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  1. We had our cruise cancelled in May and I have requested a refund, but my son didn't because he thought he would rebook - but he hasn't. What will happen if he hasn't done either by the time our cancelled cruise date rolls around? I don't want him to lose out on that money!!
  2. I have heard that if you book a reservation for the steakhouse on the first night that you get a free bottle of wine. Is it this way if you book Bonsai hibachi also?
  3. That sounds amazing! We have talked to him about a guide dog but he already has a dog and feels like she would be so jealous if a "new" dog comes into the house, and gets to go everywhere he goes, and his current dog doesn't. But maybe at some point. I would love to visit them. And I will certainly look into donating to them. What an amazing gift they are providing!! Love it!
  4. Just wanted to let you all know that we had a wonderful cruise! My son had no problems getting around the ship - finding his way back to his stateroom, knowing which bathroom to enter, etc. One thing that was fantastic is that the Hub App works with voice over, so he was able to have it read everything to him, including the menu at night. As I had mentioned, this is a new thing for him and for us, and I still find myself pointing to things for him to look at, forgetting that he can't see it. That is so frustrating for me, his mom. One of the absolute coolest thin
  5. Any ideas what makes these a premier room? Maybe a porthole? Also, any idea on secret decks on the Mardi Gras? I've looked at the deck plans and can't tell where they might be located.
  6. Benthayer - thank you so much for this information. This was greatly helpful. And thank you for being helpful to the blind woman. I am quickly learning that the majority of people are "uncomfortable" with people who are "different", and it makes me sad. I myself, am learning to be helpful to others and to treat everyone, no matter who or what, just like I would treat anyone. Thanks for your advice! Linda
  7. Thank you legaljen1969! I'm sure we will enjoy it! 😀
  8. Joseph2017China - you are one angry person! I was not intending to "use my status" for anything other than to state that we would normally board at different times. Either you are reading too much into my simple question, or you are just looking for anything to make an argument. Either way, I did contact Carnival special needs. Thank you again for recommending that I contact them. Done!
  9. Maybe I didn't phrase my question the best - and if I offended you, I do apologize, but it is not my intention to "get special treatment" for my son. As I mentioned in my original post, he is NEWLY blind. I am not familiar with anything related to accessibility when it comes to this cruise. The reason I was asking is because my daughter in law has never cruised before, and my son cannot see, and it was my thought that if it were possible for them to board when we do, we could help both of them, if necessary. It was not my intention to get special treatment for him - and I am quite sure tha
  10. Great information Kokopelli-az! Thank you for this. I see that they offer an audible format for the Fun Times, which will be very useful.
  11. Thanks Schoifmom. My guess also is that I will have trouble finding someone at Carnival that will know the answer as well. I guess I can start with my PVP. Hopefully he will know who I should call to find out.
  12. Yes, I am platinum but I was not aware because I haven’t traveled with a visually impaired person before. You will notice I said recently became visually impaired. But thank you for the information
  13. Does anyone know if the Carnival Hub App has voiceover? Or if it is somehow accessible for the visually impaired?
  14. Okay. Thank you. I didn't think so, but just wanted to ask, since this is a new situation for us.
  15. Is this a thing? I'm specifically asking about Carnival. My husband and I are platinum so we get priority boarding, but my son and his wife are not, and he is recently visually impaired. Just curious if it would be possible that they would be able to board early also or if they will have to wait. Thanks!
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