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  1. Hi Stephen. I’m not cancelling this time! :p I’m excited to meet “The Dougout” too. Fun times ahead....
  2. They used to do them only on the Star and Dawn (much bigger outdoor space than the Jewel Class ships), we had a fantastic one a year ago on the Dawn! I requested another for my parents' 60th anniversary party on our upcoming Dawn cruise and was told they've been discontinued since the refurbishment due to safety reasons.
  3. Suites! http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2015/10/24/norwegian-escape-suites-cabins/74532822/
  4. Same here, you're very informative Barnacle Boy, Thanks!
  5. Thanks Suzanne, you just made my night, I board 4/24! I also know that Virginia is onboard the Getaway as Concierge right now.
  6. I was thinking maybe looking forward toward the DOS and those are Haven balconies.
  7. Forbidden Frutini! Not on the menu any longer, but most of the long term bartenders know it....included in UBP! :cool:
  8. Here's the "official" Million Dollar Quartet trailer found on youtube.....
  9. Am I correct in remembering that the stock benefit is not combinable with other OBCs? If not, where do I send the request?
  10. If you click on the updated Escape site, then click on Spice H2O, the tag line reads, "Adults-Only Venue both day to night" Inspired by the renowned summer beach parties on the island of Ibiza, Spice H20 is an adult-only retreat. By day, you can lounge in hot tubs and a soothing waterfall grotto. By night, it’s a whole different beat. Let loose and dance beneath the stars as vibrant images display on the huge video screen.:cool:
  11. Sorry! Wrong thread, thought I was posting on the TA Roll Call! :o:D
  12. Are there cabins left in the Haven? As of last week they were all booked! :eek:
  13. While I love Jersey Boys, I also love the Norwegian staple, "Oh What a Night", that I've seen many times on many of the ships. I doubt they'd put on a longer version (albeit a different one) of something they've had for years. One the other hand, it would be hard to tire of the music! :)
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