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  1. Always had wonderful service... I tip at least $20. That is up to you. I've given the bartenders small tips when I am at the swim up bar
  2. Have been to Sanchos twice...4 ships, and 6 ships...Have not encountered a problem with service at all. Will be returning in there in June Love it there!!
  3. I am a smoker, and always get a balcony cabin on Lido. I do not smoke anywhere inside...Whether it be casino, club, etc... I suggest that smoking be allowed on one side of the ship/balconies.
  4. Another vote for Sanchos! Been there twice and service, food, drink and fun were all top notch. Going again in June. Paradise 2nd (more crowded and costly) Fun for all ages at Mr. Sanchos
  5. My daughter received a letter in the mail from Carnival stating she had been awarded a free cruise. :)
  6. From a RC post...."Coast guard plane was circling us and Carnival Sensation was called to stand by. We could see it lit up in the distance. This was scary. The crew was serious. Crew was running wigh fire hoses and it took 2 hours to actually put out the fire. I heard it was in deck 3 after mooring room...all those ropes. On a happy note my toilet is flushing even better than before! We update if possible" Hope Carnival gets some attention for this
  7. I agree....However just returning from the Magic on Sunday, and being a person who turns the AC on about 70 with a fan to sleep; it was very comfortable on the ship...In fact my dd would turn the temp up because she was freezing when getting out of the shower....
  8. You're going to get mixed reviews here. 2 adult DD, DH and I used them on our last cruise together, just because of the different things we would be doing seperately. They helped us alot keeping track of each other... Like if one was resting then later wanted to join another...JMO.. Plan on taking them again this next cruise....:)
  9. I cannot access a mock booking....All balconies are full....Suggestions? Thanks!
  10. I submitted two last week, and received on OBC but $120 short....I responded the the email and got a confirmation email on the 22, but nothing since. How long did it take you to get your OBC?
  11. :) I am on the coast and we have a wind advisory issued by the NWS....strong and gusty NW winds continue today...Expected to continue in the wake of the cold front... Wind speeds of 20-25 MPH will be common with gusts frequently approaching 30 MPH...The winds will begin to subside by sunset...
  12. Mine was rejected by the email I got the reduction from "cabinconfirmation" but not by the "icare" that sent the auto reply... Any suggestions? Or know of another way of taking care of this? Calling my pvp doesnt work.
  13. No, my taxes remained the same. What happened was...They gave me the price I saw on the website plus taxes as the fare. Rather than the price I stated then adding taxes, they gave the rate + taxes, then added taxes to it. It came out to about $120 difference in their favor.
  14. Booked ES. I filled out the PP form for past guest and received OBC, but not to the amount I found, and printed out, exact location etc... Should I reply to the email as well? I mean $120 is quite a bit. Only problem is the price is a bit more today ($80.) than it was Monday when I printed out the page for the price comparrison. If I fill out another form, will they take the price showing now, or the price I put in for Monday? Thanks!!
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