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  1. We have gotten there at 1030 and were onboard by 1130. Happy cruising!!!
  2. Are you headed to the airport? For us it was cheaper to use uberXL for 3 of us and a carseat than it was to use a taxi. Our uber driver couldn't have been better!!!
  3. I have NEVER booked my air using the cruiseline. I have always done it myself and never use a travel agent. But when NCL quoted a much lower rate than I had found, I decided to take a chance. My NCL travel person told me they do their best to only have one layover and always use major airlines. We are flying in a couple of days early and flying home the day we debark. I was wanting to hear others experiences - both good and bad since I still have time to change my mind and book myself.
  4. Thanks! I was checking 10/10 and returning 10/20. Check those dates please. Oh, and I only want one stop. Hubby can't handle more than that. Thanks!
  5. Well, what I know is that since we are traveling in October of 2020, I looked at October 2019 same travel days and did the airfare and I came up with $1500 per person.
  6. You will have to purchase a plan to operate your phone/tablet on the ship. Depending on what you want to do, I just got the social media package and was able to access facebook, messenger, etc. Worked just fine for me.
  7. I just had this happen. We had to cancel the day before the cruise and we got everything we prepaid, including gratuities, refunded to us with no problem.
  8. Yesterday, I booked my husband and I on a cruise for 2020 out of Venice. We will be flying from Memphis, TN to Venice, Italy. I chose to let NCL get my flights this time. I told my rep that we wanted to fly Thursday night and land on Friday (cruise leaves on Sunday) and she took care of it. She said it was $25 per person. She also said that I am responsible for my hotel for 2 nights and for getting myself to our hotel and to the port. NCL will get me from the cruise port to the airport for our trip home. Am I missing something? I have never let the cruiselines handle my airfare, now I am worried after reading all of your posts. Note: Airfare thru NCL is $990. My getting airfare on my own is over $1500 per person. That's a difference of over $1000.
  9. If you are using an off site parking, you should be able to prepay in NOLA. If you are parking at the port, I don't think you can.
  10. I am going on the Fantasy on Monday, February 4th. I booked at the Getaway rate. I am getting $500 in casino play money. Nice to know we will still get the DOU card and the other giveaways. Can't wait to go!!!
  11. Only the person on the Getaway invite will get the cash, not the roommate. That is normal.
  12. Not a lot is posted about the Getaways. But give me a week or so and I will post something. I leave on Monday on a Getaway cruise on the Fantasy. I will come back and let you know!
  13. A passport card works just fine! Enjoy your cruise!!
  14. Not trying to be argumentative, but if you book thru a site (hotels.com), you can usually book and pay for you room then and still have the ability to cancel 24-48 hours before your trip. Just FYI for anyone who is interested. The Op asked what she was missing and that's one of the items she was missing, in my experience. Everyone's experience is different. 🙂
  15. You have to use a credit card to reserve and if you are a no show they will charge you anyway, so I am not sure what the problem is with prepaying.
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