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  1. Robots have living costs and needs too.......or soon will.
  2. Norwegian air only do one way flights, but it is worth checking legacy carriers for round trip fares but be sure to start at the right end of your journey :eek: ie BCN to wherever and ditch the return to BCN portion (or book the return leg as far out as possible and retain for possible use)
  3. I second Norwegian Air, their premier service, which is better than premium economy but not business class, is excellent and very good value. We use them as airline of choice in Europe and used them for BCN to FLL this Spring. They do have flights to Orlando and Tampa now but I suggest you check their site.
  4. It is also fair to say that the USA offers an enourmous range of vacation destinations within her own borders, from tropical to Mediterranean to alpine. Canada not so much.
  5. You may wish to look at Norwegian out of Fort Lauderdale direct to BCN if you choose not to use your miles.. We were very impressed with their premium service.
  6. My law student days are decades behind me but in tort I cannot see liability for NCL. They would only be liable if the damage was suffered as a consequence of the crewman performing his duties, not embarking 'on a frolic of his own'. It is difficult to imagine a duty requiring someone to jump over the side. I wonder if NCL will dock his pay for the period he was willfully unavailable for his duties?
  7. Not often the Darwin Awards are cheated!
  8. To clarify, my post above refers to two people. Norwegian have premium economy tickets for £490 FLL LGW in November.
  9. You might want to consider Norwegian Air routing to LGW from Fort Lauderdale, we have a BCN FLL flight booked in a few weeks in Premium economy for c1300 Euros.
  10. Me too, such threads should carry a POPCORN REQUIRED header!
  11. should have called ghost busters, animal division
  12. As the song goes, Yes, we have no bananas today! Am I showing my age?
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