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    Lesson Learned - Booking 3rd Party Tours

    But at least you saved a few bucks from booking this third party tour. I will never understand why cruisers believe a few bucks and maybe missing the ship is worth not booking tours through Carnival. You said you've done many 3rd party tours before, so now you see how risky it is and want to blame this company.
  2. This sounds normal to us cruise addicts:) I also daydream by looking at the many previous cruise pictures and short videos on my cell phone. And when I have the chance, will go home and try to watch the many hours of our past cruises that's on my camcorder or plug into the TV to watch.

    Big Price Increase: Oasis

    A month ago, I booked an August cruise and it's now gone up $600-700. June, July and part of August are expensive months to cruise. Suggest changing to an OV which is under $5k.

    First Cruise in 32 Days

    Have fun. We did this cruise in late July before all the hurricanes. My tip is Guy's barbecue is only open for 3 or 4 hours, per day. Get there early if you like barbecue. On our cruise, I got his barbecue only once.

    Birth Certificate Issue

    How does an adult make a $1000+ vacation mistake?

    I have a problem...

    I would suggest the most unthinkable on this board. Redo all of your previous ports, but on, wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, Royal Caribbean. :D Also you've been to a few ports that I would love to go to.
  7. We did this tour but on RCCL and walked the long trail up the pyramids with a few other couples. The Lamanai safari ride and site excursion is one of the best if you're adventurous.

    Victorious disappointment

    I never understand why people full their plate with a mountain of food, then take one or two bites, like you, and then stop eating. If you would pick big amounts of what you like and small amounts of the unknown/never tried before food then food wouldn't be wasted. :D I know that is a crazy idea.

    Not happy n looking for phone that was stolen!

    Maybe he "lost it", so that he can now upgrade to a real cellphone, like Samsung:)

    CHEERS Program, how difficult is it to share?

    Sharing is what real cruise friends do!!! Also I've seen it done plenty of times.:D
  11. Yes go back and stick to only one cruise line. No one should live with different choices.:D Wait I do.

    Things I wish RC would do/have...

    RC needs midnight/11:30pm adult comedy like Carnival. Come on RC you can try to be like the fun ship for a couple of nights.

    Live on Liberty

    Following. This year we did LOS's Jamaica route. Last year we did this route on NOS.
  14. [quote name='cello56']We were seated at a two top beside the window in the dining room on Freedom this past week. Table behind us was for eight, but only four people that night. All four were sitting in a row side by side. I suddenly noticed this strange noise right behind my head, and couldn't figure out what it was. Sounded like a television, but how could that be, right? I turned around and found that the young guy on the end (by young I mean late 20's) had a full size iPad propped up in the chair directly behind me playing the NFL football game at full volume. I turned right around and just looked at him dumbfounded that anyone would do such a thing in a dining room. He looked at me and said "What? I like watching football while I eat!" I was totally shocked. My husband asked him to please turn it down as it was disturbing our meal. The guy says "It's not that loud!" DH says "If we can hear it, it's too loud." Guy was totally pi@@ed, but turned it down. Here is the really issue though. Why on earth did the staff in the dining room not put a stop to this immediately? Surely the realized that this was inappropriate behavior in the dining room? Have we really reached a point where staff are afraid to stop ANY kind of behavior? Have the dining rooms degraded to the level of McDonalds? What happened to respect?[/QUOTE] But were they appropriately dressed for the dinning room? If so then get over it and enjoy your dinner.

    Denied boarding

    This is the best response so far, LOL:) Bad Forgetful Fred.