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  1. I play games like that and scrabble, Yahtzee....it is slow but can be done, when it is a sea day you will have issues to many people using the wifi. I can make the odd Instagram or fb post with a pic but it takes time to upload sometimes delays
  2. The new sea passes do not allow you to punch holes in the cards anymore so you will need a lanyard and id pouch holder...you can get them at walmart for about 2 dollars or pay close to $10 on ship ...or you can wait till you get to a port and try and buy one there. Amazon has lots to.............
  3. No, but wrinkle release spray works really well. And if you have something that really wrinkles alot fold your clothes with tissue paper and you will see they don't wrinkle...you can find info on it on google.
  4. Can anyone tell me how much a Maderna Spa pass is for a 7nt cruise on the Escape? Is it priced per person or per cabin...I was not able to book a spa cabin.
  5. I use my scrubba at home and away..I love it. Just last night I washed 2 white work blouses so I did have to use the machine,.....I use a micro fiber towel or a salad spinner ( only used for laundry) to get out excess water and hang or through in dryer for 20 mins so I can iron and be done for the day. I convinced my sister to get one for her rv and now she loves it.
  6. I wash everything I put in the washer I can do in my scrubba...even at home If I have a small load of whites I wash instead of using my machine...the trick is afterwards I put small amounts into a spare salad spinner to get excess water out that I can't do ringing it out.
  7. You will have hotel sized shampoo, lotion, condition and small bar soap on counter ( I think the have put liquid soap now) but in the shower there is a dispenser with shampoo, (it drys your hair out) ... bring sun screen cause if you have to buy on ship it will cost you big time. ( make a little medicine bag) headaches, sore throat, allergies, cold meds and oh my tums......very expensive onboard...but if you get sea sick you can get some tablets at the desk if you ask.
  8. Yes we have usually only ever seen 1 comedian that will do a normal show 7/9 then on a rare occasion on a 10 nt cruise we saw a 1030 show in the small celebrity room holds maybe 40 ppl .
  9. I agree with you . We walk out of more shows than we have stayed to see. RCL has great options....same company, higher prices so where is the talent. My DH and I both agree if we run into Ashley Amber in the Theater one more time we are going to rethink X........her tribute and over the top show to Whitney Huston is so nauseating. Why not give options for those who like production show...what about a comedy club most ships lines have them with several comedians that rotate through the fleets.
  10. aft facing cabins are nice. I had one on the Equinox in 2017. Great balcony *** little to no shade*** I could barely use it. It was nice in the evening to see the wake of the water. If you are sensitive at all to motion ..beware.. My Brother-in-law who is use to being on the water (he lives on an island) was sea sick ..10 night cruise and he spent it in bed cause the vibration of the propellers. I don't mind the vibration...or even if the boat is rocking. it makes me drift off to sleep
  11. I bring a scrubba bag, found out about it in a youtube video. I pack enough for 5 days and have done 12 night cruises.. I have super magnets and a bungee clothes line I bought from amazon. I string it just in the opening of the balcony on inside of cabin and open door...clothes dry in an hour. Laundry service uses harsh chemicals and fades my clothes and I don't like the feel after.
  12. crash3x


    Not sure that I can , since I am on Celebrity page..
  13. Both, she was just to over the top.......it wasn't entertaining...it felt annoying actually
  14. We have seen that woman who does the Whitney Huston tribute twice ...The first time was on the Equinox 2017 I was with a group of 8 2 songs in plus commentary we all got up and walked out......we weren't the only ones . Then again last year on the Reflection she was there again ...couldn't even wait till the end of the opening song.........
  15. I love cruising with Celebrity except for the lack of higher quality of shows and comedians. I end up walking out of most shows because they just don't keep up to what RCL or now NCL is offering. Love the Broadway shows offered on other lines and the quality is leaps and bounds better. I know the entertainers do their best and work hard but every year it is the same type of show and quality, never seems to get better (for the price I pay to cruise with Celebrity). They should have more options in an evening , onboard comedy clubs are very popular...not just the 1 day on a 7 day cruise. Please do not respond with rude comments or attacks, I am just expressing my personal opinion. For the luxury line that it is , it needs to improve.
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