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  1. We had a very similar problem at Milano Diamond Gallery in St. Thomas on 12/24/07. They sold us two rings. A diamond anniversary ring and a new engagement ring for my wife. We too waited several hours, nearly missing our boat to find that the person who did the sizing on the anniversary ring stretched out the channels and the diamonds were not lined up straight. They gave us a refund on that, after some arguing. The engagement ring, my wife felt uncomfortable with them removing her diamond so we brought it home to be sized. This ring too had channels down the side and my jeweler refused to size it. He said he could not guarantee the diamonds would not fall out. I call STS Jewels, the parent company of Milano Diamond Gallery and dealt with the most incompetent customer service I had ever seen. My phone messages go unreturned. When I do speak to someone, they never seem to know the answers. The CS rep I spoke with, Natalie Fernandez, told me that they have talked with their managers and they know that they cannot size rings with channels down the side and they should never have tried to. She promised she could have a replacement ring for my wife by Valentine's Day. She never got back to me with a price (for a possible upgrade). I tried for a week to reach her boss, Alex (he would not give his last name). He said that Natalie never gave the retailer a final answer so they sold the ring!!!! He now tells me he can have it in 6-8 weeks. I have called my CC Company and have filed a complaint. The ring was sent back via DHL and I have confirmation that it was received. Now, I can't get anyone in STS's Office to tell me when I will get my money back. It seems that they attend a lot of meetings that they cannot be reached at. And yes I did call Carnival because they were a preferred jeweler. but they said it was out of their hands. So a bit a warning to everyone, stay far away from Milano Diamond Gallery...........