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  1. I'm back online, briefly, and thought I'd update quickly. I hate camping of any description, and while the motorhome is infinitely superior to a tent (ugh, ugh, ugh) it isn't something I can tolerate well, so there is no chance we will be gypsies in any ongoing manner :) That, and family stuff, have cut short our wanderings. It has been a good time, getting to visit many friends all across western Canada but.... it is wearing thin. It looks like we will be calling central Canada home for a while (see "family stuff" above). I'm of very mixed feelings about this. One, I'm not much for big cities, so that's a negative. (For me, "big" is anything over about 100,000 people.) But two, we will have direct flights to Fort Lauderdale, so that's a positive. Likely not cruising, but winter escape land vacations for a while. So, thanks everyone, for all the help over the years. It has been much appreciated, and valuable!
  2. Thanks everyone! It all happened rather quickly, once it happened. :) We didn't even have it listed yet. And now we need to be out in 13 days. Not sure about living in a motorhome, but that is just temporary. Enjoy Alaska MAM and Caribbean Chris. I'll look for your reports when I get back online.
  3. but we sold the house! So we are making plans to be gypsies for a couple of months, in a motorhome, by the end of the month. So, no cruise this summer but once we get settled into a new place, we will be doing a winter cruise :D See you all in 8 or 10 or 12 weeks! Enjoy Alaska, everyone who is going. I'll be with you in spirit :)
  4. Thanks for your review, it is greatly appreciated! I love the look of the ship, and some of the new features. I need to get feedback from DH about the promenade deck, since that is one area we utilize a lot. I really appreciate your comments about it. But so far, I think the good outweighs the poor promenade deck, and I'm definitely looking at cruises on the K-dam. That may change when DH sees the videos and stills of the promenade deck.
  5. I read this thread, THEN watched the video. If you weren't the belly dancer or the (presumably) bride, I swear to you -- you are just "background", completely unnoticeable . (Except for the woman in the orange linen dress, but I only noticed her because I have a similar dress ;) ) I'm pretty sure I appear in a multitude of vacation pics and videos. The wrinkly old lady in the grey car, subtly holding one hand up in a well-understood gesture ;) (but always subtle, you really have to look :D )
  6. Thanks again to everyone who posted from the NA. :) Safe travels!
  7. Lovely Other, I am glad you got a satisfactory response from HAL.
  8. Exactly! And it certainly seems that in this particular instance, it was just policy, not practice :(
  9. Mumsy, your day in Ketchikan, and your evening at the PG, sound wonderful. And WHALES :D Awesome! Thank you for the pictures, I really appreciate them :)
  10. I'm one (as is sherryf) who regularly tells people about the eagle feeding on that tour. I never endorse that tour. I think it is shameful to entertain tourists with that behaviour. One of the reasons the tour operator gets away with it (AND with having crab pots in the water out of season) is that the area they use is native land, so doesn't fall under any federal regulations. So for some of us who have commented, there is zero disconnect.
  11. I have this problem. Worse after some cruises than others. Once it lasted about 2.5 weeks, and was so bad I couldn't walk at times. Other times, I've had no mal de d post-cruise. What I've found is that doing anything that involves moving my head (like shoulder-checking while driving) makes it worse. If I can avoid long flights, and avoid driving for a couple of days when I return home, I seem to get a less-awful case of it. But, I don't get to cruise enough to do any kind of scientific study on what may or may not make it worse for me ;)
  12. Sadly there is a subset of human beings who haven't evolved past the "let's feed the wildlife" stage :mad: :mad::mad: It's too bad they weren't escorted off the ship.
  13. Mumsy thank you for the pictures. It's almost (but not quite ;) ) like being there!
  14. It has been my experience that the pricing through HAL is higher than I pay when I deal directly with the hotel.
  15. Have a look here: http://claalaska.com/?page_id=632 Then click on the link to the port you want info on....
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