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  1. Hi. I had a balcony cabin on deck 6. Costa Magica is the exact same class of ship as the Valor Class of Carnival. If you changed the funnel of the ship to the whale of Carnival you would not know that your not on a Carnival cruise. Cabin was typical of Carnival ships and other lines.
  2. Hello. After reading so many bad reviews about Costa I was very wary about taking a cruise with them. I purchased a Baltic cruise on Costa Magica that left Stockholm on the 16th of June. I am an experienced cruiser and this was my 14th cruise. Happy to report that myself and four companions had a super time and no longer will be wary about booking Costa. We chose this cruise for 3 reasons, ports of call, price and a decent price for our companion who was traveling alone. I would rate the whole experience as very good but not excellent. The only thing missing with Costa is free style dining which all the other lines now have. So don't be afraid to try Costa. Regards.
  3. Seems you need to print a copy of the tour ticket for each person in the group and not just one copy for the whole group.
  4. Many thanks for the replies and idea. I will try to arrange something like you suggest. Much safer than a free trip to a Gulag in Siberia for breaking immigration laws!!!:):):):)
  5. Hi. We are traveling in a group of five on a cruise with Costa Magica. Three of the group have passports that do not require visa and two who do. We have booked a two day formal tour so as to have no problems with visas. One of the evenings we would love to go out on the town by ourselves to try out the local cuisine but our problem is what to do with the two of us that require visas???. Does anybody with past experience know if there is the possibility of leaving the tour before entering the port upon return from the tour to spend a few hours on the town before returning to the port via taxi???. Our tour tickets do not specify times and so the people at passport control upon return would not know that we had overstayed our time. Anybody have ideas regarding this plan???. Thanks.
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