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  1. I received the cancellation notice for my December 12 Mardi Gras cruise. Since I had already had a cruise booked for April 2021 and wanted the credit applied to my April cruise 2021, I did not feel that either option fit my situation and I called Carnival. I was on line for an hour, not on hold, but because I had the Mardi Gras booked directly through Carnival (a casino rate) and my April cruise booked through a large cruise website which created a more complex situation. The Carnival Rep was fantastic and worked out everything, including a three-way call with me, the Carnival Rep and the cruise company. Everything was taken care of - the amount I had paid on the Mardi Gras cruise and the $600 OBC added to my April booking. And it was posted right away. It was worth the call.
  2. I spoke to a Carnival agent today to have my credit from my Mardi Gras cruise transferred to my Miracle cruise in April (hopefully it won't be cancelled). I told her I was shocked that I could get through. She said they were only dealing with cancellations for the Mardi Gras and one other ship and that calls will be backed up Friday. I am guessing more cruises will be cancelled Thursday or Friday.
  3. I was so looking forward to this cruise. The past three and a half months have tested my last nerve! I spent over an hour on the phone with Carnival (I actually was surprised I could get through to an agent). I finally was able to have what I had paid for our Mardi Gras cruise put on another cruise I had booked some time ago. It is a Hawaiian cruise on the Miracle in April. I am praying that it does not get cancelled too.
  4. I did look at their website, but not really user friendly unless you are used to Honolulu, but I'll keep trying.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to take TheBus from the port to Pearl Harbor (busstop location and cost)? We will be on the Carnival Miracle next April.
  6. There is no way my doctor or any doctor is going to provide a certificate of fitness to travel, so I guess I won't be sailing after all. I wouldn't blame any doctor for refusing - too much liability at stake.
  7. Thanks for the bar menus. I've copied and saved all of them!
  8. Even though I did not get the email, I followed the instructions offered by someone on another posting and it worked! Here are the instructions: Go to Carnival and log out of Carnival. Scroll down to the very bottom and under "Already Booked" click "Organizer Access." Put in your booking number, last name, OK. That will take you into your booking and you'll have the discount when you add cheers to your cart. Also, if you purchase $100 in Cruise Cash (using the same message), it will show up as $80 in your cart.
  9. Thanks so much! I was able to get the discount for my 15 day cruise next April - big discount!
  10. I never got the email. I saw other folks posting that they got the offer, but I never did. Guess it may be because I already paid for Cheers!
  11. Is there a specific email address one must use to send proof of ownership?
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Saved me $160.
  13. Have a great cruise. I know you will love the Bliss. Enjoy!
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