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  1. CaboCruise

    Seasickness Tips ?

    I was just on the Pearl last week. We had rough seas for a couple of days on the cruise. Its been three days since I got home and I still feel a little dizzy and off balance.
  2. CaboCruise

    Free Drinks in the Casino - gone?

    Any recent reports from the Pearl? Are the free casino drinks gone there too??
  3. CaboCruise

    Free Drinks in the Casino - gone?

    Any recent reports from the Pearl? Are the free casino drinks gone there too??
  4. What day of the week is the lobster dinner served on the Pearl to Alaska? And is it available in both the Indigo and Summer Palace "free" dining areas? I'm assuming the lobster is not served in the free buffet areas on that night, correct? Also is it a whole Maine lobster? Thanks for any info.
  5. CaboCruise

    Will DH be able to watch NBA Finals on Star?

    Why would a Designated Hitter want to watch basketball?
  6. No network channels?!? That stinks! How about USA, MSNBC, CNBC and Oxygen which will be airing some portions of the Olmpics as well?
  7. I'll be on the Pearl to Alaska this August during the week of the Olympic games. Do the tv's in the staterooms receive all the network stations, specifically NBC which will be airing the games?
  8. CaboCruise

    Victoria BC Fisherman's Wharf - directions from cruise dock?

    Thank you everyone for all the great info. I really appreciate it. Should I skip Fishermans Wharf? The reason I wanted to see Fishermans Wharf is too see the seals that you can feed from the docks. I saw videos of it on YouTube and I thought it would be fun to go see those seals. Anyone know if the seals are still coming up to the Wharf to feed?
  9. I'm not doing any planned excursions in Victoria, but I'd really like to visit both Fisherman's Wharf and also the Inner Harbor area where the street performers usually are. I need directions to these two areas from the cruise dock please. Where does the NCL Pearl ship dock in Victoria BC? and could someone please give me directions from the Pearl cruise ship to Fisherman's Wharf? Is it walking distance? Also, how far is Fisherman's Wharf to the Inner Harbor area of BC where all the street performers are? Is that walking distance to there? Thanks for any info!
  10. I got my edocs today and they include a printable luggage tag page. Do I have to print and make these tags for all my bags, or will NCL also be mailing me some luggage tags later? I just need to know before I go through all the trouble of trying to print them out and laminating them, etc. Thanks for any info.
  11. I'm planning on staying at the Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel for one night when I return from my cruise on the Pearl in August. I've been searching the net for rates and I can't seem to find any ways to get a discount off their normal rates. The rate always seems to be starting at about $289/night. I don't think they participate in Priceline or Hotwire either. Does anyone know any promotional codes or any way to get a discounted rate at this hotel? Thanks!
  12. CaboCruise

    Price increase for Bar Setup?

    Anyone sailing on the Pearl to Alaska in a high-end suite on Aug 10? You'll get 6 free bottles of booze and you probably should do a good a deed for the day. You can donate a bottle of Jack Daniels or Jim Beam to me. We Cruise Critics should stick together, right? Hehe! J/K :)
  13. CaboCruise

    Search not working??

    I get that quite often. The searcho n here crashes on my all the time. Very frustrating.
  14. CaboCruise

    Anyone back from the Pearl 4-11 May?

    Did you notice all the 2.0 items being implemented on the Pearl yet?