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  1. I carry on a 12 pack of Pepsi. Unless things have changed, Carnival doesn't offer Pepsi for sell onboard. Can I go without a Pepsi for 7 days...yes...and I do quite often. I actually rarely drink soda anymore. I also often go without a mixed drink for periods of over 7 days. When I'm on a cruise vacation...I often want both. Plus...I can buy an entire 12 pack for less than the cost of TWO cans on the boat...and it's right at my fingertips when I want it. Having a Pepsi onboard..for me..makes me feel like an indulgence of sorts. I typically don't even drink all 12, and leave them in the room for the staff to keep or throw away. 🙂
  2. Also remember if the boat is late arriving due to the fog ( easily can happen in Galveston ), you may be allowed in the terminal, but could possibly have an extremely long wait. It happened to us...we arrived at the terminal before 11 am...the boat had to stay put outside the channel until the fog dissipated. By the time it arrived and debarked the stressed out passengers, it was after 3 PM before anyone was onboard. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. That was a long boring day waiting...and everyone was hungry and anxious to get going.
  3. I have cruised at least 6 times with my cpap or vpap, and have used the bathroom tap water every time with absolutely no ill effects. I also once had a sleep disorder physician tell me regular tap water will not effect your cpap, if only used for a week or less. I obviously use distilled for normal use, but have since taken his advice on many occasions over the years, and again with no ill effects to my machine. I still have my original vpap I got in 2006, and it still works perfectly. Since then, I've lost some weight and can get by with a cpap. I also use a backpack to carry on my cpap/vpap...this keeps it with me at all times, and frees up my regular carry on for other items.
  4. I always bring a backpack onboard, besides my carry on, and I use it to pack my CPAP and extension cord. There is also room for some clothes inside with the cpap. By the way, it is a camo backpack. We always do the FTTF, so no worries about lugging everything around...as our room is ready as soon as we board.
  5. Yep...we booked it a week or so ago! 🙂
  6. We love FTTF...love getting onboard early and getting immediate access to our room to drop off our carry-ons and my backpack that contains my CPAP. Then we are unencumbered to go eat lunch on the lido, and explore the ship without dragging around the carry-ons. We also enjoy the early departure, as we have a 12 hour drive facing us. As mentioned above, it's nice to be able to go straight to the counter when dealing with the guest services. Last cruise, we had a false charge attached to our account, and when I went to the service desk to get it removed, I had absolutely no wait. There must have been 6 or 7 people waiting in the regular line. If you ask me, it's worth it. 🙂
  7. I live in Missouri and know plenty of peeps like this. Probably not much different than Tennessee! 🙂
  8. A couple cruises ago there was this older guy...probably in his upper 50s...and he always wore overalls. Regular denim overalls. We never saw him not wearing them...on sea days...on shore...in the MDR...at the shows.. everywhere. His wife was dressed rather nicely most of the time, but this guy always had on the bibbers. He was always smiling and always looked to be really enjoying himself. In the MDR every night...including the elegant night...he wore nice button up western style shirts with his bibs...and no one seemed put off by it. This was a 5 day out of Galveston...as if that matters. I myself would NEVER wear denim overalls on a cruise or a dinner night out, but he seemed perfectly comfortable and was having a fun cruise. I applaud Carnival for allowing this man his freedom...even if it broke the rules.
  9. It hasn't been available yet for my November 11 cruise.
  10. It would be relaxing...but not sure what you would connect it to.
  11. When we were there a couple years ago we hung out in the port area for a while.. then went past the gates for a few blocks shopping at the local stands. We never felt threatened or unsafe at any time...but were still cautious. Bought some neat local souvenirs not found at the port...and several bottles of the best rum I've ever tasted, that was local made. We ate lunch at a place at the port that was very good, and when I noticed St. Louis Cardinals stuff hanging over the bar I knew it had to be a fine establishment. I think the owner is from Missouri. After lunch, we took the city tour that we booked at the port. It was very interesting. To us, Belize is not our favorite stop, but as with anything, its what you make of it. We also enjoy Progreso, and hear a lot of people complaining about it too...or even just stay on the boat. I will never just stay on the boat...there is always fun things to do. 🙂
  12. The Walmart brand insulated cup actually outperformed the Yeti cup in a laboratory test, and is usually half the price...at least here in Missouri. Its unbelievable how long they keep the beverages hot and cold!
  13. So...if I'm understanding this right....when you check in, the zone number given out should allow people to board in order as they arrive...or close to it. Not a random thing. Right?
  14. First of all...welcome to the wonderfully addictive world of cruising. You will have a blast. As a fellow foodie, I can tell you it's fun taking advantage of all the food choices. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for more than one choice in the Main Dining Room. I often get two appetizers..two entres... maybe even two desserts. And you can even sometimes get a selection not on the menu that you enjoyed the night before...I've asked, and got it. They have a very rich dessert called warm chocolate melting cake...typically served with one small portion and one small vanilla ice cream. I always ordered it with two or three cakes, and two ice creams.. with a glass of milk. After a couple nights, they remember my order and ask if that's how I want it. Most MDR choices are good...some just ok...and a very few are lacking. I put the frog legs appetizer in this class...unless they have improved them since my last cruise, they are boiled or baked...not fried as us hillbillies like.. and are devoid of taste. Dont be afraid to ask. I personally like to give an extra gratuity to my MDR waiter for " putting up with me ". The omelets served at breakfast in the omelet stations are made to order, and quite tasty. Also..if you are a soda drinker...you are allowed to carry on a 12 pack or so of cans. As for your onboard account, keep track of what you spend. A couple times, we've been charged for items or services we that weren't ours. A quick trip to the service desk will correct these mistakes....but I'd hate to pay for something I didn't get. One charge was over $70...was glad I noticed it. Surf these boards, and ask tons of questions. Many of these folks have done way more than our 8 cruises, and will give great advice.
  15. So...this might be a dumb question...but do a lot of people actually watch the clock to try and get in to Carnival at midnight to get these early board times?
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