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  1. I’m sorry this happened to your mom :( If she thinks she may be still be able to go in a wheelchair, you may want to call to see if there are any handicapped accessible rooms still available.
  2. We were on Coco Cay last weekend. My husband is gluten, dairy, and egg free. From what I remember, I think he had some BBQ chicken, soft tacos (there was a taco station that had soft corn tortillas) and some fruit. There were also burgers and hot dogs without buns and a salad bar. There were French fries but I don’t know if they are cooked in a dedicated fryer -he didn’t want them so we didn’t ask. I didn't see any gluten free desserts. We were on a short 3 night cruise the Mariner and at 2 of the 3 dinners he was served food that had gluten and would have made him sick. One was in the main dining room and the other at Jamie’s Italian, and this was after being very clear about his allergies while ordering. It was very disappointing. So just be very careful and double check everything they serve.
  3. My husband ordered a rum and coke on the Mariner last weekend and it was 11.99 plus gratuity. I am not sure which brand he chose - it was a dark rum and they had a few different dark ones to choose from.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but we received the following email regarding our Mariner sailing tomorrow: Dear Guest, The damage left by Hurricane Dorian across the Bahamas is truly devastating. So, in partnership with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF ) and The Bahamas Feeding Network, we’re working to provide disaster relief to our neighbors and friends during this catastrophic time. Thus far, we’ve delivered over 10,000 meals, 10,000 bottles of water, medical supplies, generators and other necessities - we’re rolling up our sleeves during this time of extreme need! In addition, we’ve sent a team of specially trained RCL employees and volunteers to assist with logistics and food and beverage efforts. Our mission is that every one of our vessels in the area, continues to provide assistance. As a result of these special circumstances, we’ll spend Saturday morning in Grand Bahamas Island to assist with disaster relief, then we’ll visit Nassau from 2:30 PM to 11:00 PM. So, during your cruise, you may see new guests. They are evacuees like, children, elderly, or those that need immediate medical attention, that will be transported to Nassau hospitals via tenders. We want to make them feel as comfortable as possible and look forward to welcoming them with open arms. All these efforts are part of our overall $1 million disaster relief efforts to help The Bahamas, which has been part of our family for nearly five decades. To make sure our donations go where they can do the most good. Our donation includes matching every dollar of guest and employee donations to the PADF so they can help our friends as well. We can’t make every bad memory of Dorian go away. But, we can start making things better - today. If you would also like to contribute please visit www.padf.org/hurricane-dorian-royal. Lastly, while CocoCay was somewhat spared from Hurricane Dorian's destruction and we did not have any major damage, the storm left behind debris, washed away some of our sand and bricks, and took down many of our trees. We started working on repairs as quickly as possible, but we kindly ask that "you mind our dust" or sand, as we continue our very own recovery efforts. As our guests, your understanding during this catastrophic time is appreciated, not only by us at Royal Caribbean International, but by those we are helping. We thank you for this. Sincerely, Royal Caribbean International
  5. Here are a few dinner menus from last month: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. We just got off the Bellissima and our Super Family was 2 connecting balcony rooms. Each room had the regular bed which could be split and one room had a couch which could sleep one and the other room had the couch that turned into a bunk bed and could sleep two. Also interesting to note was each room had 3 long drawers under the desk (which my parent’s regular Fantasica balcony room did not have).
  7. I’ve been able to find answers to a lot of my questions by reading recent threads but still have a few questions... Are wash cloths provided? My DH has several allergies that make it difficult sometimes to find safe things to eat. I am planning on bringing prepackaged snacks but can we also bring small cartons of protein drinks? Do these need to be in checked luggage or carried on? Can we bring unopened prepackaged items off the ship in ports? (Genoa/Naples/Messina/Valletta/Barcelona/Marseille). If we purchase water in port, will it be allowed back on the ship? Do they offer a laundry special onboard? Any idea what day and rough pricing? Thank you!
  8. Congratulations on your win! When we were on the Seaside last year, I had onboard credit on my account as well and I never ended up registering my credit card and didn’t have any trouble making purchases. On the last night, I went to guest services and paid the balance in cash. If I remember correctly, it was only about 50.00 or so - I am not sure how high they would have allowed the balance to go before requiring payment. As far as free drinks go throughout the day, the buffets had self serve dispensers that had juices in the morning and lemonade, iced tea, and a couple of other rotating flavored water options (strawberry kiwi, mango, etc) during the rest of the day ( in addition to coffee and water). Enjoy your cruise!
  9. On our Caribbean cruises, all aboard was 30 minutes prior to departure time but for our upcoming June Mediterranean cruise on the Bellissima, all aboard is listed as 1 hour prior to departure time.
  10. I realize this is an old thread, but was wondering if MSC still offers this? We would like to explore Genoa a little bit when we disembark before heading to Milan and if we can leave luggage at the terminal it would be very convenient.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions! My daughter has her heart set on a beach that day but we may end up going to see the Blue Grotto and having lunch in that area. I have read conflicting reports of being able to take a dip in the water near where the boats are, so we will see. Now trying to decide on the best way to get there. We like to use public transportation when we can as we enjoy chatting but I am not quite sure how to get to the Valletta bus terminal from the cruise port. If we don’t do the bus, I wonder if they have taxis at the port that will fit 6 and if they are reasonably priced?
  12. We are cruising in June and I am totally overwhelmed with the planning! We will be in port in Valletta from 8 to 5. We would like to this stop to be a more easy going type of day after a few days of site seeing - are there any nice beaches that are easy to get to? There will be 6 of us including 2 teens and 2 21yr olds.
  13. Great, thanks. Is that something that can be purchased on the ship or does it need to be done prior to cruising?
  14. We will be sailing this weekend 😀 and booked our flights through Celebrity. The last time we sailed on Disney, for our flight home they checked us in and delivered our boarding passes to our stateroom on the last night of the cruise. They also took our luggage that night and we didn't see it again until our home airport . Does Celebrity offer either of these?
  15. No, we didn't have any trouble using the cards though I was half expecting to. lol
  16. When we sailed Seaside in April, we never registered our credit card or put any cash down on the account. We had onboard credit that covered most of our spending. On the last night, we went to Guest Services and paid the balance owed in cash and got a printout confirming we we had a zero balance.
  17. Who do you trade your sparkling wine out with? The stateroom host? Is this ok to do? We never drink the sparkling wine we’ve received on different cruise lines but never thought to ask to trade it for something else. Would be nice to get just a regular bottle of wine if we could.
  18. We have sailed on the Divina and Seaside in the Caribbean and are booked on the Bellissima for a Mediterranean cruise. In reading reviews of Meraviglia, it sounds like there are not any wash cloths in the bathrooms and that some are charged for still water in the dining rooms. What other differences can we expect onboard for a Med cruise?
  19. Thanks everyone for your input. I took your advice and called Choice Air and booked the flight we wanted over the phone. Was again told (twice) that the rates shown were for regular economy where we can choose our seats after booking and they don’t sell fares that do not include choosing your seat. I booked flights and transfers over the phone and when I received our record locater, I went to the airline site and was able to assign seats for the flight.
  20. When booking on the Choice Air site, it does not give me an option to choose our seats. When I called customer service, they said that once the reservation was made, I would be able to go to the airline's website and input our reservation information and choose our seats there. I expressed concern that a lot of the airlines today have a restrictive economy level where you can't choose your own seats. He said that all the fares that Choice Air sells include choosing your seat. After reading some posts here, I am concerned that may not be the case. I don't want to book the lowest fare on Choice Air and then not be able to choose our seats. Should I be worried about this?
  21. Thank you for pointing this out! We are sailing Celebrity for the first time in December and did not know this. Just downloaded it and it works great!
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