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  1. Our FCC is still not completely figured out, but today I talked to TA about it. They told me that our FCC (only 100% at this point and coming up to 15 months) was equally issued across the three of us despite the original reservation had the third person at a reduced rate. Then TA continues to tell me that MSC says we all have to sail on the same reservation to use FCC. If only two of us go, the third person's FCC goes poof. Getting clarification if the third person would get the 100% money back. Anyone have and input on your situation?
  2. What is everyone seeing for additional adult passengers in the same cabin? We normally paid a substantial amount less but I'm looking at trips now and the price for a third is either the same as the first two passengers or in some cases just a little less.
  3. Do they use a particular pier in Port Canaveral and is it same with a YC tent and room?
  4. Isn't it a moot point since you won't be sailing MSC anymore? And let me put in a disclaimer...your opinion may defer from mine...
  5. Prices will likely only go up. I'd suspect those sailings to go. March will be more expensive.
  6. We've done YC there three times. You drop luggage at white tent and do a quick checkoff the list. Then escort on left side through security. Then up escalators, turn to right walk a bit, then right turn into lounge. We've typically waited about 15-20 minutes before getting called to desk, get card and wristband then wait from 5-10 minutes before small group escort on ship.
  7. NCL just added a couple days ago Gem out of Miami in August.
  8. Two questions. Who is going on the test cruises and is Ruben a new MSC US President?
  9. Saw the Bliss to Encore swap too. That is a pretty easy swap.
  10. Nope, well sort of. Last week TA said MSC has told them to book with 100% fcc and they'll add the 25% then. Hmmm. Someone did post two email addresses. One came back undeliverable and nothing from other. Sent letter in mail month ago, nothing.
  11. Do you have to report for temp checks at breakfast and lunch?
  12. When is/are the MSC test cruise(s)?
  13. They've priced this high and seems to sold well. Doubt cancel. TBH I'd look at Paul Gauguin, they look high but include air, tips, drinks and they own the area plus have private islands.
  14. What will their plan be? Cancel week by week or a whole batch? People have vacation time, planes, hotels planned. Tough spot to be in for both customers and cruise lines.
  15. I've been wondering the same thing. There has been silence on plan and dates yet July still listed.
  16. Heard from TA yesterday. Told when ready, book cruise with 100% fcc and then they'll apply the 25%. Call me skeptical since they have not been able to figure this out after 14+ months.
  17. I wish I could be sympathetic. We were to sail a week after you and we have not even gotten our fcc to use. On the thread about that subject a couple posters had similar issues as you.
  18. I can't say for certain, but from observation, no to room deviations at alternate ports. We were supposed to be in the RS plus two deluxe in a couple weeks for a b2b but that had to be cancelled. Have fun no matter how it works.
  19. I wish I'd get that type of email. Just passed 14 months waiting for FCC.
  20. I think that is history with regards to minimum wage. Labor is so tight fast food is paying $15 an hour. Applebee's $20. Even more in big markets.
  21. Things are starting to move fast and I agree with your thoughts based on seeing what is happening. NCL has a slow restart schedule that I bet gets accelerated. MSC site has US trips from July onward likely now to happen we just have no details for protocol. To others with Bliss doing Alaska, I understand NCL rakes in the cash on those trips but excursions are probably going to be duds as the seasonal workers probably not there.
  22. Interesting. Had not heard Joy pulled. We were looking at that but logistics not so easy unless you live in NYC or Florida.
  23. Have not seen how to get cash like on NCL. We have been able to use obc for dsc though.
  24. Can we all agree the pizza is best? In regards to them watching these boards, there was speculation one of the CDs was reading. Plus they have the best parties at sea for CC members.
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