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  1. Have also been attempting to get through. Got the same response (“bye”) over several attempts the last three days. We’re still waiting for our FCC from a cancelled cruise in April. We did get the refund but awaiting the 50% FCC. Each time I call, I’m told “it’s being processed.” Trying to be patient, but it’s been 4 months.
  2. Fabulous log of your visit to Singapore. Looking forward to more entries. As mentioned earlier, a welcome distraction to current events and issues. Thank you for sharing.
  3. We cancelled 5 days before Princess called it. And yes, I completed their request form. Based on their May 5 email, they have us down for requesting the balance due back to our cc but were trying to encourage us to go for FCC, which we have no intention of doing.
  4. We too are patiently/impatiently waiting for the refund. Our cancelled cruise was from April 7 (CA Coastal). We were refunded 50% to our cc and were told the other 50% would be FCC, which still has not appeared on our Princess account. We then got the email of May 5 encouraging us to take the balance of the 50% in FCC. We decided to get the balance due us refunded back to our cc. And so we continue to wait. Seems phone calls to Princess are a waste of time. 🙄
  5. It is the card you used to pay balance on cruise. We cancelled on 3/8 and the credit showed up on our card on 3/9.
  6. Roger: I cancelled our April cruise on Sunday as well. We did receive a credit to our card on March 9. I am planning on filling out the online reimbursement form for the additional cruise credit, as mentioned in today’s info.
  7. I’ve also experienced the above and frustrated. BUT, I chatted with a Princess rep on their site today and asked for suggestions on when to call. She recommended calling today, about an hour before they closed, which was 6pm Pacific time. I called about 5pm PCT and immediately got someone. Was amazed. I did cancel our Pacific Coast Cruise, reluctantly, but feel it’s in our best interests. We’re both healthy but know we’d be basket cases if we were kept on board, circling out in the Pacific. An earlier post mentioned about quarantined passengers getting free booze...all I could do was shake my
  8. Thanks JF, I searched but could find nothing. Guess will wait a few days and make the dreaded call.
  9. The recording when calling the 800 number states you may cancel your cruise “using online tools” as opposed to being on hold forever. Anyone familiar with this? Our cruise doesn’t depart for 30 days but still anxious to be done with the arrangements. Thanks!
  10. We’re on this booking as well. Strongly leaning towards cancelling.
  11. We were on the Regal as well last September for the Baltic cruise. I agree with everything mentioned above, especially the need to be well rested for this very busy itinerary. We used ALLA tours in St. Petersburg and we thoroughly enjoyed the guide, the quality of the transportation, the timing of our visits and various stops. We toured the Hermitage on Monday which is normally their closed day. I can’t imagine what it would’ve been like on a regular business day. We had a leisurely tour and were able to see everything and were not shoulder to shoulder the way they say it usually is. ALLA tour
  12. We spent an overnight in Vancouver following our AK cruise in 2017. We did the HoHo bus and thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the stops as well as the narrative. In fact, we’re in the midst of plans again for this city following a CA coastal cruise in April. We think Vancouver is a cool city and looking forward to seeing more!
  13. We have done two cruises to AK, both on Coral Princess. As mentioned above, the itinerary is wonderful and the Naturalists on board add depth to the area. I would recommend you do the land tour in addition, to spend time in the interior and experience Denali. Talkeetna is a fun, funky little town. On the first cruise, we did a rafting trip down the Chulitna (IIRC) river and ended up in Talkeetna for lunch. There is a shuttle in town that takes you back to the Princess lodge. Another plus is that Princess has its own lodges. While they are not 5 star hotels, they are appropriate for Alaska.
  14. Several of those are impossible to hit on a 7 day cruise out of FLL (Aruba, Curaçao), but I agree, variety is nice!
  15. One of my favorites, last had it on the Regal in Sept. Always good!
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