year and I can't remember. :cool:
  11. OrlandoD

    General question....

    Not sure how you booked, if you paid the same or how far out you are from the cruise. Under it doesn't hurt to ask category, if you booked with a PVP you could call and ask them. Unlikely you will get this but sometimes persistence pays!
  12. OrlandoD

    Two Freedom Question -

    Probably want your cabin attendant to empty the mini fridge. I did my own - left everything in clear view then put it back last night. Got home and found I was charged for the whole thing. Did NOT show up on my final bill, just my credit card. It took weeks to get it credited. I do think there are news channels in multiple languages too!
  13. OrlandoD

    RC reservation

    If you just close the page without logging out the reservation seems to sit in limbo for about 30 minutes.
  14. OrlandoD

    Suite Guarantee?

    I have booked "W" suite guarantee twice. First time I did not understand it completely (and my TA did not explain it completely). Here's the thing, as long as you are happy with *ANY* JS - book it. Mostly it means a JS with the outside possibility of getting something larger. I will only book it when it's significantly less than the current JS pricing since they will be picking my cabin.
  15. They really do read your letters! I sent one (snail mail) to M Bayley's office regarding some things that happened on FOS. Some good, some not so good. I received a personal phone call about a month later. They take your suggestions very seriously. I felt like I was heard!