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  1. This is now a sixteen page thread. Over 13 months later. They clearly have zero interest in doing the right thing. I hardly doubt MSC as a whole in financial bind.
  2. I'd agree 17 but notice NCL has priced 17 quite a bit more than 18.
  3. Been closely watching all the new sailings and those coming to your area. Glad to see that happening. I wouldn't be surprised if NCL put a ship there too. We were supposed to be on Virtuoso in June b2b celebrating DD college graduation and DS HS graduation in three YC including the RS with family. They've worked hard and really looking to see some areas we've been to before and enjoyed and to see some new ones. I can't just say we'll go next year as I don't know where they'll be. Was able to get reservation for graduation night at hard to get into restaurant so I'll
  4. Not sure if MSC knows something NCL doesn't as MSC has moved ships on Northern Europe routes for this summer only to replace with older ships. Heck, MSC still selling summer cruises out of Florida.
  5. I did try both. First address got ...not allowed... message. Never seen that type of message through our email system. Second one apparently sent but no response.
  6. All I can say is good luck. We are close to 13 months waiting for FCC. We've been escalated more times then you can count as have others. Emailed MSC, later wrote snail mail to Miami top exec, then later email to another. Not a peep back. Just over 30 days at promised refund at 60 days for another trip.
  7. Did you check their price vs market? One I checked yesterday was $900 for two three hours away for airport. Airport close to home $1,000. I'd pay the difference to know times and not drive the extra.
  8. Same as NCL, no card. Used screenshot. Save as image and attach to request.
  9. Like most things out of back office it will vary. For DW and myself, one came back in a week, the other nothing. Resubmitted and about a week later the other one came in.
  10. I don't recall seeing anything. Did see post, not watched, on youtube yesterday. Inside and outside, think it was 11 minutes.
  11. Nassau can't even spend a few of the port fees to clean the terminal or police the area. Yet Royal sailing from there.
  12. Couple guesses in reduced capacity. Go with those who booked first but they would probably go by who paid most to maximize revenue.
  13. IIRC, a Diamond perk is bday cake but has to match while you are on ship to actual bday date.
  14. I don't normally weigh in on tipping threads, but in US, but the suggested tipping goal posts move every five to ten years. It was 10% for long time, then 10-12 then 10-15 then 15-18 and now 15-20. Heck, even NCL surcharge on free packages is 20% if IIRC. Right or wrong, it is a long term mindset in the US and in other countries not. I know when MSC started out of the US, there was discussion here and the brochures were specific tipping not needed. It would be interesting what actually happened purely from what else to talk about but we don't see much from the crews.
  15. dexddd

    byo drinks

    One of the strictest, no to all.
  16. Escape DOS also has the two bedroom setup except the bed in the Escape's 2nd bedroom is smaller based on picture from the newest ships.
  17. Discount varies on sailing and date but better than other lines.
  18. Wrote to TA yesterday. They contacted MSC. Guess what. MSC has done nothing in the last month since they only issued the 100% FCC in error.
  19. That's great news credit card went to bat for you.
  20. Thanks for the info. The first one bounced back that I didn't have permission to send to it. Not sure if the second one will work.
  21. NCL drydocks roughly in the 12-16 day range. Sun is older ship but had recent, major refurb. As older ship, has to do more often. Guess would be on shorter side.
  22. We are plat plus and NCL could care less. Had one issue with total run around. Finally wrote to Miami exec office and whoever read it sent back to same department that blew us off. Guess what, that same department, four years later, never responded.
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