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  1. I did cancel. NCL gave us a choice. I guess the 3rd was to wait and see if they cancelled. If you had a cruise during this March-April time period, there was so much information presented each day. I guess the 3 choices were (1) you cancel and get cash refund (2) you cancel and get a 125% FCC (3) you do nothing and wait for NCL to cancel or cruise. I needed to present the timeline to the NCL rep. The NCL rep that helped me was phenominal! Now, I just wait for the refund.
  2. Thanks! Everyone within their date ranges could have opted for a cash refund. In fact, it was on their NCL website opening page for a few weeks.
  3. If you cancelled that would mean that NCL is correct...you only will get the refund allowed within that cancellation window. The only way to get the full amount back would have been to take the FCC under the peace of mind policy No...you are wrong! We received a notice March 13th that stated we could cancel for a 125% FCC or 100% cash refund. So, we opted to cancel for full refund! They gave us a link to fill out the refund form. I did this with probably thousands of others. Here's the good news! I just heard back from a NCL Supervisor. She researched my dilemma and noticed that the agent that cancelled our cruise put in the wrong reason for cancellation. She went through our whole file and LISTENED to all of conversations with NCL. She agreed....it was their mistake. She put a request for the refund through properly and can't tell me how long it will take. I am pretty happy that someone from NCL came through for me. I hope I don't have to wait another 90 days!
  4. Wow....Thanks for the snarky comment. I made a mistake in the year.
  5. I cancelled my cruise on 3/23/20 for my April 30 Cruise on the Pearl. Got an email back from NCL after I filled out the cancellation form. I did not want the FCC. I think 90 days is an absurd amount of time to wait for a refund, however, given the circumstances, i understand. I called NCL on 6/17 and they said my refund was in the works. I called today, 98 days after cancelling, and after getting cut off 3 times, I finally talked with a supervisor. She stated that a code was placed on my reservation that represented "Refund with Penalties" She said someone called in to cancel this cruise on 3/20. This sounds super shady to me! Are you kidding me?? NCL cancelled the cruise due to Coronovirus and gave us 2 options.....Future Cruise Credit or total cash refund! So, on 3/23 I followed the directions and cancelled via the online form and requested a full cash refund. The supervisor is going to research how this code got placed and listen to recordings to see if it was me that cancelled. Wow, does anyone else think this is shady? They are stating i will only get 25% of my payment back. Has anyone else had this problem?? Would you recommend that I go to my Chase Visa and put in a dispute? Thanks for any feedback!
  6. Requested refun on March 23rd. Still NOTHING! I called them 2 times and they are stringing me along! Ill call again today for the 3rd time. This is really ridiculous. I will have to get my credit card company involved.
  7. TY all! I used the other post that had a link to the form. I did go back and noticed the FORM was slightly highlighted in the document. Appreciate your help!
  8. We cancelled our Panama Canal Cruise and opted for the 100% cash refund. They cancelled our cruise and sent the link that will give you the form to fill out for the refund. Well, lo and behold, They said it would be available March 23rd and it's not there. My husband and I looked all over the link and there is no form that comes up. Anyone else successful in this?
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