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  1. Thanks for the head's up that they were online now. I found my booking number and just got the zodiaks for the three Crusing days - I noticed that the Kayaks were already gone for one of them, so figured I should jump on it. The other days I'll spend my time figuring out. If you want to make contact, I'm windstarpig@gmail.com
  2. Did you book the multi day pre cruise Denali trip that my TA was pushing? We’re doing it ourselves for a fraction of the cost.
  3. We’re on the June 19 Seward to Vancouver as well. I can’t cross check excursions at the moment since we’re en route to Iceland for our back to back to Dublin on the breeze and don’t have the Alaska booking info with us. WS: can you PLEASE return the logon to My Windstar so I can see all our bookings in one place without knowing the booking numbers? Huge hassle. Thanks.
  4. even though with the changes the ships they’re enlarging will still be smaller than the Surf? And you won’t even give them a chance? Bye.
  5. In a conversation with an officer on our last cruise, he basically said that the days of small ships are over. I was responding directly to this - I have no idea how SeaDream became part of the discussion. Within 2 minutes I found an example of a cruise line which is committing to a ship very similar to what their current profile is - certainly well within the "small ship" band. The exactly opposite of what the person quoted said. If they're building it they must have decided it will be profitable.
  6. As evidence, here's just one example. A ship Seabourn has coming online in 2021 - 264 pax: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ships/Seabourn-Venture-2121
  7. At 180 cabins, that would be 360 pax, so about the size of the surf, which holds 310. I personally find the Surf already too big and that it can lack the same personal attention. Everything I've always heard from captains, is that the sailed ships were likely to be the last ever built and to do so now would be massively expensive. IIRC, the builder in le Havre got huge amounts of incentives from the government as the work kept the ship builder open that the staff employed. I also don't now how true that is.
  8. The new total is 312 pax. See: https://d2xks5907lvzsh.cloudfront.net/media/yachts/deck_plans/18-0254 Legend Stretch Deck Plan.pdf
  9. Well. They are so that ship has sailed (so to speak). So we’ll give them a chance. The triplets will still be smaller than the surf.
  10. You had an onboard sales rep for new bookings? I haven’t seen one of those in years!
  11. The library is iffy. Not to long ago many of the books were still stamped “Seaborne” so turnover is slow. They tend to be sort of what a friend calls “beach novels” light and you can pick it up, read a chapter, and then stare at the ocean for awhile. You’d find something. Most people I see have loaded up their kindle before they depart for the trip. Or actually reading kindle books on their iPad, not an actual Kindle.
  12. Unless you're talking about expanding this to the sailed ships, the intention to open a new dining space on the expanded triplets was pretty much known from the beginning, and it won't really take space "away" from anything as they'll be building out all the new space they have to work with. With a bunch more pax they'll likely need this restaurant in any case, and the Surf already has three (besides Veranda.)
  13. For those who haven’t researched recently. French Polynesia is now included with T-Mobile Simple Choice Plans. It wasn’t last November.
  14. And even though one can be reasonably mobile you do begin to loose stretchiness and the ability to do complex maneuvers. So with the general exit procedure being to be to sit on the wall with your feet inside the zodiak and to then lift up your legs and then twist around to be able to flip them into the water side, all the while checking that you don't step on a rock or piece of coral can be challenging. I must say that investing in water socks helped a great deal, they have grippers on the soles, making slipping less of an issue and also protect you from everything except very sharp rocks. I think a very rough day didn't help with the stress. We were trying to get off the Pride somewhere in Costa Rica, and after barely getting a tender off we were next in line. They tried a tender again, but it was now so rough that the tender was bouncing all over the place and repeatedly crashing against the side of the ship. They gave up on that and then tried a zodiak (remember we're standing with a scenic view of all this). The zodiak bounced ever more, before completely flipping over and landing bottom up in the ocean. Luckily there was no one yet on board and after that they just gave up completely. Not a good thing for someone who's already worried to watch. I suddenly feel very old just typing this!
  15. LOL. Since we're sort of known as "the winos", people keep trying to give us cute wine bottle stoppers. We always chuckle that we have no need for such a tool.
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