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  1. So, just like the graduation announcement for our DD, the CDC is implying vaccine does not work or ignoring the vaccine.
  2. They did match top tier to top tier until about 9-12 months ago. Read article about 6 months ago that Grand Cayman basically could care less about cruise ships and was going to restrict access for a couple years.
  3. MSC has been very quiet about US sailings. Even among last to cancel. Last I checked, they still had July sailings open to book. NCL is moving to alternate ports starting at 60% and increasing 20% IIRC, per month.
  4. Is that possibly a route with more than one embarkation point?
  5. Diet Sierra Mist only diet, cf option.
  6. Thanks for update. We'd only have interest in Ocean Cay since we are 0 for 2 there but always manage Nassau.
  7. Right, more info needed so people here can offer options. Seaside has YC rooms for five. Sounds like they have a Royal Suite booked on one ship. Is the grandma going or not? If not, who is 12 yo sailing with? We've done a YC interior for teens since MSC would not let us book the room for five for just four people. Price wasn't that much difference in the end.
  8. I get you have FCC to burn. I'd use it on different trip. NCL has figured out their rare trips sell well and they jack the price to see what the can get. If you want to go to Tahiti, book Paul Gauguin. They own the area and do it well. Ship with 350 people. Prices look high but include air, hotel, tips, drinks. Nothing compares. And no 18% charge on 'free' things.
  9. Main thing I noticed over years is in the non main ports is not able to book Haven. Would have to check if still the case.
  10. Disney will get it right. They aren't cheap, but they also don't disappoint.
  11. TA devastated, bare bones. Even in good times, MSC had delegation visit them to learn and improve. Nothing changed. TA getting no where with FCC from MSC. Been escalated more times than I have fingers. Recent cancel we did, it took MSC 45 days to refund but only 5 for TA once MSC approved.
  12. If Bahamas asking for visa, it is nothing more than a money grab.
  13. That is being very kind to MSC. We are past 13 months for FCC! Many of us here on CC were in same situation - see the ...March refunds thread.
  14. I'd agree except the number of flights to some of those places are a lot less options than MIA or FLL. I'd probably be booked for Jamaica except for the lack of flights and price involved.
  15. Try MSC, they have Baltic cruises.
  16. Not making excuses. I just posted on MSC board that NCL actually better, in a who is worst scenario. It does not matter what cabin you booked. NCL cancels and it usually takes them two weeks to notify you. Folks here on Cc usually post much sooner.
  17. Noted, won't take random information on internet.
  18. Donna, I've followed NCL for years. I've never been happy to see their cancels and changes, usually due to them moving a sailing to charter. We've had NCL change ships on us, delayed sailing only to find out here first. With regards to MSC, before or after current events, they are way worse than NCL in changes and lack of communication.
  19. I'd have to check on HC inside YC rooms on the newest ships. I can say our Kids had a regular inside yc room on seaside and you would not fit in shower.
  20. The reports were it was going into effect roughly fall of 2020.
  21. Meanwhile those on 3 or 4 night on Virtuoso in June go to 7 night for free.
  22. We cancelled our Virtuoso for June before final in early March. Got MSC Friday before last Friday and TA portion last Wednesday. This was out of US.
  23. How much are they asking for? I agree it should be zero. We are now at 13 month mark waiting for fcc.
  24. That's a start. For us, we had to write it off early March.
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