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  1. Boozebabe

    Buying vs renting a scooter for cruising

    Buy, Buy. BUY. Its the best thing I ever did. I rented one at a casino for the day $15. and the next day I went and bought my own along with a lift on the car so I can go places (the mall) without hubby. We've driven from Ohio to Miami twice with it on the lift with no problems.
  2. I am pretty sure the tour you are talking about is just a bus tour with a few stops and the opportunity to get off the bus for a few minutes or stay on. They put my folded wheelchair up front by the driver after everyone was on the bus. It is a long walk from the ship to where the tour busses are located if you have any mobility issues.
  3. Our HC cabin on NCL Getaway was huge. Lots of scooter room. Plenty room to turn it around . And the bathroom had lots of grab bars and a fold down shower seat.
  4. Boozebabe

    Scooting ashore

    My scooter has a 15 mile range but I have never challenged it. When on vacation/cruise I charge mine every night.
  5. Boozebabe

    Would you cancel?

    I am in somewhat the same situation. I say TRAVEL WHY YOU CAN. In May we cruised on NCL Getaway in a HC cabin. It was great/ Lots of scooter room and the bathroom was great. Grab bars everywhere and a fold down shower seat. I take my scooter right up to the door of the plane and it is waiting when I get off. People everywhere are so accommodating.
  6. Boozebabe

    Ramps in port

    OMG I've been saying that. I'm like a Super Hero. As soon as I sit on my scooter I am invisible.Very frustrating. I don't want special preference. I just want the same courtesy given to walking pedestrians.
  7. Majesty of the Seas 1993 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Boozebabe

    Getaway May 13-20 Review

    Loving your review. Makes me feel like I'm doing it all over again. I know you don't recognize my CC name but you know me as Countdown Connie.
  9. It really is quite simple. Don't sign up for the UBP and you won't be charged the tips charge. Same goes for the Specialty dining. But leave the rest of us alone and Quit your bitchin!!!
  10. Boozebabe

    Getting Walker to MIL

    I am pretty sure that all airlines do not charge for mobility devices. They don't charge me for my scooter.
  11. Boozebabe

    Which scooter to purchase

    That's an excellent reason to deal with a brick and mortar business. And you can check out several brands. Think about it...would you buy a car you knew nothing about or couldn't test drive on the internet?
  12. Boozebabe

    Getaway Port question

    On Cozumel I got a massage right on the beach. There is a curtained area under Palm trees but that was on a Carnival cruise. Not sure where NCL docks.
  13. Boozebabe

    Mar 25-Apr1 Getaway Atrium Bar Wine List

    I own a wine shop. I will try to figure out who makes that blend for them. Maybe one of my reps will know. My guess is Gallo or Mondavi. My cruise is in 40 days. I'll report back.
  14. Boozebabe

    Mar 25-Apr1 Getaway Atrium Bar Wine List

    Exactly what I was wanting to know. T hanks
  15. Boozebabe

    Wines served?

    New to NCL and wondering what brand of wine is served with the UBP?