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  1. What are NCL doing now? I don’t know but I’m sure “It will be for our convenience”?
  2. Which is particularly suited for a white dinner jacket (tuxedo) and dress shirt! Especially after a modest cocktail or three before dinner.
  3. Never known a child day care centre sail off to another destination, but then it’s 45 years since our child attended one so what do I know?
  4. Life is the Alamo writ large, no one gets out alive but let’s not die every day.
  5. There are filters that trap viruses (hep-tactic?) and I believe the 787 aircraft has them, perhaps other later aircraft too. But how effective they are in large scale environments I have no idea. I would cruise if ports were open, the destination clear and the ship was sailing (Dec 2020 TA). However, SWMBO may have different ideas, plus her God given woman’s inalienable casting vote out of two. I have set myself a decision date/time 1200hrs 15 JUL 2020. Perhaps, as an aside, the following might be of interest. My travel insurers have contacted me and said that my annual world wide policy will cover Coronavirus for the current period, into 2021, but subsequent cover will be excluded. This has some serious implications for the travel industry, because this malevolent little sh*t is going nowhere. It may ameliorate and not be such a menace, but until then it is a potential block on international travel.
  6. ‘No point in destroying (the original oil painting) it, we have the preliminary sketches!’ with thanks to Blackadder!
  7. At what point do cruise lines or their trustees in bankruptcy, decide that it makes no sense to relocate to the Mediterranean for a reduced season and the summer/autumn season is cancelled?
  8. Late to this discussion but perhaps my ha’penny worth is in time. We have a TA booked in December ex BCN to NYC. We never travel without comprehensive worldwide insurance that includes cruise travel. Now I can understand the company wanting to exclude sick passengers and have no problem with required (but meaningless) self declaration or remote temperature checks at checkin, but if an insurance company has granted cover then the cruise line is absolved from liability for medical costs. With regard to cross infection I could be checked by a ten man expert medical committee and declared as fit as a flea 7 days before sailing and pick up any number of ghastly diseases in the intervening days. The compulsory possession of insurance is surely more important.
  9. On the EPIC TA 2018 Spring sailing we had two excellent lecturers who gave a series of talks in the Comedy Club. Both were absolute sell outs with people unable to get in and many standing. We have a sailing booked for TA in December 2020, I will be disappointed if we don’t have lecturers on board.
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