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  1. Also the Porterhouse for $20. I'd never eat a tomahawk steak - way to much beef. A porterhouse, maybe. But, I love the Candles veal chop so job done for me. I'm more worried that it signals the beginning of a nickle and diming people. You want the souffle in Amphora - that'll be an extra 5 bucks. Please no.
  2. A posting up thread indicated that there is an additional cost for some menu items. Is this a first for WS? I don’t remember ever seeing it before.
  3. I was very much looking forward to Dr. Poole and it was fine but I thought he was a bit preachy. We had a bad day for Dolphins, but he did work really hard to find some. All in all we had a good time.
  4. According to the NYTimes, Britain has just announced that the quarantine requirement is going away for visitors entering from the US or the EU.
  5. On the star and spirit I’m a big fan of the umbrella tables just outside Veranda for the afternoon. They are chairs at tables but there are seldom many people there so you can “move with the sun” and crew walk past and will usually ask if you’d like something. Very quiet. The table is nice for your drinks, books, laptops, etc.
  6. WS should step up and say that whether or not they squeeze within the restrictions they will stay out of Venice itself. Cruise ships of any size have no purpose there. Im
  7. Mine have usually come as surprises at some point prior to the trip. It’s like a little snowflake from nowhere “you’ve been upgraded to the owners suite…”. They can’t be predicted and just appear. The only times I can trace is when they’re out of lower prices cabins and they’re clearing out frequent customers to upgrade so they can resell the cheaper cabins. I’ll take it! . The best ever was when we were in a B2B on two tickets. One was a suite the other not. The suite double upgrade came through and we got the owners suite (not what we’d booked for either leg) for the entire B2B. Lightning had struck. But you can’t predict. On board upgrades have been less successful. You hang around all day hoping and then something comes though at a cost that isn’t worth it. I think I took one once.
  8. It took me forever to find it, so here's a link to the form; https://windstarcruises-media.s3.amazonaws.com/media/plan_your_voyage/2019_gift_order_form.pdf
  9. Both prices are back for me. The discounted price on the list was always correct.
  10. I wonder if the $0 in red means that they’re not selling to regular folk, just Yacht Club.
  11. We’re level four and should get a 15% discount on yours, and the language says that the discount is applied at booking. All the tours listed for our booking look like this. • $0.00 $106.25 With the red $0.00 struck through. Is this $106.25 the discounted price? I went all the way through to a dummy booking and it stayed at 106.25 pp. the last time I did this there were two actual prices, the full price struck though (where I’m now seeing $0.00) and then the second one was the 15% discount. just more WS sloppiness?
  12. Or, the customers spoke and were walking away from WS's greed?
  13. I’m calling BS ON this from WS. First they’re recommendations not requirements. Then I found this: Measures for Passengers: Frequent communication from the time of booking including instructions for complying with public health requirements, staggered guest arrivals and departures, completion of a health declaration, requirement for a negative test result prior to boarding, health screening, physical distancing, mask-wearing, strict adherence to shoreside protocols at ports of call, tracking and tracing for at least 30 days following disembarkation to facilitate post cruise communication, among others. frequent? I’ve heard nothing with WS in the one year since we booked. They seem to be following the recommendations selectively. Then this: strict adherence to shoreside protocols at ports of call, tracking Nothing blanket, just port of call specific procedures. This is nothing but a money grab, or WS has hired someone who worked for a 6,000 pax line who has no idea what WS is all about.
  14. Agreed. Total grab for money. We sail on Nov 5, and are still waiting this out.
  15. Agreed. But in all fairness, the price of the itins have long risen the closer you get to sailing, and then even more when booked on board.
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