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  1. Enjoying your review as we board Saturday! if you see any information about upgrading the beverage package or bar menus could you post a photo if not too much trouble? thanks!
  2. The question was clear to me. Your answers are both incorrect. Per multiple reports, there are life vests for kids’ use at the pools on the mega ships. Your extraneous comments were distracting and unnecessary.
  3. We have a kid around the same age. Whenever I’d be ordering drinks for us and a soda for him, and make it obvious, they’d just give it without charge, whether at a restaurant or a bar.
  4. Thanks for the report and the Splash Academy sheets. Glad you had a great cruise!
  5. When I ordered sodas for my kids they were always given free, even when I made it explicitly clear it was for my kid and they were there with me. Obviously YMMV.
  6. I haven’t been on the Encore but I love the Escape and prefer Western ports.
  7. I have reserved the Manhattan Room for our upcoming Escape cruise.
  8. IME the waitstaff is not the same every night, and the tables could be assigned in different locations, but you can request a server at check in. We did that a few times and it was mostly granted.
  9. To prebook for my upcoming 7-my Escape it’s listed at $199pp
  10. I once traveled with a group on the Escape in three balcony cabins in a row. Two were connected with an interior door and the balcony divider between them opened. We were in the third cabin which also had an angled balcony and it was a solid panel between ours and the two that connected. There would have been no way to open it. The balcony divider between the other two was opened on first request.
  11. Anyone know if this will eventually show up? We cruise on January 18th and I don’t see it available for booking yet. Was hoping to give as a Christmas present. I don’t see it on the general website either...
  12. Have a wonderful cruise! We were on the Escape a few years ago and had a lovely Thanksgiving week, and are on her again in January. Thanks for the menus!! If you happen to walk by splash academy and can see the schedule for the 6-9 year olds (“Seals”) I’d LOVE a photo 🙂
  13. We had it on a 9 day cruise in January and are buying it again for the 7 day cruise next January. Interesting the price is still $160! In addition to everything above, we played a lot of darts and some pool while kids were in Splash Academy. I’m hoping there are darts in O’Sheehans on the Escape too!
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