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  1. We prefer to think of them as being “of a certain age”. An engine failure that lasted 2 hours 2 years ago is irrelevant. These things happen. We’ve never had problems with the A/C in our cabins. The worst part is that the controls are so worn you can barely read the numbers. Solved for me by using the iPhone flashlight along with the super power glasses. Adjusted once and we good to go. The bathrooms remain what they are - old but functional. One couple reported duct tape under their sink but we had no such issues. The was a minor issue with one cabinet where the door would flop around in high seas but a carryon in front of it solved the problem. We would have asked to have it fixed but the work around was easy, the Breeze had only two more itins and the bar was calling. Priorities!! I was actually surprised to see the crew running around and painting things including the exterior of the hull, having just heard that the paint was all being stripped down to bare metal during the lengthening. We saw nothing that gave us pause. If you want to see WS standards at work take the tour of the sparkling galley. We saw no hint of scaling anything back in the last couple weeks. The menus and selection was as always, the bar was fully stocked. Zero issues. the most important thing is that the smiling crew is smiling as always.
  2. Try this link: https://www.windstarcruises.com/cruise/itinerary-ports/star-collector-voyages/star-collector-lovely-leewards/?id=352&sid=3043 The chart shows watersports days. If it doesn't work, go the WS home page, find your cruise and then click on the Itinerary and Ports tab. As far as what's on board, this page gives a good idea, and includes information for a range of equipment available: https://blog.windstarcruises.com/water-sports-platform/ Happy sailing!
  3. What?? Totally cool. I want to be you! I noticed a few days ago that they must have turned of the - not sure what it’s called - transponder?, since she’s disappeared from marine traffic.
  4. Some of us thought they were pressing their luck by staying in Iceland as long as they did before turning the ships south, but then we repeatedly heard from locals that winter came about 6 weeks early this year. This was no way WS could have planned for the unusual weather. In the breeze everything was handled with great tact and understanding. I heard on one on board complain.
  5. Whoa. That would make me a tad concerned! I can’t imagine. We have land based in Portugal in December, then Alaska on the beautified Breeze next June (bucket list) and then a 21 day land culinary trip to China in October 2020. the next big unplanned trip after that will be my post-retirement reward in the fall of 2021, maybe something in Asia on WS, but those trips haven’t been announced yet.
  6. what about this would put you off Windstar? Things beyond the weather? They have lots of itins where this wouldn’t be an issue.
  7. We’ve always had port charges refunded. Also, I think if the cruise actually ended a day early (as in you were all disembarked) you should get credit for the day of the trip that you missed. Was this the late August itin on the Pride. There some talk about It in my thread about the breeze that was going in more or less the opposite direction. Others seemed happy with the way they were treated and the weather was horrible!
  8. I've never had any issues with odors - except on the Surf by the back stairway where smoke was bleeding through from the crew smoking area, but reports I saw were that this had been resolved. The entire ship experiences some vibration when they're using the engines, but you don't really notice it until they turn them off to go totally under sail. Sort of like when you don't notice the HVAC noise in your office until it shuts off and everything goes silent. Never bothered me.
  9. The reason most cited is that the lower you are the less you'll be bothered with motion during heavy seas. The compromise is that you need to climb and extra flight of steps, but that is an issue for some and not others.
  10. Talk to reception or the tour desk when on board. Be clear "we're being met onshore at xxx time. Will this be an issue? Obviously, the first priority for WS is to get people on ship and onto their tours - and the language in various places is clear about this. But, if they know you need off they're do their best. Also, it is fairly common that there will be time to do one zodiac round before the tours begin to leave. If they know, they'll save room for you then.
  11. And she is now in Palermo. Docked off to the side from the cruise/ferry docks, so I’m thinking she’s in the shipyard?
  12. As far as I know, in Alaska the zodiacs are only used for the sound tours where you exit and return to the ship with no landing. Correct?
  13. Likely not. there are three types of landing. You’re moored at the dock and just walk off the ship. You’re anchored and take a ship’s tender into the dock for a dry landing. You’re taken to shore on a zodiac and you jump off and make your way to shore. There are always people to help. We’ve had these in Costa Rica and French Polynesia. From a zodiac, you usually sit on the side facing in, you spin your legs off and then scoot off.
  14. Tree gat sounds about right. And in terms of “wet” we’ve had some shallow landings where they take you about up in shore and you barely get wet. In at least one place in French Polynesia we were wet up to our knees. Some can be rocky. Invest in water socks. Worth every penny.
  15. I understand the difficulty of responding to remora, but we continue to hear about WS maybe entering the river cruise market at some point. A WS experience in the rivers would be amazing and open up new itins for those of us why are running out of places to go.
  16. Let me just add that my TA complains about Seattle as well. In one recent event he’d worked with his contact to get a solution put together that worked for me. When he called back after a certain date finalize it as asked the agent had left WS and had left no notes on my record. My TA had to start over and wasn’t happy. As others say I do everything I can to avoid contacting Seattle. Is there a plan to rectify this. It truly is like 2 companies. On board is almost perfect, Seattle is a mess.
  17. We’ve had spammers as well but more often people we never even met they were so unassuming. Oddly, the forward classic suites are very noisy when anchoring or putting out the mooring lines. Also, many people in the front deck, they can’t see in but it is still a bit jarring.
  18. I also wouldn't worry about any of those. Think about what direction your sailing in and book a cabin on port or starboard to meet your needs - would you rather sit and watch land or the open sea? Would you rather have morning or evening sun?
  19. I’m sure you’ll love Windstar. Think of them as family and relax. With WS there are no wrong answers.
  20. The Breeze is now in Lisbon, the last port before the lengthening. When we talked to the crew in September they were all excited. Some are staying on for the trip to Sicily to help get her prepared, some are headed home today for about four months off, most are planning to return, including most likely the captain, some staff will stay with her during the lengthening. Afterwards some return early to get things finished and prepared, others return closer to the first trip - I believe from Barcelona on 2/20/20. Out crew in August/September was the best ever and I hope to see most of them in Alaska in June. I’d love to hear reports if anyone was on board. Anything special? Was the last day “clean out the fridge” day for meals? Was the crew distracted? Or was it just all normal.
  21. If by lounge you mean compass rose I agree. That view is very limited and the view from the 5th deck lounge is non-existent.
  22. I second the question about Southeast Asia and also any other "new" destinations you have in mind. Many of us long-term WS travelers (15+ for us) have begun to run out of trips that interest us and are looking for new adventures on WS. My second question is about world-wide marketing. On our trips the ship has been mostly Americans and a few Canadians, but very few folk from other parts of the world. When we converse with them they mention how much they're enjoying WS, but then go into the nightmares they encountered when trying to book the trip. Are you working on improving the experience for non-North American customers. They mention things as simple as needed an 800 number that works for them.
  23. If you're thinking of prebooking a cab for a certain time just let reception know and they can help coordinate. I'd start off the ship maybe 10 minutes before the schedule arrival, as it can take a little bit to get off if there's a line - always short - and then find your bags in the stack. My motto is to always be a bit early.
  24. A couple days before disembarkation you'll get a form to fill out. The from has a series of options to check off all the way from "early flight [listing your time]" to "ship transfer to airport" to "independent". You turn that in and then you'll receive luggage tags along with a timetable for when each color will be called. You're requested to leave your bags outside your door at a certain time the time before disembarkation (although you can keep them with you if you're in a hurry.) In the morning you collect your passports - or sometimes if the ship doesn't need to be cleared you can get them the night before. The ship will call the groups by number and off you go. The bags will be on the pier for you to pick up. Generally, the "independent" group has a long window all the way up to when they through you off, which is generally somewhere around 9am. If we aren't in a hurry we'll stay in veranda until they throw us out. If we want off early we'll go ahead and disembark on the early side of our group. Warning in some ports taxis are in short supply and there can be quite a queue for a taxi - Dublin, I'm talking about you. Ditto Osaka. In terms of "too early to check in" I see no way to make that work, you'll always off by early morning, way before check in, so plan to resister, leave your bags and go out for the day.
  25. That's actually how I experienced Bruges. Something about all those uplights on the buildings made it all even faker. It isn't a real city, IMHO.
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