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  1. I know this has been asked before but cutting it too close to final payment day to search for threads at this time so I apologize ahead of time. If my current booking has a $600 OBC attached due to a previous booking being cancelled ... will that stay attached to yet another new booking if Carnival cancels yet again?? I would pay my final balance and just have it applied to a future cruise IF I don’t loose the OBC. Thoughts?
  2. Kmil2maz .... Best wishes for a long, healthy and happy life together .. my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary on the Panorama in February right before the world turned upside down. We are hoping to sail on the Pride in October, which makes me hope yours sails even more 👍👍🤞🤞
  3. It’s all unknown. There’s no conclusive answer. I am just curious on opinions and thoughts. Do you believe Bermuda will open up to cruise ships by October 1st? I think I’d be okay with just cruising in circles out in the open water at this point. Destination doesn’t matter, just want my drink of the day and an ocean breeze.
  4. 10/4/20 Pride out of Baltimore to Bermuda. 🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🙏
  5. What to do! What to do? Do I make final payment for August 23 cruise that is due on June 9? Do I just cancel cruise and loose deposit? Is cruise automatically cancelled if I don’t make final payment or do I have to call Carnival (I booked through the website)? I know Carnival will most likely NOT have officially cancelled the August cruise before the final payment due date. Does anyone know if they are waiving the LOSS of deposit money policy if you cancel? I realize if I make the final payment and Carnival indeed cancels the cruise, all of my money would be credited towards a future cruise (with the potential of perks). This is a bit scary since who knows what the future holds for the cruising industry. If Carnival (hopefully not of course) was to seek bankruptcy at some point in time, I’d be sure to loose a couple thousand dollars. This is like making a bet in Vegas!!! What to do! What to do? STAY HEALTHY EVERYONE
  6. Scheduled to cruise August 23rd out of Baltimore. Final payment due in June. Question is, should we make the final payment (if cruise still on-schedule in June) in order to get any future re-booking incentives?? If Carnival was to cancel all 2020 sailings, obviously, we wouldn’t make the make final payment ... but would keep fingers crossed for a nice incentive or perk for re-booking. Good Health to all fellow cruisers during these sorrowing times.
  7. We are using Uber to get us to the ship. Is it easier to have the driver drop us off with our luggage at the Queen Mary and walk over to the dome? I assume the luggage porters are close to the QM. Thank you.
  8. If you book an ocean suite, do you get privileges in the Havana area during the day?
  9. Been reading a lot on the boarding times in Long Beach and a bit confused. What time is the earliest you can arrive and be allowed in to the terminal??? I understand you can’t BOARD the ship until the previous passengers have disembarked. Also, we are arriving using Uber. Do these drivers have easy access in to the luggage drop off points? thanks
  10. We have purchased the Cheers program but it is NOT showing up on our boarding documentation within the checkin process online. All of our shore excursions and transportation are listed, just no Cheers. Is there something wrong? Shouldn’t it be listed as well? This is our first time purchasing the Cheers program so we’d like to be able to have a welcome aboard drink right away. Thank you for your help.
  11. Who gets off first? Guests with early flights or platinum/diamond guests?
  12. What is the easiest way to get to and from the Malecon from the ship? Walking distance? Have heard lots to do there.
  13. What is there to do within walking distance of the ship? What is one thing you would recommend as a “must see”? Is it easy to get a taxi from the city back to the ship? thank you
  14. How does someone go about using FaceTime while onboard or on the islands? Do you have to have an onboard package? Contact your cellular carrier? Or both? Daughter wants to be able to FaceTime with babysitting grandparents.
  15. I heard the Pride went to dry dock this past February. Anyone know what all was done to her? Thank you.
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