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  1. thats an excursion I always think about doing. I opted for the Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary this time though. Beautiful walk through the forest. Maybe next time, I'll snorkel
  2. Morning Tom, we didn't book this till late July, and I think it was a week later that I got the app loaded and working, so... 3 weeks out, maybe.
  3. welcome aboard. have follewed your adventures the past two weeks. heres hoping we have some better weather this week just curious, are you going to have to change rooms? lol
  4. We're ready to rock n roll!! Got our test done this morning, confirmed neg! bags are packed, kitchen cleaned, early bird check in for the flight done....now we just wait. Traveling to Seattle in the morning, using Seattle Express to get to the pier Sunday morning, Boarding Group B. I can't begin to explain how thrilled and excited I am to be getting out and adventuring again. Momz just turned 80 this spring, and has some of the underlying things that are supposed to be more dangerous if you get the virus...so we've been isolating, hibernating, estivating.... for at least the last 18 months. We are well on our way to being certified at hermits.....and are in desperate need of some cooler air and vitamin SEA! I think I'll probably cry when I hear that horn blow as we push back from the dock. let DO This y'all.... giddy-up!
  5. whatever in the world is that zen garden/ sandbox looking bed thingie?!! I'm intrigued, what kind of massage could you get laying in that?
  6. my cousin was on one in late Aug a few years ago, and caught them. very late , in the darkest part of the night...there is always the possibility. There is an Aurora forecast app that you can download that will let you know what the possibility is.
  7. They've also popped up in Las Vegas, guess with the cruise industry at a stand still....they looked for other tourist heavy locations.
  8. shouldnt be, no children under 12 at this time, as they're not eligible to be vaccinated
  9. according to the call I got from Princess regarding these updates.....we can thank the ever popular CDC Recommendations. they're just following CDC guidelines, which we all know changes regularly.
  10. Morning y'all, after reading this thread last night, I dashed off an inquiry to Princess about upgrade avail for our 8/15 sailing. Got a reply by 8:15 this morning, with a list of mini suites avail (I was in an obstructed balc on deck 8 ) the price was $199 pp, which we found acceptable. there was a list of about 2 dozen rooms avail. I replied with my 3 choices, and have now been moved to deck 15! with one of the bigger balconies too! (less than 60 min from start to finish this morning) Thanks for the info y'all. I'm a happy camper today.
  11. please disregard, senior moment. (posted to wrong thread, and it won't let me delete)
  12. That may be why they're charging for the 'veggie burger' I know a lot of places are doing that, I was going to try lunch at Wahlburgers on the Vegas Strip, but the charge for the veggie burger *Impossible burger was 18.95....and the regular burger was 11.45. Haven't been there yet, don't want to pay that much more to not have meat. lol
  13. I'm curious about this info too, as we booked our trip (8/15) too close to departure to have our medallons sent to us....we have to obtain ours at the pier as well.
  14. actually it looks like they're docked down by the harbor, and visitor center. I'd love to be docked there rather than closer to the tunnel (where my ships usually docks) lol
  15. so awesome, and we're going to be directly across the ship from that cabin in just a little over 2 weeks from now. Last time we were in AK was sept 2019, very excited to be going back again
  16. After seeing some posts on a "Live from" thread on another board...and the people saying that the port was basically dead, with closed shops, and to not bother getting off the ship, I have to chime in. PLEASE....PLEASE! get off the ship!! support these communities, buy from the shops that are open, get snacks/meals at the restaurants and kiosks...don't go back to the ship for your 'lunch'. These communities, that depend on the tourist/cruise ship industry have been closed a lot longer than just a year. The last ships left at the end of the 2019 season...late sept early oct. Then the feces hit the air circulator and the world shut down for 2020. Now they are getting some ships back, but the season is drastically shortened this year. They need us.... so again, PLEASE.... if you're going this year, Support those local businesses! cause the ships will leave again in 2 months and they'll still be struggling, hoping to make it to the beginning of next season. I know we all don't need another t-shirt, but buy one! do some retail therapy while in port, it'll help them and you. Don't stay on the ship, please. You traveled this far, get out and explore. I'll step down off this soapbox now, but thanks for listening.
  17. yep, we are too. you know it's been toooooooo long since your last cruise adventure when this is your entertainment. On the UP side....that'll be me in 3 weeks!!!
  18. get some agave straws (that A-Z website has em) they feel like the plastic but are fully compostable. no plastic involved.
  19. Ship is still there.... makes my heart happy to see that . And you know Juneau was thrilled today, people came back ! lol
  20. I'm going in 3 weeks, and can't wait. I know that the Alaskan peoples were impacted hard by the fact that the tourists and ships haven't been coming. I will be doing my best to support those locals when I visit the towns. Planning on my meals OFF the ship and doing excursions that help bolster the local economy. Did I say I CAN'T WAIT!!! so excited to be going back to Alaska
  21. My thoughts exactly! We're going on Majestic Princess the middle of August, and will be the only ship in port on our port days...gonna be great.
  22. looking at the maps, it's about 7 miles from Ward Cove to the Ferry terminal in Town. So, I'm sure NCL has plans for a shuttle service to/from town. It should be about an 8-10 min ride. The Ward Cove website says:: Our long-term vision is to create a world-class tourism destination in Southern Southeast Alaska that promotes the heritage and adventurous spirit of our region through an immersive experience in our lifestyle, history, and locale.
  23. lovely. thank you for sharing this. I'm going to be on the Majestic next month. Can't wait to be getting my dose of vitamin SEA again.
  24. Ensenada isn't considered, or covered, on that board :: Mexican Riviera Includes: Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Pichilingue/La Paz, Puerto Vallarta, Topolobampo & Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa, Mexico
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