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  1. ExploreroftheSeas92

    quantum is she coming to Florida anytime Soon???

    There is no definite answer at the moment as to where Quantum of the Seas will be after April 2015. There has been negotiations for Royal Caribbean to bring the ship to Bermuda for the summer season which likely means she'll stay put in NJ. Of course, you could get a nice glimpse of her when she sails in and out of Port Canaveral during her 7 & 8NT itineraries to The Bahamas. What I'm curious about is whether one of her sister ships, Anthem or Quantum III, will sail out of Florida in either 2015 or 2016.
  2. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Waterslides on QOS?

    My prediction is that it will be a food venue similar to the Wipe Out Cafe that is on the Oasis class ships. I always found the place on Oasis to be popular with crowds for a quick snack, and wouldn't be surprised if this was also on Quantum since Seaplex and other sport amenities are close to it as well.
  3. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Running into people you know on a ship

    My first cruise I had about 200 people from my town that "randomly" were on the same cruise that week. The funny part was that we are from NJ and the cruise left from Florida. No special groups or anything, just 200 different people from our town. On another cruise when I was 12 I met someone who turned out to go to the same middle school as me. Seven years later we are now best friends and our families are very good friends too! Always funny telling people that we met in the middle of an ocean instead of at school or someplace "normal".
  4. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Freedom - Where in Summer '13?

    Summer 2013 bookings won't come out until later this Spring. If I remember correctly, the ship is to stay in Port Canaveral until 2014 or so.
  5. Excellent review so far! Can't wait to see the rest.
  6. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Oasis/Allure cabins by Dazzles?

    I stayed in 8682 on the Oasis and heard no noise in my cabin or even in the hall leading up to my cabin. You can hear it in the elevator lobby but that it pretty much it. You should be fine where you are booked!
  7. ExploreroftheSeas92

    "project sunshine" now open!

    [quote name='Overtyme']How long from LoI to keel laying? How long until we start learning details? Delivery is Fall 2014. Sounds like construction won't begin until Summer,.given the timeline.[/quote] Remembering the timeline from when Oasis was ordered to first official details, it will be about two years. I personally don't expect to see any interior renderings of the ship until atleast 2013. The keel laying will probably take place at the end of 2012, we have a long wait ahead of us. I would like to see a simple concept rendering now though :)!
  8. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Allure of the Seas secret areas

    Decks 11, 12, and 14 AFT on both sides of the ship provide balconies with chairs and maybe a lounge chair or two which provides a nice view of the Aqua Theater and sea. Simply walk down the hall the entire way and you will see a door leading out to the balcony. I watched sailaway from Deck 11 AFT and it was quiet and peaceful.
  9. I highly recommend getting a stateroom anywhere on deck eight. My family and I stayed in ocean view balcony stateroom on this deck and it was the perfect location as it was only a few steps from Central Park where a few bars were located in addition to the Park Cafe.
  10. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Can you see land on sailing days on western Oasis?

    When we sailed in August we passed Grand Cayman on our way to Costa Maya and Cuba on our way back to Ft. Lauderdale.
  11. ExploreroftheSeas92

    No Chocolate Milk on RCI Ships???

    I believe the main dining room will serve you chocolate milk upon request. I haven't asked for it myself, but I know of others that have.
  12. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Worst.Vacation.Ever. No more cruises for us.

    That was definitely an interesting review to read. I guess this shows cruising isn't for everyone. I think the complaint about spongebob is ridiculous, and if that's how the staff are going to get the children's attention then so be it. When I cruised on Explorer in 2004 and was in the 9-11 year old club, the person would yell U-G-L-Y and we would respond with something. Its just a fun way of getting the children's attention quick. If you ever choose to cruise again, which I doubt, perhaps a Disney Cruise would be better for your family. But don't choose Freedom, Liberty, Oasis, and Allure because if you didn't find spongebob to be appropriate, then I'm sure you wouldn't be thrilled seeing an ogre (Shrek) around the ship either.
  13. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Explorer of the Seas Leaving Cape Liberty in 2012

    [quote name='Debde']I thought it was Freedom coming to NJ?? at least that's what that thread said a while back.:confused:[/quote] We have heard that Liberty of the Seas would be coming to NJ, while we also have heard that Freedom of the Seas would be coming to NJ. At this time, everything that is being discussed are only rumours, and nothing is official until Royal Caribbean announces it themselves.
  14. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Explorer of the Seas Leaving Cape Liberty in 2012

    My family is anxiously awaiting to book a cruise from Bayonne for May or June 2012 when my sister and I return home from college during that month. We have been on the Explorer twice and loved both cruises so were sure that if the Liberty comes we would love that ship just as much.
  15. ExploreroftheSeas92

    Timelapse Video: "Welcome Oasis"

    Neat video, thanks for sharing!