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  1. I refuse to be underestimated.
  2. I suspect that the PR staff may be in for a little meeting about the need to write PR in standard English and then proofread it. What a mess.
  3. are you doing a crossing? If not, many ports have amazing running - just disembark and off you go. Almost always along the shore or through the town.
  4. You missed “on the Diamond Princess in an INSIDE STATEROOM.” I don’t know what I’d do. Somewhat claustrophobic here and I’d be climbing the walls and is serious need of drugs. I just can’t image what they’re going through.
  5. Generally, they show back up when they go out for sea trials, etc. The recent pic of her with a huge hole cut in the side makes me thick that's a ways away. Like I said upthread, I checked a few other ships on ShipMate, and they all had incorrect current locations.
  6. This is what I see, which I believe is correct - the last time she "pinged" was in October, which is when she went technically "out of range" when entering dry dock. There's been no further report because the transponder is off and she's still in dry dock. They can't update the record, because there is no update, she can't be located since she's out of range. Position Received: 2019-10-09 15:16 UTC Vessel is Out-of-Range ==> She's not pinbing because she's not in service Area: WMED - Tyrrhenian Sea Current Port: PALERMO ==> Drydock, which is where she is. Latitude / Longitude: 38.13948° / 13.37115° Status: Moored Speed/Course: 0.1 kn / 142 ° AIS Source: 4096
  7. I'm not sure why you say that. I've seen nothing to indicate that she's left Palermo??
  8. Yeah. The itins haven’t been updated but at least in the past the current location in cruise mapper has been current. The last time she showed was on her way into dry dock in Sicily and then she disappeared when the tracking was turned off.
  9. I don’t know shipmate, but it indeed shows the Breeze in PR. I cross checked the Legend, CruiseMapper shows her around BVI which according to her itin is where she should be. Shipmate shows her In the Gulf of Mexico Which is where she is not. I don’t know if I’d rely on shipmate. Other experiences, anyone?
  10. I see your concern. Have you looked at the itinerary that goes around the North side of Japan that April? We're doing that as we've always wanted to experience that part of Japan and we like starting in Tokyo (not Yokohama, actually Tokyo) and ending in Kyoto.
  11. How odd. the cruisetracker app isn't showing the "where is this ship now" button.
  12. While we're talking about this, does anyone have any recent updates on the status of Breeze? I checked on the tracker app right now and it isn't showing up, which most likely means she's still in dry dock with the transponder turned off.
  13. 43 Minutes is extraordinarily tight for EWR. My best suggestion would be to go to either google flights or ita matrix and search for all the one-way flights that fit within your time frame, print it out and have it handy. If you misconnect, assuming you're one one ticket, the airline has a responsibility to rebook you, but you may need to be proactive and a bit pushy. As in "I see [airline xxx] has a flight at 2:45, can you get us on there. No, then how about this... Sometimes it helps to call rather than wait in line - or actually get in line while you're also calling. Also check your reservation on the app - the airline may have aready rebooked you. Be sure that they don't cancel your return as a no-show - it happens.
  14. And Doh15 apparently received mine as well.
  15. And this is one reason we appear early to board although we’ve never had issues getting a reservation.
  16. Actually, it adds a third kind of credit and asked things even murkier. What is “Prepaid shipboard credit”?? and how are we supposed to know the difference between WS OBC and TA OBC?? All I ever know is when my TA sends the “”you’re booked and have $xxx in OBC.” Nothing about from him vs. WS.
  17. We do a mix as well. WS doesn’t usually have those nice all day trips when it’s a long port day and for those we’ve found some excellent local guides who work with us to plan a custom day. I do find “Tours by locals” (the company) to be expensive. I do think they disappear from the online list when they’re full - some lines do offer a wailist, with WS that’s certainly possible on board. You can also switch or cancel on board within a certain time frame. Of late, the tours rise in price and are always more if you book online. Your charged at the time of booking if online, in Board it goes on your bill. What I HATE is that you don’t know the time of departure when booking, this is especially annoying when it turns out there are multiple slots and they just assign you one which could be as early at 6 or 7am. When you board there will be an envelope in your stateroom with all your tickets. If you book onboard they print them on the spot. As some of you know, we’re experimenting with Silversea after WS canceled an itin and they do this so much better. You have a master form online (sort of a graphical display) that shows each of your days between port arrival and departure and then shows the time slots for what you’ve booked anything for - excursions, spa, restaurants, etc. So you see your entire day in one place. If you try to book two things for the same time you get a warning. to book excursions, each day comes up and you see the entire list including multiple lines for each time slot when there’s more than one option. Then you either see how many tickets are left or you can waitlist. Handy if you might want to delay a decision- if there are many tickets left you can wait, if only 2 you should book now. You get a warning message if your calendar has something else for the same time. You can cancel online and you aren’t billed until you’re onboard, meaning you can use any OBC for prebooked tours. Very spiffy.
  18. we had a strange sequence. We had 2 canceled tours so wound up with a credit for those. We then used OBC to rebook new tours which left us with a credit on our account from the canceled tours that was more that our tips. We wound up with maybe $400 in credit that we were reimbursed.
  19. You can start a roll call yourself, but don’t expect much activity. Still worth a try.
  20. They just went up a bit and I can’t recall the current rate. They are mandatory and cannot be waived. We always give more to a handful of staff and go we’ve bonded with, after a cabin steward or bartender of server.
  21. And you’ll pay a fortune for the use. Avoid at all costs.
  22. Yeah. We were looking forward to making new friends and I’m sorry that in the end all were not as fortunate as we were. Again, this is now the third time our wonderful TA bailed us out, although even he said that WS almost brought him to his knees.
  23. WOW. This is not stuff that WS is known to be good at. My case wasn’t complicated in the end as we just moved all our payments over to a 2021 cruise and I had all the other stuff refunded except that we kept the airfare and are doing a Silversea cruise instead. But my TA stepped up and just took care of it weeks ago. So sorry to hear about your saga. It does answer one question about proof of cancellation, I knew the initial process was too easy. I was momentarily tempted to try to get the airfare back even though we’re using it but then thought “that wouldn’t be ethical”. I guess they would have caught me as they want proof or cancellation. We put together a wonderful trip that includes a shorter cruise but then a car trip to Banff and Jasper using the extra time and we couldn’t be happier, and we get a Silversea butler and we came out ahead in the end. For us, it’s a win.
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