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  1. I have just started researching itineraries for an Alaska cruise but I want to understand when I see Glacier Bay or Hubbard Glacier listed as "cruising" day; are all glacier visits on all cruise ships done as cruising by, or are there actually certain cruises that make stops at these destinations? Thank you.
  2. I have narrowed my choice in Baltimore to the Sleep Inn and Comfort Inn. They are beside each other, and offer the same amenities. Any opinions especially as it relates to cleanliness and the ease of use of the shuttle both before and after the cruise. Can you book the shuttle and what is the wait time after the cruise etc.
  3. I am late booking on an Enchantment cruise that has a room over the Carousel Lounge. Will this affect the noise level in our room. What tiem does the lounge close. With a child, we tend to be a little earlier to bed. Thanks
  4. For my then-8 year old, for our first cruise, I made up a treasure hunt and woke her up very early in the morning to catch our flight. I had her follow the treasure hunt which included things like, get dressed and then go for the next clue. I had taken her favourite stuffed friend and placed him in her booster seat in the car with a clue telling her to go look in the trunk and then hurry back to him. She opened up the trunk, saw our suitcases and the homemade tickets saying we were going on a cruise. I got both video and stills of all of it. She had that initial look of surprise and disbelief, then the screaming, and jumping started, ending with "you're the best Mom"! Have fun with it.
  5. We are in port from 9:00 to 6:00. We are doing a morning excursion that will drop us back at the port about 1:00 -1:30. How far is Accra Beach and is it possible with these timings? If not, which beach is close enough to enjoy? How much is the taxi? Tks.
  6. I am looking for some good websites to order girl's clothing from, both casual (t's, hoodies, sun dresses) and possibly dressy wear. At this time of year I am hoping to hit some free shipping which would be nice too. Thanks.
  7. Flyertalker We usually fly Jetblue from Syracuse to Fort Lauderdale, though for an extra 1/2 hour we can also do Burlington or environs. I think Allegiant flies from there. This time we want to fly to San Juan. Our dates of cruise are March 14 - 21, with hopefully a fly in the day before and departure home on the same day after noon to ensure we catch a flight. We are confined by the March break from school timing. What about a trip via Orlando to San Juan? Any ideas?
  8. Is it me, or are the flight prices up quite a bit? I was looking at flights from Syracuse/Burlington area to San Juan. Any other options?
  9. Thanks for your comments on the region. It seems that we may be on the M/S Stephanie for the Nile cruise portion and it is a 5 star. Can you tell me what folks tend to wear in the evening for dinner onboard these Nile cruises as compared to the Caribbean cruises which are the only ones that we have gone on.
  10. We are considering a land tour, Nile cruise, resort stay in spring 2010. I have read some older threads about clothing suggestions for men and women and they have been very helpful. My daughter is 10 years old and I wonder if the more strict guidelines apply to young children of this age. It is noted that women should wear capris or longer skirts, and 3/4 to long sleeve shirts. Is this the same for girls or can they still wear shorts, shorter skirts/skorts. As a second issue...I have read a number of threads that talk about attention to blond women with blue eyes and I wonder if this is also true for children and what kind of attention would this bring to a little girl.
  11. I went with my 8 yr old DD to the El Yunque rainforest via bus tour. We just framed some pictures for her room from this visit including one of a terrific leaf bug and one of a small lizard -type.
  12. I also did a surprise cruise for my DD and let her know through a treasure hunt. We had to get up at the crack of dawn and get on the road, so I woke her and told her I had a surprise. The clues started out with sayings that included her get ready routine; Get your clothes on and go to the sink in the bathroom, brush your teeth and then go to.... I had already placed her stuffed animal in her car seat so after several misdirections of clues, I directed her there. Her stuffy told her to "hurry, hurry, go look in the trunk." Inside were our packed suitcases and some designed cruise tickets, and a note telling her to hurry, get in the car, ARE YOU COMING ON THE CRUISE?, WELL GET IN THE CAR, LET'S GO etc. It took her a minute to register that I was serious and then the big smiles, and the hooting and hollering started. I got it all on digital pictures and video. It was fun for me too.
  13. TwoMateys


    I am also interested in an explanantion of these findings. I have seen that an online TA offers a discount price, quoting a price lower than the cruiseline (a good thing), same port charges and taxes/fees. However when I saw a receipt it shows the cruise price with an even greater discount on the cabin portion because they rolled the port charges into the taxes/fees rather than in the cabin prince like the cruiselines do it. The overall price was still the same discounted price. My concern would be with getting any discounts since the actual cabin price is really discounted and the cruiseline will never go that low. Again, the overall price was still discounted. What gives?
  14. What are the best options/companies for getting insurance for Canadians? Is it best to buy from a Canadian supplier in case there has to be a claim? Is there a difference given that there is provincial medical insurance already in place? What prices are people paying? Thanks.
  15. Jazzzlr - where did you get your red dress. It is lovely.
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