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    night time cruise of Budapest

    Thanks for responding!
  2. For those of you who have sailed from Amsterdam to Budapest: We are not doing a post cruise time in Budapest. When we dock in Budapest, how much time do we have for exploring? I gather we spend that night on the ship before disembarking, am I correct? Does our ship take us on a night cruise of the city or should we book one on our own? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  3. pinecrest6

    cell phones

    We will be taking the Grand European on Viking in Sept. Can someone please tell me if I can use my regular cell phone charger or do I need an adapter? Would also love to hear advice about clothing for Sept. Thanks!
  4. pinecrest6

    Wipeout Cafe

    Is Giovanni's open for lunch on embarkation day also? What is the charge? thanks!
  5. pinecrest6

    Oasis Solarium Bistro

    Are breakfast and lunch free and available to those not in suites?
  6. Do you remember the charge for lunch at Givannis?
  7. If you have had lunch at this restaurant on the day you came aboard, please tell me what is the charge?
  8. pinecrest6

    Oasis Cruise Compasses Nov 5, 2016

    Do you know what the charge was for lunch at Giovanni's on day 1? how about lunch there on other days? Thanks for posting the compass!
  9. pinecrest6

    Starbucks on Allure

    Thank you!
  10. pinecrest6

    Starbucks on Allure

    i called RCL to ask about the refreshment package and was told Starbucks WAS included. That is the PRIMARY reason I purchased it!!!! Was I misguided? If so, what can I do about the cost?
  11. pinecrest6

    Giovanni's Lunch Menu

    Is Giovanis open for lunch on Oasis' s embarkation day ?
  12. We are taking our family of 10 on a cruise and final payment is due in a week. I checked and there are MANY cabins in all categories still available. Should I cancel now and hope for a price drop and rebook? 5 balcony cabins could mean a good bit of $$$. What do you think of my chances on this week before Christmas cruise?
  13. I have been reading reviews of the Oasis on Cruise Critic for months now. Many are quite negative about the condition of the ship and the food. Does RCCL read these reviews or do they simply look at the overall "scores"? If they do read the content, it seems that these two issues could be reasonably easy to fix. I'm not talking about a major upgrade, just fixing broken tables and chairs, chips in paint, etc. What gives?
  14. pinecrest6

    Carrying freestyle cups

    What I should have asked is can we get our soda any other way? At a bar,etc.
  15. We want to get the soda package but don't want to have to carry the cup around all day. Is there a solution?