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  1. you can only take 2 . Don't have to take all of them, I have a balcony and I took only 2. If you want the bev package take that and the internet ; you don't have to use it and there are no "tips" to add on that one.
  2. I have brought flowers on board when we left from Seattle.
  3. I am fortunate to live in the South West so I do not need to worry about frostbite. Was not name calling--just making a point.
  4. I have a magnet that I have put on my door for every cruise I have been on. (and I have been on 20+ cruises, most of them with NCL) Because the doors are metal, this works out very well. They are very reasonable on the internet and you can customize them.
  5. Seems mom says is a shoe snob. Some of us cannot wear closed in shoes for reasons and therefore we wear very attractive sandal/flip flops. What ever she wants to call them.
  6. I do not understand why people feel they need to be "compensated" for everything. Read your cruise contract!!! S--t happens and not everything in life requires compensation. Always looking for something for nothing. JMHO And btw I have been on 20+ cruises.
  7. My choice would be Canada/New England. Love all the stops in the Canadian Maritimes. Have been on the Pearl a couple of times and it is a very nice ship. Not been on the Joy so cannot say. It was originaly built for the Oriental market and then refurbed to suit the Am. market.
  8. Del Rio is a joke! NCL has gone down hill since he took over. He is the one who should be keelhauled. jmho
  9. Just washing your hands frequently with soap and water does the trick. Keep hands away from face and eyes. I have been on 30 + cruises and never gotten ill .
  10. Taxies are expensive in HI. Airport to dock probably about $50-75. I would try Uber or Lift.
  11. The small tails that are served are usually what are refered to as "rock lobster" or "spiney lobster". They are only good for tails.
  12. Hate the new foremat. Stop messing with things. I cannot find anything anymore.
  13. First cruise NCL MS Starward 1980! Went to Port Au Prince Haiti, and 2 stops in Jamica. That was before cruise ships had balconies.
  14. http://www.discounthotelshawaii.com/waikikimap.html This site will give you a map of all the hotels in Waikiki. Just remember, hotels in Waikiki are very expensive. ($350 and up per night for the really good ones)
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