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  1. Inept at best, clueless with some frequency, and often they just don't respond. The diet soda example is perfect, since I doubt the Seattle group has more than a vague idea of what's boarded. Consistency is not among WS's strong suits, but I still love them anyway! I don't know if the cruise specific information is also put together my the Seattle crew, but they're almost as bad - and include egregious things like incorrect embarkation times on the final invoice (only a seasoned cruiser would question a 4:00pm embarkation time and know that was supposed to be "all on board" and that you could arrive as early as 1:00pm), land tours left over from a previous cruise and that matched up with a completely itinerary, etc. This is one reason I use my TA - he has access to a special phone number that gives access to a special TA group, and they seem to know what they're doing and/or can give a better response - when we had a complex question about disembarking early in India it was our TA who made contact with the purser on the ship via the Seattle group, who in turn talked to the land agent at the port in question, and we got the answer we needed. Then the first day we got onboard we had a call from the purser who wanted to meet with me to go over the plans and how it would work and to reassure us that all was in place. The normal group would never have been able to sort that out. To the A Train. We get it, you're unhappy.
  2. I think we'd all love it if they truly purchased and refurbished the Club Met II. However, I must point out the the crews have been talking about this for so many years that this rumor is ready to collect social security. I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. And, as one captain quipped: If the seas are calm and you're weaving - you're drunk. If the seas are rough and you're not weaving - you're still drunk. I actually think the WS approach makes sense. If they added drinks and gratuities into the basic cost they'd raise the prices to accommodate that. The way it is if you don't drink you aren't paying for it. If you do buy the package and since the tips are already automatically included you're essentially getting an all inclusive trip.
  4. We're booked on one of the first UA flights our of SFO, they're also running the 787 Dreamliner. Business class is fairly expensive, but is filling up for our flights. Coach still had a lot of space last time I checked. I think there's a bit of a fare war going on, so great if one can take advantage of it. I suspect there may be a lot of people like us who aren't going to miss out on the United miles if possible, and indeed this is the trip that will make us both 1K for 2019.
  5. We have twice been upgraded before the trip. in each case our TA contacted me and said that WS had upgraded us. I'm not sure why. In one case the ship was lightly booked and I speculate that they just cleared an entire section to make things easier for the crew. In the other case I suspect that they were selling out on the less-expensive cabins and had tons of higher level left and decided to move up some frequently passengers to make room to sell more of the cheapest cabins. But this is just my speculation. I have also put in for an upgrade upon boarding, once we were moved to a similar cabin on an upper deck for no charge. Twice I was offered an upgrade at an extra charge, and I turned that down. I was once offered an upgrade to a balcony cabin, but the price was high enough that I declined.
  6. So I was wrong and there is a little room, enough to step on. Agreed that is sort of turns the part of your cabin closest to the doors into a balcony.
  7. It has zero space - just doors that open.
  8. No. Age is not the issue. However I consistently hear the Seaborne ran the triplets into the ground and delivered them in deplorable condition.
  9. I hope they’ve learned and handled this better than when she ran aground in Costa Rica. Some people never got their belongings back and it took months to sort things out.
  10. Let me guess, only for people who haven't already purchased it?
  11. [quote name='HelloSydney;56707443 Things we would like to know are: - fellow passengers - as first timers on the ship will we feel like outsiders? Do the repeat passengers tend to stick together or are they welcoming of newcomers? This should not be an issue. There are always many many repeat pax on board' date=' but other than a reception early in the cruise there is nothing that would sort them into groups. I think we've met people we knew from a previous itin once in our growing list of cruises with WS. I do know of some people who repeatedly cruise together, but that's not a major number as far a we've experienced.[/i'] - meals - due to severe allergies to food preservatives of my wife, how able are the 2 ships able to accommodate special meals? All cruises we have been on say they can accommodate and we spend considerable time in advance providing as much info to them, but even then we have had cross contamination issues or well-meaning chefs try to enhance the meal only to result in an allergic reaction We don't have allergies but I can tell you what we've observed happening. Each morning a member of the dining crew will meet up with you at breakfast to go over the day's menu, ask what you can and can't have and will advise as to which dishes can be modified to suit your restrictions. What I can't say is how well that's carried out, but I haven't seen complaints either. Thanks to all who might reply. I do plan to also post on the Star Clipper forum. Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk My answers are included in itialics above. WS is great, and they take care of their guests well. Lunch always includes a salad bar with lots of variety that you can choose from. There's usually a stir fry of some sort where you can ask for specific ingredients, my concern there would be that they reuse the pans, so if you're allergies are very server cross contamination could be an issue. My dinner comments are above.
  12. Yes about the Roll Calls. A huge part of the issue is that with Private Messaging turned off it is virtually impossible to connect with anyone without posting your contact information on an open forum. Something that I, for one, will not do.
  13. I just noticed your avatar. I think the drink package may be in order!
  14. 3. One thing we like is not having to get dressed up in the evenings. However, it’s hard to tell if “country club casual” is the dress code for the full ship in the evening or just Candles. No issues not wearing shorts and t-shirts to dinner; just want to ensure that khakis and a linen shirt suffice for all evenings. Khakis and a decent top are fine for dinner every night. Just no Tee shirts, although I've seen guys get away with dressy T's, so even that is flexible. Candles is actually casual and shorts are just fine there. The BBQ is wear whatever you want night. You will be very welcome as a gay couple. As long as you're friendly and talk to the other guests you'll become part of the crowd. On a recent cruise we fell into the pattern of having a drink up to most nights with more or less the same mixed crowd of straights and gays and often wound up going to dinner together. It was actually the two guys who came up the first night and said "you look like a fun couple, can we join you for drinks?" Then there were the 4 guys traveling together who spent all of their time together and that was fine too, everyone just left them alone. If you sit alone at dinner every night you may become a little bit "the couple off by themselves again" but not in a mean way and you'll see straight couples who also spend most of their time alone. I always think "why", but then realize that's their choice. If you offer to sit with other people at dinner you'll be very, very welcomed. If you're out on a WS excursion just talk to other people. In terms of age, you're probably about dead middle for WS average.
  15. They'll launder whatever you stuff in the bag. Do note that there are no dry cleaning facilities. Can't answer the Bose device question.
  16. I love it. Another example of a "visa" that's really a "tourist tax."
  17. Are you on the sailing on the 15th?
  18. We went ahead about bought it, which we never do. T-Mobile simple choice doesn't work in FP and all the local plans we found just sounded like a lot of trouble and, after all, we'll be on vacation! If you order it before boarding you get multiple devices included, which is not true when you buy onboard. Our phones support WiFi calling and texts so there should be no charges (as long I remember to turn off the data roaming (LOL)) It wasn't cheap but one less thing to worry about.
  19. We'll have some outerwear with us since we need to get to the airport in Chicago in November...
  20. For dinner you'll be fine with sandals (not flipflops) and some sort of closed toe shoes for men. No need for a dress unless you'd like. Slacks and a casual top are fine (they say no jeans, but even that rule is widely ignored.) Toward the end of our last itin I gave up and wore jeans to dinner and no one said a word. In terms of tipping, it is not customary to tip as you go. In addition to the tip added to your bill, at the end of the cruise I slip something to people who've been especially good to us. A great server in the dining room when we've had him/her several times, a bartender who just looks up and makes our drink when he sees us coming. That sort of thing.
  21. Is this "lose 200 EUR per person" before or after you include the WS $250 reimbursement? If before, you'll come out almost even.
  22. I don't know how well they did in Asia, generally, but our Yokohama/Osaka trip in April was completely booked.
  23. In my experience it has been one or the other, but not both. This was certainly true in Japan earlier this year. Veranda was only open for lunch (or breakfast, for that matter) a couple times.
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