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  1. cruzinfamilyof4

    Taking water and/or soda on board

  2. I can't remember or find the answer. I know I can take water/soda on board if it is in cans. But can I put it in my luggage? I'd rather not carry it around if I can avoid it. And I know I run the risk of rupture of the cans so I would put it in a big trash bag just incase. Thanks!
  3. We have done it often here on the West coast. I couldn’t even tell you how many times we’ve cruised to Catalina and Ensenada. For us it’s all about just getting time away and being together. We don’t even get off the ship in port any more - that’s okay to us!
  4. cruzinfamilyof4

    Carnival Horizon - 9/22 Review & Highlights

    Looking forward to the rest of your review since we will be on her in February!
  5. cruzinfamilyof4

    How much do you bring to spend?

    We always try to prepay whatever we can; tips, excursions, booze, water. We never buy the drink packages; we just didn't drink enough alcohol or sodas to make it worth it. (I do wish Carnival had a coffee card like Princess though). We don't buy anything in the shops and almost nothing in the ports. Our biggest expense onboard are the pictures and buckets of beer.. I think the most we have had after a 7 day cruise is 200.00.
  6. cruzinfamilyof4

    Booking by ship not itinerary

    Thank you guys so much. I knew there had to be a way, I just could not figure it out for the life of me. Off to plan our next trip!
  7. cruzinfamilyof4

    Booking by ship not itinerary

    I want to sail on a particular ship, so I want to be able to search by ship not itinerary. I don't really care which ports it goes to, DH just wants a particular ship.
  8. cruzinfamilyof4

    Booking by ship not itinerary

    Does anyone know if there is a way to book a cruise by ship and not by itinerary? TIA!
  9. We unfortunately may have to cancel our cruise. Where do I find if we are able to get our deposit back? I can't remember if we bought it on a special promo that we can't get it back. Thanks!!
  10. cruzinfamilyof4

    Favourite Cruise Story

    This happened pre-911, we lived 1 1/2 hours from port. A whole bunch of our friends were going to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends. We decided the morning of the cruise to go. We got to port 1/2 hour before finally boarding, and we had no room. We managed to get a cabin one deck below Lido, and not bunkbeds (which they tried to give us initially). Our cabin was better and cheaper than all our friends. We also had taken on a bunch of liquor and a blender, our room was a makeshift bar for all of us. One of the best cruises ever!!
  11. cruzinfamilyof4

    Just For Fun :)

    Best was taking our kids on their first cruise; 7 day Western Caribbean. The worst isn't any one particular cruise...it is having to always stop in Ensenada on the Mexican cruises. I hate Ensenada!!
  12. cruzinfamilyof4

    suggested books to take on a cruise

    I know I am taking two book by Dean Koontz, Shattered and Shadow Fires. Past those two I'm not sure, I have to check my "to read" stack and see what looks good and what I'd be willing to leave behind in the library.
  13. cruzinfamilyof4

    Cruise Gift Ideas

    A Tervis cup/mug either "cruise themed" or picked for each persons personality. I think they start in the 15.00 range at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  14. cruzinfamilyof4

    Laundry coinage

    Thank you! I won't bother packing them now.
  15. cruzinfamilyof4

    Laundry coinage

    Because I already have a whole bunch of them in a container they fit perfectly in; it stays in our trailer for when we go camping. So why not bring them with me? I also bring my own soap. Still need to know if they are coin or token operated on the Grand.