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  1. Try MSC, they have Baltic cruises.
  2. Not making excuses. I just posted on MSC board that NCL actually better, in a who is worst scenario. It does not matter what cabin you booked. NCL cancels and it usually takes them two weeks to notify you. Folks here on Cc usually post much sooner.
  3. Noted, won't take random information on internet.
  4. Donna, I've followed NCL for years. I've never been happy to see their cancels and changes, usually due to them moving a sailing to charter. We've had NCL change ships on us, delayed sailing only to find out here first. With regards to MSC, before or after current events, they are way worse than NCL in changes and lack of communication.
  5. I'd have to check on HC inside YC rooms on the newest ships. I can say our Kids had a regular inside yc room on seaside and you would not fit in shower.
  6. The reports were it was going into effect roughly fall of 2020.
  7. Meanwhile those on 3 or 4 night on Virtuoso in June go to 7 night for free.
  8. We cancelled our Virtuoso for June before final in early March. Got MSC Friday before last Friday and TA portion last Wednesday. This was out of US.
  9. How much are they asking for? I agree it should be zero. We are now at 13 month mark waiting for fcc.
  10. That's a start. For us, we had to write it off early March.
  11. dexddd

    MSC For Me App

    Unless things changed, it didn't work until you hit their network. For us, that was in the terminal.
  12. I have not tracked all lines but did see article with Fain recently. He said Carnival would not require vaccine but also did not say what all would be required.
  13. When we sail out of the US, it costs us at least as much to get to port, hotel, meals, dog watch as a mid-priced room on the ship. Feel same way about extra expense and hassle.
  14. Note that the MSC roll calls tend to be pretty quiet compared to the other large lines.
  15. When you say fall, what month? MSC still has July bookings out of US which I'd question as we've heard nothing about their plan or of working with competitors to sail again so fall may still be an issue. As far as Divinia, it is a beautiful ship with lots to do and well designed.
  16. I'll take the superman zipline for $0.
  17. That actually does work surprisingly well. Many services get restarted that could be hung. In regards to their customer service, reports not much has improved over the years.
  18. Cheap prices. Not a lot of people on CC to see behind the scenes.
  19. And crickets regarding the North American Market they don't have to heavily rely upon.
  20. MSC offered three excursions for like $100. Even before all this, hard to find many NCL single excursions for that.
  21. Right, the new Seaview summer sailings popped up on US site. Highly doubt us from US would be allowed. First sailings in YC say fully booked.
  22. Not making excuses, but very normal even before the pandemic. That's how they do things.
  23. Which ship were you on? They have been making lots of changes lately and sounds like you are caught in that. There have been several reports of changes like yours to dates, ships, ports, countries.
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