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  1. Thanks so much for all the help. Our TA chose this one because it was the only one available for both cruises ... so he said we wouldn't have to move. I was thinking I would like a higher deck but then I thought ... it's only one staircase to the dining room and theatre and promenade ... quite convenient. Not that close to the elevators. I was guessing the V - A,B,C,X,Y,Z referred to configuration ... since there's a range of sizes within that category and therefore possibly furniture arrangements. But I guess that's not to be known!
  2. There's VH, VF, VB, A, AS, BC, E, etc. etc. What do all those mean? And then some have a little circle or triangle or square next to the room number, but I can't find a key to those symbols. This is for Rotterdam. Our TA found us room A4114 (little circle) for our BTB cruises next May ... coast of Norway + Baltic Capitals. Looks like the tenders are just aft of it but not blocking the view.
  3. Not HAL ... but my girlfriends and I did ditch a river boat after being stuck between two dams on the Douro River for 5 days. We just took our suitcases on the day trip bus and said, "Bye, thanks" on our way off the boat. All one country, though ... no border/immigration issues.
  4. We signed up for "Baltic Capitals" - May 2022. It departs Amsterdam but because we've already been to Amsterdam a couple times, we'd prefer to spend a few days before the cruise in Copenhagen, which is the first port call (after a sea day). Is it possible to join the ship there or is it a big fuss?
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