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  1. Chalk a good part of this up to climate change - sorry folks, it's real. Everyone was complaining about the weather in Norway/Iceland/Faroes/Scotland/Ireland last August and blaming the cruise line for trying to milk a couple more weeks out of the summer season when the weather just wasn't appropriate. For us, it was less rain and more endless high winds and high seas causing port after port to be missed - largely because it was too dangerous to try to get a ship into port. Once on shore, we really had just mostly normal crappy drippy days and endless gloom. Then, a local we were chatting with said that everything was early last year - even the birds appeared from Russia several weeks early, and everyone was commenting on how early the leaves had turned, etc. The three glorious exceptions for us were that we had a gorgeous day in the Fjords, followed by two sunny days in Bergen with temps that the locals said never happened, everyone was skipping off work early so they could go hiking etc. And Dublin we had one more perfect day. Other than that is was just gloom, gloom gloom. Even those unheard of days in Bergen speak to climate change.
  2. This sort of makes sense, but don't they get "untight" when you get into bed? Unless they come around and tighten them around you when you're in bed, but I somehow doubt that.
  3. What’s the point of the extra tight sheets? The virus will bounce off?
  4. LOL. For a decent amount of time United had a major marketing campaign featuring a new city they'd added to their destination list. The only problem is that they used a stock photo of a different city. I'd be specific, but I honestly can't remember the two cities involved.
  5. Indeed there are, and that was my point, but I missed adding the Sarcasm flag. People fly and drive around and take trains and buses all over the place every day. And if the bug is really virulent it will get around, but we tend to panic - remember SARS?, and the media will jump on anything that can be used to spread panic. That having been said Milan-Rome is like a superhighway and is likely especially prone to spread things. Not just while on the trains, the stations on either end are a wall of humanity.
  6. To your question regarding the weather. We did a similar itinerary in the parallel season last August on Windstar and we were thrown around all over the place. Ports missed entirely, windy, choppy, things thrown around the dining room, barf bags conveniently placed on the stairs, apples and soda crackers passed out at reception, the whole ball of wax. It put me down, and I'm never seasick. Mrs. Milepig went to breakfast without me one morning and said she was pretty much alone. But then others have had good weeks. We actually made most of the ports, if not always on the intended day, but the cruise bound for Iceland the same week as us coming from Bergen missed pretty much all of their ports, even in Norway inself. I think they made the Faroe Islands, and then made a few unplanned stops in Iceland that hadn't been planned. So, yes, it can be touch and go. Some of the ports are difficult to get into, so heavy weather can make it a no go when the seas are high but the weather is otherwise OK.
  7. Just pointing out that there are 39 trains each day in each direction between Milan and Rome. If the virus is in Milan, it's in Rome.
  8. I haven't seem any sign of beach chairs, other that when it's an organized WS event when they drag all sorts of stuff on shore. Packing a lunch, yes although unless we're going to some very secluded spot with no services we actually enjoy the "break" from WS and would much rather just get something from the beach shack serving up chow. Usually delicious.
  9. Well. The first question is if you can find flights into Benoa and then out of Singapore. Lots of flights have been cancelled. If that’s OK, can you get insurance? We never get travel insurance but this would be an exception. Then, what’s the amount of risk you’re willing to take for a cancelled or rerouted cruise. If that’s within your tolerance go do for it. ignore what the US DofS says. They’re a bunch of grannies afraid of their own shadow.
  10. Never mind. I like nice clean boards with one thread per topic so I don’t need to look four places. Others want something else. I need to learn to adapt.
  11. There’s an existing thread with lots of updates just a few down the board. Probably better to post there.
  12. Doesn't the same need to avoid contamination of ships apply to every single cruise ship in the world? The Breeze has been nowhere near asia, and wasn't planned to be for many months. I do get that the issue is customer behaviour, and people are making reservations even as we speak and many are likely avoiding asia, so they're doing this in anticipation of light loads. I'm now wondering about our booking in Japan in March 2021 and how long I dare delay booking air travel.
  13. Seems like total overkill to me. This is months away, and Coronavirus will be old news by then.
  14. Yes. My TA just confirmed that this is just a delayed loop closing (it’s dated 12/24!!) and he’d long ago assigned it to our upcoming itin. It is not anything beyond the initial offer.
  15. I just received a random unexpected 10% future cruise credit certificate. I’d thought we were all finished, so I sent it on to my TA to see if this is just finishing up paperwork or an actual additional credit. Windstar accounting remains a work in progress.
  16. And this: https://www.travelmarketreport.com/articles/One-Ocean-Expeditions-Cancels-Another-Voyage Seeking potential investors to allow them to continue to operate. And a post that their office doors are locked and show no sign of life. And, more importantly this from January https://www.travelweekly.com.au/article/one-ocean-expeditions-goes-under/ They're gone - "into administration" essentially means bankrupt.
  17. Have you seen this: I'd speculate that they're gone for good and have no money to send you. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY. The BBB has no teeth and can do nothing other than try to contact them.
  18. I think we all hope that the investment is insured and also a name and pics of this temporary ship. Also, I assume you did due diligence before committing. I've love to see information related to their current business paperwork and place of operation. They were DISSOLVED in the UK almost a year ago.
  19. Yep. This can happen with codeshares when the inventory doesn’t synch up. On a UA board it’s called “phantom inventory”. Most often with award flights. Were you using miles? The UA system shows availability but the LH system rejects it. The only solution is to watch like a hawk and be sure to check the LH site for their flight and to call the ticketing airline or your TA if there are issues ASAP. What happens is UA shows availability that isn’t real and then LH rejects the booking, with no notice to the passenger. You should watch for not only the booking notice but also a final confirmation email. That comes within a few minutes to up to a day, and if it doesn’t it’s time to call to get it rectified. Booking through a TA, which in my experience only causes problems, means they “own” the booking so they need to fix it. This is why I always book my flights with the airline. Not even Experia, etc. always with the airline.
  20. Just wondering if there’s any 411. She’d not yet showing up on the tracking sites and I’d expect she’d be having sea trails by now.
  21. I refuse to be underestimated.
  22. I suspect that the PR staff may be in for a little meeting about the need to write PR in standard English and then proofread it. What a mess.
  23. are you doing a crossing? If not, many ports have amazing running - just disembark and off you go. Almost always along the shore or through the town.
  24. You missed “on the Diamond Princess in an INSIDE STATEROOM.” I don’t know what I’d do. Somewhat claustrophobic here and I’d be climbing the walls and is serious need of drugs. I just can’t image what they’re going through.
  25. Generally, they show back up when they go out for sea trials, etc. The recent pic of her with a huge hole cut in the side makes me thick that's a ways away. Like I said upthread, I checked a few other ships on ShipMate, and they all had incorrect current locations.
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