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  1. coffeeluv

    Interconnecting Cabins

    We just booked an S1 with a connecting veranda room for our 10 yr old daughter on an S class ship. No problem with the booking since the rooms are adjoining, and no need to list an adult on her room (booked directly with Celebrity). Celebrity even listed her name on the room alone, and I keep needing to remind them that I am the responsible party for payment! Her room charges were only a little less than the double occupancy charges (adding a second person to that room, which we may do, will incur only additional taxes). Celebrity confirmed that she can eat in Luminae with us at no extra charge. Technically it is on a space availability basis, but likely not a problem. FWIW we usually sail with the three of us in an RS on M class ships, and found it more than large enough despite the single bath with no powder room. The two rooms just happened to be less expensive this time!
  2. coffeeluv

    Solstice aft S1/sunset veranda question

    We would have preferred a different location, but needed an S1 with an adjoining stateroom, and deck 6 was all that was still available for our sailing. Thanks for the heads-up!
  3. coffeeluv

    Solstice aft S1/sunset veranda question

    Thank you both! That’s exactly what I needed to know.
  4. We recently booked cabins 6305 and 6307 on Solstice, with DH and me in the aft corner S1, and DD/friend in the connecting sunset veranda. We haven’t cruised in connecting rooms on S class ships before. If I remember correctly, the connection is a shared entryway, but how does that work for the corner room? I have seen the shared entryway for regular side-by-side rooms, but not the corner. On the deck plans it doesn’t look possible. Has anyone seen this for the corner S1? Thanks!
  5. coffeeluv

    Shoreside concierge?

    Thanks everyone. We have sailed in an RS before, and agree, requests are hit or miss. But we’ve had better luck with the shoreside concierge than with butlers (once our butler declined all requests, all things the shoreside concierge asks as preferences, and once we didn’t meet the butler until day 5 and two complaints through guest relations). Perhaps I will give it another shot this week.
  6. coffeeluv

    Shoreside concierge?

    That’s exactly what I thought, so I called last week (the shoreside concierge #, found it in old emails). We left a message as she wasn’t in, but no return message. They said she hadn’t done the 8/26 sailing yet. I am trying to figure out whether to be patient, or call again.
  7. coffeeluv

    Shoreside concierge?

    We are booked in a RS for a cruise on Summit, leaving next Sunday. Haven’t heard from the shoreside concierge yet. In previous years we heard from her several weeks out. Has anyone had recent experience with the Summit shoreside concierge? How far in advance did you hear? Thanks!
  8. coffeeluv

    Kids on Reflection in Celebrity Suite?

    We had a celebrity suite on Solstice when my daughter was 4. The bathroom has two doors (one from the bedroom, one from the entryway) so no worries there. The bigger concern for us was that there is a large window between the bedroom and the living room, right over the sofa bed, with no curtain, so light from the bedroom at night shines right on the sofa bed! We bought magnetic clips that we put up over the window in the bedroom, and got an extra sheet from the steward. A few strategic folds, and voila, light blocking privacy curtain.
  9. coffeeluv

    Daniel's Head

    We took the red train to Daniel's head a little more than a week ago. No reservation, just bought the $15 round trip (less for kids) at the kiosk near the dock. The train was great, no worries about how to get back. On the way there we got color commentary from the very nice driver. The beach itself is very shallow and calm even a bit far from the shore, great for young kids. It was nearly deserted. Water shoes were a must - rough bottom. Food from the little restaurant was great, too. We would do it again, as it was an easy, peaceful, fun day.
  10. We will be on Summit on July 6. Does anyone know if Luggage Valet (suitcase direct to airport) is available on the Bermuda cruises? We used the service once before, and it was great. Thanks!
  11. coffeeluv

    Questions about Solstice Celebrity Suite

    Not sure about the bathroom, but in the photos I've found the bedroom door in the CS looks like it has no step. Admittedly, it's hard to tell from phtos!
  12. coffeeluv

    Questions about Solstice Celebrity Suite

    Thanks to all who replied. I thought I would bump this up to see if anyone has info about the door to the bedroom (Q2 above), or any other tips or advice about the CS. Leaving in a little over a week, we're very excited. Thanks, Nancy
  13. coffeeluv

    Questions about Solstice Celebrity Suite

    Thanks for the quick reply! We,too, noticed that there isn't any sort of curtain. We were thinking about trying to jury-rig a curtain at night, but we're hoping for an already proven solution.
  14. coffeeluv

    Overnight parking near pier 2 on Oahu?

    Does anyone have experience with overnight parking for a rental car near pier 2 on Oahu? Our cruise ends in Oahu in October with an overnight, and we'd like to rent a car and keep it until we leave HI a few days later. It's a little far from pier 2 to other parking suggestions I found searching these boards, like Aloha Towers. Thanks!
  15. We are sailing on Solstice on 9/23. First time on a Solstice class ship, and first time in a CS (but DH and I have been sailing Celebrity for 15 years). 1. Can anyone tell me more about the window between the bedroom and sitting area? I've seen photos, but how large is it really (approximate dimensions)? DD will be sleeping on the sofa bed, so will light from the bedroom make the sitting area light right over her head? Has anyone found a good way to minimize the light? 2. Does the door to the bedroom slam shut if it is ajar? Is there a door stop, or does a conventional wedge-style door stop work? Any other advice about the CS welcome! Thanks!