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  1. I am flying into Long Beach for our cruise and I booked a reservation through a private shuttle. They told me they would be out front waiting for us and it would take about 30 mins to get to the pier. If you want to get a taxi the airport told me there will be taxi there waiting.
  2. RanJam

    PV Hotel With Alligator Slides

    We went the same shore excursion on Carnival and it is Paradise Village. We really wanted to go back to that resort on vacation it was so nice.
  3. RanJam

    Missing Cruise Credits

    I had problems with my C&A account because of a name change. I called about 4 times and finally it was fixed, I hate when these things happen!!
  4. I was wondering if the menus are the same on all of the ships? I am going on Vision of the Sea and cannot find a menu online but found several other ships menus. I have food allergies and just wondering how limited I will be with my choice of food. Thanks :o
  5. Does anybody know what resort you go to on RCIs All Inclusive Resort and Beach Getaway in Puerto Vallarta? Just want to make sure it is a fun resort before I book it.
  6. RanJam

    New Passport Thread

    It took us 3 weeks to get a renewal. We mailed it regular mail, suprised us it was so quick!!
  7. RanJam

    Fried food/peanut oil?

    I have an allergy to tree nuts and cruise lines (including RCI) have been very accommodating. I just made sure that I told them when I booked my cruise and told my waiter in the dining room. I also would ask the buffet attendants before I ate at the buffet but because the food there is pretty much the same everyday I only asked a couple of times. I would just ask questions every time I would eat anything new. I would also make sure you bring your proper meds just in case!!
  8. RanJam

    When is Spring Break?

    I work at a university and the Sping Break is March 10th-14th. I know High Schools Spring Break is the 1st week of April. Good luck!!
  9. We are going on Vision of the Sea June 1st and had a question about Puerto Vallarta we are looking at the All Inclusive Resort and Beach Getaway Shore Excursion. Has anybody been on this and know what resort you go to?? Also does anybody have any recommendations for Cabo? Thanks for your help!!