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  1. I am looking for any pictures or video of a Celebrity Suite since the ships refit has been done. I have found a video from 6 years ago but I am sure the rooms have changed since then..
  2. Suite guest seats are only reserved on chic/elegant night.......any other day it is open seating
  3. I wear a broomstick skirt and tshirt , or jerseyknit dress....even capris and tshirt........anything you can snap out of a dryer and hang......very casual..I have ironed enough clothing during my service career , I am no longer a buttoned up, well pressed dress to impress kind of person. Vacations should be comfortable and relaxing , there is no need to work a runway......Pictures not worth paying $25 for a sheet I can take a nice photo at home. To each their own...you do you
  4. If you cruise Royal more than you have Celebrity even thought they are the same company do not expect your entertainment to be the same quality. I love Celebrity but the one thing they lack in is shows. I have seen the same headline 3 times on my last 3 cruises on different ships....Ashley Amber must have a contract for years with them ...I enjoy the guest comedians usually get 1 or 2 shows thats it...cast productions are good but not often changed out I have seen the same shows over the last 3 years ..I understand they spend alot of money on training and sets but. I wish they had a comedy club like Carnival or RCL or NCL somewhere you can go when you have already seen a show....we just spend a lot of evenings playing cards or watching movies. We do like the daily activities...trivia we do 2 times a day , indoor archery is a blast.
  5. You get OBC as a booking perk with Celebrity depending on cabin amounts change but you can also get OBC from some booking agents...Last year I got $1250... OBC in total. If you check you on screen acct in you cabin and it will tell you how much you have. IF it is OBC-N that is non refundable so spend it or lose it....if you have OBC-R if you don't spend it that amount will be returned to your credit card. I personally only spend non refundable and always return to my credit card the other amount...That means to me it is not a free perk, I am just charged more for my cruise...........
  6. You won't see your perks online...when you get your seapass card it will say classic on it. As for Wifi everyone does the same thing, they wait till they get to their cabin and find nothing that tells you how to connect.......then go to ilounge and wait forever for answer. HERE IS THE ANSWER. Go to the i lounge and sit at one of their computers and create your account and you are good to go..depending on your wifi pkg you can only long on 1 device at a time for 1 person unless you have 2 device package. The Celebrity app is free no need for wifi, you can get daily activities, menus for all venues and you can also send messages .........which is awesome since I always loose my DH ..this way we can figure out where we are on the ship to meet up again. BTW you can also upgrade you drink pkg to premium if you like top shelf ..if just on person wants to up grade you can do that as well.
  7. The Coach store here Canada want $95 and I found one on amazon.ca for $68
  8. Balcony and below cabins go up to buffet , Concierge class have lunch in main dining room, suite class have lunch in luminae...........If you think about it you can't have all passengers go to one location for lunch at one time. Besides no one ever seems to show up when told, everyone is so excited to get going that they try to board as soon as possible
  9. Are they still punching holes in cards to wear on lanyards...I have heard with the new card system they can't because it destroys the circuit , then you can 't tap/ touch to get in your room.
  10. I have the internet package with my room selection. Will I be able to stream Netfilx or Prime Video? After a day in the sun I like to relax and watch a movie but I have usually seen all that is offered onboard.
  11. They really have to up their game...3 yrs with the same shows. Royal is the same company and they change all the time. Thanks for letting me know, guess it will be another cruise stuck in a cabin at night for me.......grrr
  12. I was on the Equinox in Nov/2017 the shows I remember seeing were Topper, Elysium, Amber Ashley's tribute to Whitney Huston. Last year on the Reflection again there was Topper, Eylsium, Amber Ashley's tribute to Whitney Huston ....So I am hoping this Nov 2019 I do not run in to the same shows yet again. We end up walking out every single time and get disappointed. I like shows (he does not) but it is something we can do in the evening that I enjoy, otherwise we end up back in the cabin waiting to fall asleep. Yes I am aware there are many things to do on a ship , but when one person has PTSD the crowds and noise are hard to tolerate. So simple things like sitting still knowing your surroundings is something that we can do.
  13. Yes it does. but there is nothing to catch. not even in many ports...I have tried.........the ultimate place to use the app is a the airport.
  14. Movies are back now...to many complaints
  15. Last Nov and every other year we get our sea pass when we check in at the pier even with Express Check in form we print off with our pic already uploaded. When did Celebrity start putting keys on the door?
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