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  1. I do not see a way to book the grand suite on Carnival's site. Is it a cabin that can only be booked through a PVP? Does anyone know the typical price for one of these cabins? I've been offered an upgrade, but want to see what they normally sell for. Thanks!
  2. We are on this cruise too. I just told DH that I'm not able to do any kind of mock booking (I like seeing how much our cruise has gone up in price since I got an AMAZING price) for our trip. So now I'm kind of sad that it might be cancelled.
  3. We are booked on her Sept 5, and I have absolutely no concerns. Hoping it isn't cancelled.
  4. Unfortunately we are pushing the 3 week window; totally forgot we needed to do it. And unfortunately the phone number listed o the form is not working.
  5. I tried faxing to the above # four times this morning, and the fax will not go through. Can I email to this information guestadmin@carnival.com and it "should" work? TIA!
  6. No worries seeing me at the Blackjack tables. Not my game even though I know how to play. I am all about Roulette since I always win playing it.
  7. We always take antibacterial soap in a pump for our bathroom. I hate using bar soap to wash my hands.
  8. Okay so I've never gambled on any of our cruises. How does it work? The tables, slot machines? Do I just hand over my sail and sign and all my bets are put on it? Do I need to take cash? Thanks for helping this cruise-ship gambling newbie!!
  9. Thanks everyone! I think I am just going to order from the Fun Shop but hope I can still get a 5 for 4 bucket on board.
  10. I did notice that with the fun shops. Just was trying to figure out if it was cheaper to get the buckets once on board. They used to have a buy 4 get the 5th beer free for 24.00. We loved that deal and drank a lot of Dos Equis that cruise.
  11. I can't find a current price list for the buckets of beer; Dos Equis in particular. Do they still have the buy 4 beers get 5 beers buckets? What is the current price for the buckets? I'm trying to decide if I just want to pre-purchase some beer or what until we get on board. Thanks!
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