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  1. Plans show two squares which means it has two Pullmans so that is a good thing. 13181 looks like normal balcony. One room aft appears to have large, angled balcony.
  2. I haven't seen any line ask for immunization records and last try at kids club on MSC was 2016. We've done Seaside twice and Mera in March. From all the research, Mera similar to Seaside but more enclosed than open. Buffet is On 15. Two for fee cirque shows.
  3. Seems kind of like a cutback but a full size bottle would be nice and a better selection would help compared to what they are offering. From past three trips the little bottles seem to be a thorn for the butlers. Trying to get what you want VS the normal gin, vodka, scotch. Probably a cost savings too and less waste. Charging for snacks is cheap.
  4. I have seen a deviation on the Dawn to Bermuda where people had to pick it up last night at shop. Line was super long.
  5. The buffet on Sun is very small and people tend to camp out there. There is a great outdoors just aft with seating and food. Also Moderno serves limited lunch and breakfast items next to buffet. Forward lounge is nice. Mini suites are probably best in the fleet.
  6. MKing - I think with 4 of us Plat Plus in one room they'd waive the two category upgrade limit plus based on all the optimism on the "...what did you bid..." thread, I really think we can make the poor bid of $25 and make it all the way to the GV, for our convenience, of course.
  7. How old are pax 3 &4? If older, I'd do two insides.
  8. Come on MKing, you don't want to take me and DW as your kids on next trip, we'd be free, for your convenience of course.
  9. We stayed in a DOS on BA, sister to GA. Note that the GA Haven does not have a roof that closes if you didn't already know that. We've also done Concierge on DCL. As far as things for him to do, depends when you go. Take to kids club and sign up first afternoon. Haven has a small pool (about big enough for 10 people standing up) and whirlpools. Upper sundeck outside may be limited to kids over a certain age now. We've been on BA during spring break and lines sometimes were a bit long but we'd go while in port and there was no one really. The drop slides are 100 lb
  10. Klaus is the best. Sure things will be smooth with him over seeing things.
  11. Yep, we've had kids in room and they get free drinks. This isn't NCL after all. Have fun.
  12. One other thing, I don't recall if I mentioned it earlier, but on POA you can't order Cagney's for breakfast or lunch to the suite like the other ships. There is a room service menu, just not from Cagney's.
  13. Have a great time. It would be nice if they included a bit more for the top suites though.
  14. Yes, It used to be Aquafina but NCL briefly had their own branded water and now it seems they are moving to.JUST water. Also looks like move to refillable toiletries and different brand. DOS and OS get the water, soda, bottle of champagne, plus choice of three bottles of wine from a list. Doubt and haven't seen any talk of bev pkg.
  15. Someone reported this a couple months back.
  16. I'd have to look at current wording but when we first sailed MSC people here said tips not required aside from DSC. MSC info said same thing I was surprised. This was ship wide. I'm only guessing, but with ships sailing out of Miami on regular basis it is a cultural thing were tipping has been introduced by US cruisers. I'm further guessing staff has become accustomed to it and starting to expect tips. Hence these tipping threads. End of day, feel to do as you see fit for services rendered and not worry about it. Even if you do tip, it is unrealistic to think you a
  17. First suite, that is what I did and it was a great surprise for them. Subsequent trips would say inside cabin but they didn't believe me anymore. Meant roof doesn't close over Haven on GA, not room in prior post.
  18. New toiletries, are they refillable ?
  19. That was our experience as far as fish in June, not 90% of it fried but maybe things have changed but looking at recent menu postings it does not appear so. We had a party of six and ate YC restaurant six of seven dinners with most fish grilled, poached, sautéed.
  20. Yes, I'd do it. There are kids in the Haven but whether there'll be any of same ages and/or end up meeting your kids probably slim. Our kids go to the clubs typically and meet kids there and then do things either with the club or at times a group would do things around the ship. There really isn't much to do in the Haven for kids other than eat snacks. On the GA, the Haven pool is about large enough for 10 people total standing and it would be full. GA doesn't have a room that closes over the Haven. The 2 BR has a living room, basically an inside room with a bathroom, and then the master
  21. I'm super sensitive to smoking and have been on 3 MSC. I can smell it a mile away. Never had any problems on MSC. Even in the YC pool area where it was allowed on one side never had an issue which I was very surprised by. On Seaside if you go to the aft pool on the starboard side you have to go through the smoking area. If we went that way I'd just hold my breath for the short walk to non-smoking. Of course, YMMV.
  22. Heck, back in the day food trucks used to be called roach coaches with vending machine quality food. These all look pretty good.
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