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  1. Oops. June 2022 it is, not this summer.
  2. WS has posted on their Facebook Page that the offices are moving from Seattle to Miami later this summer. I guess I’ll have to retrain myself to replace worthless Seattle with worthless Miami. Sounds like many already work from home and Miami will be mainly operations and other things will move to the Xantera offices in Denver.
  3. milepig


    This will work if they have a 100% vaccination rule. Otherwise anyone, even those vaccinated, can still take the virus back on board with them and infect anyone not vaccinated. A vaccine only protects you from infection, but you can still carry the virus and still infect others. This is one reason that we'll all be wearing masks for a very long time, vaccinated or not. Transmission remains a huge issue,
  4. She's still scheduled for the May 1 Athens/Athens, so in late February they must be fairly sure that this will be possible.
  5. I also like the Veranda spaces. With the canvas overhead you can find shady spaces, the tables are nice if you want some laptop time. It’s seldom crowded so can easily find a shaded spot with a nice view. Staff walk by regularly and will offer you a soothing beverage. No one minds and will only chase you out until they’re setting up for candles.
  6. One more reason I’m glad we passed on the Reykjavik/Greenland/Montreal itin this November. Now we hope the Med stays possible! We’re on cruise attempt number six.
  7. We almost signed up for this for fall 2021 and then remembered the horrible weather we had in the same general area at the same time in 2019. It was, um, barfing in the terlit multiple times, and several missed ports. We took a pass and are now planning Athens to Lisbon via the Canary Islands and Morocco instead.
  8. Right. I forgot that and it isn’t mentioned on my 20 day books. If I buy the all inclusive package we have it three ways: 14+ day itin yacht club all inclusive package!
  9. Good question. The literature is silent on that (and other) points.
  10. This. You may need to play around with the dates for United. Or just search +\- dates. We spent a night after the cruise to make it work. The other option since the UA flights are late evening that WS spends the last night at berth in Papeete (at least they did) just get off and hoof it to the airport when you dock.
  11. I'm trying to figure out what is best for us as Yacht Club level 4 members. This is a 20 day itin, so it does add up! If we just buy the all in package the cost is $89 PP/PD. That buys Captain's package, laundry, WiFi and service/beverage fees. The small print makes it sound the the YC 10% discount doesn't apply to the full package. WS estimates the included Beverage/Service fees to be a $23.25 value. If that includes beverage fees AND daily service fees that seems low. If we leverage the Yacht Club bennies, the Captains package would be $59 (less 10%) and the wifi and
  12. Interesting. I continue to hear rumors that WS is looking for a river cruise like they can pick up.
  13. If you need that early flight, you can always ferry from Moorea the afternoon before and stay by the airport. oh, wait, what am I thinking. Does WS no longer dock in Papeete the last night? Get off that evening or get up early in the morning. They should let you off.
  14. I may have been a bit pestimistic, and I hope I was. I'm quoting from an Article in the Wall Street Journal, and I'm using only a small part of the article, so I think it's OK: Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said he expects there to be enough vaccine doses starting in the second quarter of 2021 so that anyone who wants a vaccine can get it. Other federal health officials have said in the spring or summer. The timeline could change if manufacturing doesn’t go as planned. The other good news is that a good percentage of the cruising population is over 6
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