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  1. ClaudiaF

    Don Horner

    That is such sad news. He was truly living out his dream.
  2. ClaudiaF

    Quebec City Highlights

    That was a beautiful video..merci for sharing and for all of the information!:D
  3. ClaudiaF

    Big changes coming

    Question that comes to mind is what are the "free" excursions? I am on Regatta now and the new "news" doesn't yet seem to have all the answers. As someone said today if they are offering "walking tours of Hoonah" (Funny example) it wouldn't be great. But of course you had to see Hoonah to understand that. 😄 So, I guess what I am saying is show me the excursions first. Twirling my pearls on Regatta😉
  4. ClaudiaF

    Big changes coming

    Well put Cathy !!
  5. ClaudiaF

    private van tour puerta vallarta

    muchos gracias!:D
  6. ClaudiaF

    private van tour puerta vallarta

    need recommendation for private driver with van or ? for 8 for day in mazatlan thanx guys
  7. anybody recommend private tour guy with van for 8 for the day?
  8. Curious about the "support beam" on the balcony. Anybody care to comment about it? Would love it if someone has a picture of what the balcony looks like.. esp. how much room this beam takes up...Thanks much..
  9. ClaudiaF

    Single Supplement Confusion

    After all that? Did they ever provide the single sup for you.
  10. ClaudiaF


    While whenever "smoking issues" come up on this board..it is always a "Hot topic" ( pun intended)... but now it is just ridiculous to read.. To Therhodes , you are so right and I would share a tour with you any day:D
  11. ClaudiaF

    Oceania's Free Shuttles List

    Rosyth the port provides a shuttle to either take you to the exit of the port ( where you can grab a taxi) or their is also a shuttle to take you to the train station ( about a 5 minute ride) $3.00 round trip for shuttle which they can charge to your shipboard account the train into Edinburgh runs every 10 minutes or so, drops you right in center of town..easy about 6 pounds round trip for 2 from the train exit you can catch hoho buses or just walk around shops
  12. ClaudiaF

    Oceania's Free Shuttles List

    Great thread by the way. Anyone have any "shuttle" info for Carib.. doing sun splashed isles
  13. ClaudiaF

    Oceania's Free Shuttles List

    At the ship terminal there is a bus that on the front says CRUISER it costs about 3Eu round trip from hip to Colombus statue at bottom of LAs Ramblas..:D it is provided by the port
  14. ClaudiaF

    Bringing wine onboard..is there really a limit?

    So you are insinuating "its' " passengers are not haha bring it on
  15. ClaudiaF

    Just off Riviera - Musings, Ramblings and Notes

    Why in the world are passengers allowed to "hang" aroung the ship in bathrobes? I can see if you are in the spa or by the pool..but I don't want to see that in public areas.. what the heck is going on?