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  1. Can’t edit so replying to say that should have been “option BAR” not bad.
  2. Actually it’s hidden but it’s there. When you pull down the option bad and select a unit type a box pops up that shows the starting type. click on view all listings and then choose a residence type to see the info. many show as sold.
  3. So happy for you and that I could help a bit. I don’t know if it’s unique to WS, but they don’t say “sold out”, cruises just disappear from the schedule. I am so jealous, we’re stuck here in Chicago where I say “every day is a Wednesday”. It just goes on and on and trip after trip is cancelled.
  4. Is you booking still showing on MyWindstar?
  5. With Windstar I've always found upgrades to be like a strike of lightning out of a brilliant blue sky. Never expected but rather random, but when they come I do a little happy dance!
  6. we were also clobbered by northern Japan. And this included using credits from our canceled Alaska this June. Our TA has his work cut out for him, trying to figure out our total credit situation. We also have a large credit on Silversea from THEIR canceled Alaska cruise that replaced the WS cancellation after the Breeze delays.
  7. There were a bunch of people on our itin who did this. The last overnight in Papeete is worthless. Better to get off and take a ferry. Plenty of time to make the evening flights.
  8. If there were a flight to take me there and an AirBnB to take us in I’d be there tomorrow. We need to get out of Chicago. Now.
  9. Working. I’m on Zoom for 10 hours most days.
  10. You’ll be fine in Japan. People will treat you with kindness and will help you. Stores will have a calculator and then they talky up the probe they put the total in the calculator and turn it toward you. Certainly in Tokyo and Kyoto everything in the subway you need to know will be in English, ditto on the Shinkansen. Tourist places no problem. When we reserved one high end restaurant in Kyoto we got back a detailed map along with a note that said “when you arrive we speak no English but you will be very welcome” and the server brought out a Japanese English food dictionary with each course to show us what we were eating. At another they were outside waiting for us. Groceries work pretty much the same around the world. When we had a bit of an issue with train tickets there were about 12 people scurrying to help us. For taxis have your hotel either write out your address or often the staff will walk out with you. Grab their card for your return trip. Truly, no problem.
  11. Alaska continues to be very hard. The ban on cruise ships has recently been extended another 100 days, add in the flight cancellations, the various quarantines, borders being closed, and it’s increasingly clear that the entire season is lost. Some of you may remember that we were clobbered by the first Breeze delay, then we found a substitute on Silversea, and then that was just cancelled this week. I’ve rebooked and canceled everything twice and so far have come out with zero monetary loss, which is a miracle, but we’re just taking FFC credits and sitting back for now. We still have the breeze in Japan in April 2021, but I’m not even planning on that happening. it’s clear that life as we know it won’t return any time soon.
  12. Well, it’s official. Alaska cancelled through June. I got my email today. also changed In the online page with a mention of ...and possibly beyond...” the cancellation page is organized by ship, I haven’t been following anything beyond the Muse closely, so I don’t know what else may have changed as well. Happy virtual sailing for us this year!
  13. It isn't yet online, but my TA just sent me a message that our mid-June Alaska has been cancelled. It also is still active on My Silversea, but I assume it will take them awhile to catch up. My message from my TA says that I'll be getting an email from SS tomorrow.
  14. same here. My TA made contact yesterday and they told him the cancellations would come “later this week”.
  15. Why did I think that the FCC was better after they cancelled? Some of this is so entangled. Oh - on the Silversea page it sounds like right now for any sailings after June 1st there is an administrative fee. The language for cruises in April or May doesn't mention that fee.
  16. I’ve been following my own advice and limiting my visits to this thread, so just saying that I was surprised that nothing changed this week. We’re boy until June 18 so am waiting it out. Our flight from a Chicago o Anchorage is still on the books as of now, but we fly home from Vancouver, and I have no clue when Canada will lift their restricts. I could do a flight change and make Anchorage a regular round trip. But frankly, with work shut down for I don’t know how long I’m not comfortable leaving on a fabulous vacation in June. Still holding on for a cancelation and would gladly take a FFC: assuming the time to use it within is long. We already have two Europe trips in the fall, and then Japan in spring 2021 so need to space things out.
  17. I have a different relationship with my TA. We check in once in awhile and strategize. I’m not until mid June and there’s no need to stress. When the time comes SS will cancel my itin and then he’ll process the FFC. Air tickets will be what they are and he’ll deal with hotels and some such but there’s non need to stress now and, yes., he does babe many other people in line ahead if me in terms of cruise dates who need attention now. I don’t. He isn’t my personal assistant and it’s under control.
  18. I like the idea, but after my 7 hours of zoom calls each day I’m exhausted and just want to go to bed.
  19. I actually thought it started out OK but some at the later stuff like to watch for pretty pictures in our email and that we’re travelers not tourists was a bit much.
  20. This piece of fluff just arrived in my email
  21. As will we if possible - it isn't just the cruise, but also when the Border with Canada will open and if flights aren't canceled.
  22. unless it’s changed it’s for cruise ships over a certain capacity, which the Muse is, but I think it is actually people on board, so if they sail half full they’d be OK. But still a long stretch, we can maybe fly ORD-Anchorage, but then how do we get home from Vancouver. What a total mess.
  23. I think the opposite - at least in terms of incentives to get their frequent cruises back - they have the loyalty, they can leverage that.
  24. I got in touch with my TA about the Muse in Alaska in June. I was holding back as I known he’s busy with multiple large trips to SE Asia but I asked and he essentially said that he’s frustrated that SS waits so long and that he’s watching for us.
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