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  1. You are absolutely correct, KK. It seems to be the norm. I used to be under the impression that it is a no-no, but you will see scooters over-nighting in the elevator lobbies on most cruises. They aren't blocking anything, so I guess why not?
  2. I love your reports, they are so descriptive - thanks for taking us along.
  3. Maybe it's because I don't usually follow threads about kids anymore' date=' but I can honestly say I have never seen a thread on this topic, ever. [/size']
  4. Love it! Thanks for the chuckle.:D
  5. The lower promenade is great and you will no problem with privacy. Just check to see what is above your cabin. We had a major noise issue once on the Ryndam. I think it was galley above us.
  6. It sounds like he was completely deranged and psychotic. What a terrible attack. Thank you for posting this and putting a stop to all the speculation and rumour.
  7. I have now cruised twice with a couple who each use a scooter. (I don't know them, they just happened to be on the same cruise as me). Their scooters are usually close to their room in the elevator lobby on their deck, overnight. I always thought it was a no-no, but it was explained that as it is a large area there was no blocking of the hallways. I think the ship accommodates as much as possible.
  8. We rent a wheelchair for my DH from Special Needs at Sea, in FLL. They are great to deal with and they have a kiosk area right out the terminal building where you pick up your equipment.
  9. I have one of those! I recall getting it in a loonie store (dollar store to our US friends) some years ago. It was not just for travel..... women will understand.:o Suffice to say there are times when you just want to sit inside the fridge.:eek:
  10. This sounds like a re-run of our Zuiderdam cruise in 2012. Only ours was for 22 days.:( Yes the front office was fobbing you off with that excuse. We had an honest plumber who told us that was not the issue - the problem was faulty vacuum pumps. And there are people on this board who will insist that you were putting things down the toilet that you shouldn't. (Our cabin neighbours did not have any problems with plumbing, but they had a lack of air conditioning instead). Each time the plumber came to fix it, he would remove a panel in the wall outside in the corridor, do something there, and it would be OK for a few hours - sometimes a day or so. But the problem always returned. Sorry you had to experience this problem, I know how frustrating it is having to go find a working toilet. During our cruise, we had one day when all pax had to go ashore while they shut down the whole system to replace the pumps. Unfortunately, the problem persisted in some areas.
  11. Thank you for your report. The only thing that bothers me is the info regarding the MDR. I have sailed on the Zuiderdam several times, and with having to put up with mechanical problems, and yet I have always felt in spite of everything, the MDR was the best of the HAL fleet, and the food was excellent. So that part of your report saddens me.
  12. Nice webcam shot, showing the bridge and the X and Princess ships.
  13. Hope you have a safe journey home, and that the weather awaiting you is not too much of a shock.:eek:
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